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26th > April > 2012 Archive

3.2 billion pixel sky-watcher a step closer

Now this is a digital camera

Quantum cruncher beats today's computers by 1080

300 atoms do more than computer “larger than known universe”

Data visualization: Big Data's hot cousin

Clever coders make data fun and easy, as vendors add tools to catch up

'Apple will coast, and then decelerate' says Forrester CEO

Tim Cook can't replace Steve Jobs' charisma, vision

Feds bust plot to smuggle US military tech to China

Taiwanese pair arrested, claim to be acting for Chinese spooks

Nest cloud storage for backup fun

Put your Google Drive or SkyDrive in your DropBox

Twelve... classic 1980s 8-bit micros

Retro Week Roundup6502 and all that

China goes green with rare earth plea

We're trying to save the planet, man...

Facebook shares URL blacklists with security companies

Creates “AV marketplace” with free AV software from five vendors

Nokia's fontastic Pure wins 'design Oscar'

So THAT'S why Microsoft bedded the mobe-maker

Baidu thrives as Google Drive is blocked in China

Cloud storage service joins Dropbox on the banned list

Tech City hailed as saviour of THE ENTIRE PLANET

Profit isn't that important – Silicon Roundabout ambassador

UK biz needs fattening up on gov IT contracts, says No10 bod

Downing St adviser wants to spread wealth - as long as it stays in Blighty

IPCom's 'priority call' patent ruled too broad, world+dog faints

Nokia quickly chucks mobes back on shelves

Samsung heralds quad-core chip 'first'

Galaxy S III processor outed?

Ofcom: The Office of Screwing Over Murdoch?

AnalysisHow the Tories' broken quango promise came back to haunt them

Oracle RMAN straps on rocket, hands admins launch button

Data Domain Boost cuts bandwidth by stonking 99%

Graham: ICO will blow £3m on IT services

Infosec 2012Plus: 'Web-snoop law can't be honey-pot for anyone'

UK2.NET smashed offline by '10-million-strong' botnet

Punters' websites go titsup after DNS servers nobbled

Seagate's latest GoFlex kit 'bolts into stores

Speed of Thunder

HUS dual-controller array muscles into the mid-range

ASICs, FPGAs and four NAS controllers

Report: Microsoft tried and FAILED to offload Bing on Facebook

Cites anon insiders familiar with talks

Brydge pledges to turn iPads into MacBooks

Span in the works

Maxima brags of £6m deals to woo admirers

Flashes potential buyers from shop window

O2 launches Wallet: Plays pay-by-text card, again

Tired of waiting for technology and regulation


iOS App of the WeekMicrosoft Office on your iPad, courtesy of the cloud

Opera retires Unite, widgets in latest browser cut

Stroke our extension instead, browser biz tells devs

Indiana cops arrest violent 6-year-old

Serial offender kicked school principal

White Space trial: First Cambridge, then... THE WORLD

'Do your worst, Dolly Parton – we'll win in the end'

Good Tech: Apple dominates mobile enterprise

iPad 2, iPhone 4S choices of big biz

Murdoch 'sorry' he didn't shut News of the World years ago

'Felt blast of Milly Dowler phone-hack scandal come through window'

Star Trek role-players' privates sniffed by alien invader

Cryptic Studios coughs to database hack

Google throws weight behind network of 'reformed terrorists'

Choc Factory think tank dips elbows in counter-radicalisation

Infosec and B-Sides: Security biz exhibitions face off in London

Show diaryContrasting picture of infosecurity tech

HP confirms Hunter to head up PC-and-printer borg

Who's on Bradley's list?

Global cop squad busts 36 credit card data-selling sites

SOCA, Feds and others shut down fraud-in-a-trolley scammers

Bendy, twisty keyboard wins Microsoft input tech competition

Designer devices

Doh! Sage Pay forgets to renew SSL certificate

Second screw-up in 2 days

Avnet TS sales slide but operating income up

EMEA boosted by cutting costs and unprofitable business

Simple ways to tune your private cloud infrastructure

Put the symphony on hold

Netgear scores 802.11ac basestation first

Router 1, Clients 0

G-Cloud boss begs wonks: 'Speak out against s**t IT'

Outsourcing handed suppliers the keys to Blighty's tech

Linux Left 4 Dead port fuels Steam for Ubuntu talk

Valve picks open source OS for games console?

E-health FAIL: £1.59 iPhone apps dole out drugs to kids in A&E

Stop watching Star Trek and get some blood on your screens

Networking giant Emulex stumbles at third quarter hurdle

Oops: Did we say FCoE was going to be the next big thing?

Mobile phones still safe... probably

Pesky mathematical laws still deny certainty

IOV tech could give Violin storage platform status

Blocks and FilesFlash array startup could pull off a NetApp

HP spreads Superdome vPar partitions across Integrity line

Tweaks other virty tools for HP-UX Unix

Intel to use Cray IP to score boffo DARPA dosh

HPC blogBut what’s Cray going to do with the Intel cash?

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS strikes Hyper-V first with Microsoft

Cloud before politics, says Canonical

University of Florida drops plans to axe CompSci for sports

Geeks win out over meatheads (for once)

Lenovo forced to expand 'flaming' PC recall

In other recall news: saw blades pose laceration hazard

Scientists slurp conductive fluid for paintable solar panels

Sunshine-converting paint moves a step closer

Swedish men ordered to present cervices in database flub

Health official promises 'in-depth' investigation

Hard disk prices help shore up Ingram Micro sales

But post flood bonanza will dry up in Q2

Cray revenues spike on XE6, XK6 super sales

Swings to a profit, looks for an edge in software

'Geek' image scares women away from tech industry

Girls in ICT Day suggests new ways to attract women to the field

Saturn's moon Phoebe may be captured planetoid

It came from the Kuiper belt

Rugby League kicks back, wins Optus TV Now appeal

Next stop, the High Court

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