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19th > April > 2012 Archive

Swiss, German physicists split the electron

Spin here, orbit there

Mahindra Group seizes on Aus opportunities

Super sizes HQ in NSW

NBNCo shoots down Turnbull's satellite argument

Quotes ITU to prove all's well

Australian IT imports rebound

Out of the doghouse but spending still sluggish

Insatiable China to gobble up 84 MILLION PCs in 2012

Ultrabooks, Windows 8 and Ivy Bridge to fuel 13 per cent growth

CA launches new global partner program

Promises “expanded set of benefits “, including architects dedicated to channel

Pakistanis revolt over Great Firewall plans

Censorship is illegal, claim activists

Intel swoops for Korean face recog start-up - reports

In your face, ARM!

HTC One S Android smartphone

ReviewMeet the bridesmaid

BYOD is a ticking time bomb for B2B resellers

Own kit boom means 'significant disruption'

Trojan sneaks into hotel, slurps guests' credit card data

No reservation required

Met issues mug-shot gallery mobe app to finger wanted crooks

Curtain-twitchers tap CCTV trove

NetApp offers system check-up from iPads, smartphones

Support-call monitoring on IOS and Android

Shale gas fracking ruled safe, but must stop at drop of a hat

Boffins' findings at odds with Dept of Climate Change

Ex-army bloke, 2 other bods cuffed after News Corp tip-off

Dawn raid in Op Elveden bung probe

Hands on with the Nikon D3200 DSLR

First lookEntry-level 24.2Mp shooter, anyone?

Beefy Fedora could use a dash of miracle whip

Chunky between the buns, Btrfs-free

PlayStation Suite SDK beta opens today

Sony calls for content

TMS and DataCore peddle flashy support for virtual servers

Bundle supercharges virty environments

Fusion-io shoves OS aside, lets apps drill straight into flash

There's a party in the PCIe cache and your kernel isn't invited

Punters want BBC iPlayer in TVs, not 3D

Consumers rank their favoured telly technologies

'Perfect storm' drives electronics stores to EXTINCTION

Supermarket and web rivals will eat retailers alive - analyst

Propellerhead Figure

iOS App of the WeekFinger-tapping music-making fun

Integrator Redstone's accounts back in the black

But CEO says slow project work means cost-cutting will continue

Barclaycard slaps pay-by-bonk plasters on mobes

And anything else that moves

Huawei reveals Ascend P1 launch plans

Thinnest ICS handset yet?

CompSci boffins tout file encryption for Google Docs

Plugin scrambles data en route to Chocolate Factory cloud

Microsoft tears the wraps off Windows 8 Enterprise

USB boot from your own device

Cosmic ray source riddle mystery now even more mysterious

Eggheads stumped after killer gamma rays ruled out. Probably

ISPs torch's smut-blocking master plan

Network-level filters won't better protect kids – broadband firms

Mayor Boris' Chinese vote master stroke backfires on twit clone

Making as much sense on Weibo as he does in Blighty

Cycle fires up 50,000-core HPC cluster on Amazon EC2

Looking for drugs in all the right places

Gemini outs trio of budget Android 4 tablets

Ice Cream Sarnie at sub-sub-iPad prices

Nokia loses $1.7bn in Q1, sales chief falls overboard

That sales collapse in full

Fake Instagram app slings SMS Trojan onto Android gear

Russian site rather than irate Apple fanboi fingered

Irish national telco gets 100 days to escape €4bn debt hell

Eircom made a few corporates very rich, says judge

Sony 3D PlayStation TV to hit UK at last

Dual-view gaming inbound

Ebook price-fix trial showdown? Bring it on, say Apple and pals

Europe reckons fruity firm may settle

eBay beats Q1 forecasts with PayPal mobe cash mountain

Money-swap site boosts its revenue by a third

Apple throws free Snow Leopard bone at MobileMe punters

Hopes OS upgrade will get them hooked on iCloud

India's new Atom-powered Xolo X900 ISN'T Intel's first smartphone

Despite the hype, Lava's Android offering ain't Chipzilla's mobile debut

Amazon, Salesforce 'expected to join's G-Cloud 2.0'

Blighty reckons earlier legal fears ironed out

Metallic Glass iPhone 5 to battle pottery Samsung Galaxy S3

Rumours from Korean tech industry

Tumblr CEO realises ads don't make him sick after all

Two years after renouncing all ads, Karp's stomach settles

EMC rides storage sales wave as cash keeps pouring in

Tucci's tower looking impregnable after strong Q1

Samsung smacks Apple back with 8-patent knuckleduster

Keep your FRANDs close, keep your enemies closer... in court

Google I/O snafu greenlights crap code, angers devs

Will 100 ugly step programmers go to the ball?

Amazon to all data centers: Keep up, if you can

End is nigh for private server fleets

Cray taps Microsoft parallel guru as CTO

FPGAs on the exascale roadmap?

Microsoft revenues up as PC market recovers

Soft games sales sole black spot

Amazon throws open doors to AWS apps marketplace

Want to be partner? Hand over your cash, now

AMD bleeds red in Q1 after GlobalFoundries deal rejig

But sales not as bad as expected

Open Government Partnership talks tech-led transparency

Open government ideas shared at global gabfest

'Attitudes to robot sex will change'

Boffins say pleasure-bots here in 30 years

Kiwi three strikes law closes on first victims

Telstra Clear and Vodafone issue enforcements

Oracle v Google: Lindholm takes the stand in Java trial

Insists 'smoking email' has been misinterpreted

FBI seizes Mixmaster servers

Pittsburgh Uni threat investigation heating up

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