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20th > April > 2012 Archive

iiNet wins High Court trial

UpdatedAFACT says decision exposes 'failure of copyright law'

Curtin Uni app comp goes national

oZAPP prize open in August

How iiNet beat Big Content

Lawyers explain the crucial bits of the case

Microsoft CRM to go browser and mobile OS agnostic

Chrome, Firefox welcomed, native iOS, Android and WP7 clients coming

ISPs facing global clamp down on piracy

Service providers told to up their game in spite of court win for Oz ISP

Lytro light field camera

ReviewShoot first, focus later

Intel to ship 30 MILLION Ultrabooks in 2012 - report

Chipzilla's target is 40 per cent of consumer notebooks by end of year

Just NINE per cent of Asia Pac operators have commercial 4G

Must try harder...

Stray SMS leads to aborted landing

This is your Captain texting

Killers laugh in face of death penalty threat, say US experts

Expensive executions fail as a deterrent

Three questions Fusion-io's rivals face after flash API bombshell

Apps bypassing OS and disk to store hot data - chaos or breakthrough?

Channel bites Apple's hand off for any old iPads in Q1

Euro sales via indie disties soared by 42%

Top CIOs dealt string of pay cuts and freezes

Purses and wallets tightened over past four years

Norwich FC scores own goal in net kit leak

Fans cry foul over bully boy tactics

iKlip Studio

Accessory of the WeekThe ideal tablet stand for musos?

NetApp dips a toe into Flash Pool

New NAND stuff at Sunnyvale

Sony Xperia P glows for advance orders

NXT generation display

Battlefield Earth ruled worst film EVER

Sci-fi cobblers cops Reg reader shoeing

Microsoft seeks Skype for Xbox engineering gang

Talking tiles

'Searching staff emails would be time-consuming'

QuotwPlus: 'You got it all wrong, I LOVE Facebook and Apple'

Apple, Google and Intel to face angry ex-IT workers in court

Class action suit over no-poaching rules goes ahead

New tech revolution: Small biz begins to lock out industry giants

Sysadmin blogVDI, BYOD, SaaS and cloud salad could free us all from vendor lock-in

Nvidia: phone GPUs to outplay current consoles by 2014

End of gaming as we know it?

Everything Everywhere begs Blighty to back 4G push

ExclusiveGrassroots campaign spotted in greenhouse

What kind of LOSER sits in front of a PC...

Something for the Weekend, Sir? read a book?

No more 'rip-off' IT disasters – will be too busy tweeting

RT @SirHumphrey_Appleby A courageous move, minister

Analyst: 'revolutionary, compelling' iPhone 5 out in October

Waiting for Qualcomm

Biologists create synthetic DNA capable of EVOLUTION

Morph-happy bio-soup strained

Rapidshare tells world+dog: Stop PIRACY now!

Cyberlocker says it's on the straight and narrow

Mellanox rides the Xeon E5 wave

Big supers bump up network gear sales

Home Office 'technologically clueless' on web super-snoop law

Scrambling for Safety 2012Ex-top cop, net experts trash real-time UK packet sniff

2,500 copycat hack attempts on abortion provider site – report

BPAS under siege following hacker's arrest

Public IT supplier frameworks aren't baffling – gov organ

'No confusion' over trio of overlapping deals... say procurement peeps

Nanodot memory smashes RAM, sets new speed record

Electro-optics boffins on a charge

Behind Facebook's $1bn Instagram antitrust dodge

Open ... and ShutA free pass for Zuck, not Microsoft

Ten... mad materials made into tech

Substance abuse?

Hamburg court: Google must police YouTube content

GEMA notches up another copyright victory

Qualcomm runs out of chips as punters wolf down SnapDragons

Can't make 'em fast enough for smartphone boom

'I'm no visionary': Torvalds up for $1.3m life-changing gong

Anyone who's used the Linux supremo's Git tool certainly agrees

Nokia's older mobes infringe IPCom patent – court

Firm: New ones are fine so we don't care

Oracle v Google round-up: The show so far

What’s going on here? Who’s winning?

Ubuntu signs HP as heavy-metal support act

Pair enter pact for x86, ARMed Linux cloud tour

Oracle pops cork as cut-price ZFS array creams NetApp rival

Plenty more bang for your bucks in SPECsfs2008 benchmark

Anonymous crashes Formula One site over Bahrain protests

Nervy petrolheads face three days of protests

Sandisk's revs circle drain as mobile flash demand drops

Heads for a second quarter loss

Workers' comp covers sex-related injuries, judge rules

Peace of mind while on the job AND on the job

Apple claims Aussie 3G is so good it's 4G

Novel defence for Australian iPad 4G connection claims

Google offers I/O tickets to atone for Code Jam snafu

Developers get happy ending

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