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24th > April > 2012 Archive

Microsoft unveils paid SkyDrive options

7GB of storage should be enough for nearly everyone

Google wanted Java 'partnership' with Sun

Oracle shows Google emails suggesting partnership or licence

China's rare earth policy backs Apple into a corner

Report says fondleslabs factories are located near source

Four CEOs better than one as Huawei profits slump

Rotating CEO plan not to be criticised as "Leniency will help them succeed"

NBNCo loses lynchpin exec

Telstra deal architect Tim Smeallie departs

Look back in Ascii: Computing in the 1980s

Retro WeekWhen computing was truly personal

NHS trusts offer £5m wad for pics and comms gear

Will include voice recog and image archives

Euro Central Bank to tighten grip on web cash security

Seeks new standards to protect accounts

Reg Hardware Retro Week Complete Coverage

Retro WeekStep back to the 8-bit world

Brit upstart flogs cloudy SaaS to clipboard-waving bods

Infosec 2012Hit compliance standards for less

Educating Rory: Are BBC reporters unteachable?

MailbagSome says it's a lost cause. Others disagree

Bit9 wants to bin 'broken' antivirus, install whitelisting tech

Infosec 2012A question of trust

Masabi takes phone ticketing across the Pond

American trains get barcoded

Sony denies Netflix app to older Bravia smart TVs

VoD service limited to 2012 models

XtremIO buy to spark flash array startup-gobbling frenzy

EMC's portfolio gap-filler

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 'release preview' for June

Is this an RTM I see before me?

US trade commission: Xbox 360 violates Motorola patents

Microsoft stung

Toshiba decides not to pick over Elpida's corpse

Firm fails to get a partner to bid for bankrupt firm

HDS swaps out AMS for HUS file-block-and-object stuffed box

Hitachi Command and control...

Suspected freetloaders to face piracy letters in 2014

Digital Economy Act: remember that?

Apple set to drop 17in MacBook Pro, says watcher

Plans up in Air

Google Currents

Android App of the WeekGo with the flow

A history of HUS: HDS's file-development hustle

NAS replacement issues ...

Yahoo! couldn't! even! strike! deal! with! Yahoo! Japan!

US biz wanted to flog stake in Japanese joint venture

Murdoch junior admits to a culture of 'cavalier risk' at NotW

Did 'swashbuckling attitude' damage reputation of former Sunday redtop?

Up to 390 TalkTalk jobs face axe as Northampton site shuttered

Workers hit by office reshuffle

Six of the best ways to mess up IT change management

How many do you recognise?

'Asteroid mining company' makes classic hypegasm debut today

James Cameron now OK with resource exploitation in space

UK biz pays heavy price for skimping on security - PwC

Infosec 2012One in seven big firms penetrated by cybercrims

Floppy disk drives jam James Bond theme

Q the music

Capita to hoover up small pile of SMEs in 2012

Will flog 40 million shares to fund acquisitions

BT invites telcos to sign up to FTTP trials

Ultrafast broadband among product scrutiny tests ahead of full launch

Theresa May: No emails sniffed in web super-snoop law

'No real-time monitoring' Home Sec retorts

Tin can communication set to return

No strings attached

SpaceX launch put off for a week

Let's just check everything one more time...

Waiting for Godin: Lenovo's UK, Irish ops finally get a boss

UK grows out of Mature Group

China backs Proview in Apple iPad trademark war

Copyright wonk says monitor minnow is rightful owner

Skype dials onto PlayStation Vita

Call of the gamer

That global copyright crackdown: Three emails ... and carry on

How infringement penalties look in Spain, France and US

LOHAN gasps at stiff and slippery tube

Hot PTFE action for spaceplane's mighty rod

Hackers now pick tools from script kiddies' toybox – report

Infosec 2012Automated attack weapons help blackhats spread the pain

David Willetts: UK firms need to 'fess up to security boobs

Cloak-and-dagger approach leads to embarrassment later – minister

IBM hikes dividend, boosts share buybacks by $7bn

Still not the Big Blue cash machine of the mainframe era

Tech sector X Factor: The customer isn't always right

Open ... and ShutSplunking from Twitter to Flickr

Google motors into cloud storage with Drive

Grey day for DropBox et al

Number-munching clouds are godsend for cybercrooks - experts

Perfect platform for password forcing, DDoS attacks

Supernovae blasts shape climate, life on Earth, reckons boffin

'Our world's biology is reflection of the sky'

Dell flashes 40GE blade switch, fabric manager

Force 10 works for the new boss

Facebook IPO 'delay' as Zuckerberg keeps Wall St 'waiting'

Just too busy to meet masters of the universe?

Apple profits almost double on iOS product sales leap

A money making machine with just one button

Skytap control freaks dev/test cloud

Bean-counter friendly

Google ups bug bounty to $20,000 per flaw

Researchers offered major payday

Fabulous execution prompts Apple to rein back Q3 outlook

Jacks up enterprise, channel focus

Intel reels in Cray's supercomputer interconnect biz

Trumping AMD's SeaMicro buy?

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