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13th > April > 2012 Archive

ICANN top shelf domain rush derailed by tech glitch

Not too late to register your dot brand

Vevo comes to Australia

MCM takes the local reigns

India orders 7.5 million Microsoft cloud services

Technical education colleges adopt Live@Edu, Office 365

Soup up your home network

Gizmo WeekTips for tuning a modern LAN

Life on Mars found – in 1976

Re-analysis of Viking data suggests microbes took the bait

Chinese whispers point to Huawei bid for Motorola

Google could take the patents and run

New fake anti-virus shakes down frightened file-sharers

Scareware brands Windows Registry Editor a smut 'tool', punts 'safe' torrents

ICANN flubs new domain deadline after site snafu

'Unusual behaviour' blamed in gTLD hiccup

'Real time' PAYE pilot goes live at HMRC

10 employers volunteer to take part in the trial

Hitachi spins up 'leccy fan motor sans rare earths

Where's your monopoly now, China?

Appeals court cracks open Google AdWords v Rosetta Stone case

Second look at whether keyword ad policy infringed trademark rights

Pasce Minirig micro speaker

Accessory of the WeekPowerhouse

'Selling your citizens to foreigner is not acceptable!'

QuotWPlus: 'This will be the most significant iPhone upgrade'

Intel penetrates PCIe flash biz with long-lasting hardness

Duracell-Bunny-styled SSD 910 goes on... and on

Sharp starts punching out IGZO LCDs for retina screens

Apple 'iTV' contender?

Australia OKs iOS for classified comms

Spooks get guide on 'hardening' iPhones, iPads

ICANN: Privates leaked in top-level domain land grab blunder

gTLD applications viewable by rival web biz barons

Valve seeks geek to design 'platform hardware'

New kit on the box

Star sacrifices 2,000 comets a DAY to cloak twin planets in dust

PicIce cloud hid worlds from boffins - until now

Laptop computers are crap

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Time to flush them away

Two teens cuffed after Blighty's anti-terror hotline hacked

Officials' private chats recorded, bunged on YouTube

Kinect gives Skyrim fans something to shout about

Dragons, talk to me

So what's the worst movie NEVER made?

CompetitionReader pitches invited for imaginary cinematic outrages

Fate of punters' Megaupload files to be thrashed out in court

25PB of data could head to The Great Recycling Bin In The Sky

Euro climate probe Envisat silenced, boffins baffled

ESA loses contact with ageing space workhorse

Printers SMASHED to bits in Office Space copycat revenge vid

VidVolunteers queue to get own back on irksome tech

Texas judge lets Apple duel patent sabre-rattler Lodsys

Foxconn-rebrander lifts sword to defend iOS devs

MIT's mind-reading Mosh pits itself against SSH daemons

No! I meant rm * not rm .*

Google boss points to low-end tablet for fight with Amazon

Fire it up

Daisy Group blows £28m on VoIP blower biz

Lose a COO, gain Worldwide Group Holdings

Apple finally deploys Mac Flashback Trojan terminator

Zombie OS X bot army drops to 270,000 strong

Ultrabook price vice prised open by flash-disk half-breeds

Analyst: Pressure on performance and cost will spark hybrid demand

Microsoft UK boss Frazer takes slow boat to China HQ

Picks up office keys from Michel van der Bel

CAPITALISM without PROFITS - Welcome to the Instagram Era!

¡Bong!Let's put Fraud Laws on the scrapheap - where they belong

It's all in the wrist: E-ink smartwatch Pebble bags $2m

Upstart wanted just $100k, clocked much more

Cloud WAR! Open season on Amazon for cloudy rivals

Open... and ShutFrom tire-kicking to tire-buying

Thais trample over Chinese to snatch Asia's e-shopping crown

Mobile driving growth in emerging markets

Gartner snips 2012 IT spending forecast – again

A little more off the top, and some off the bottom

FBI track alleged Anon from unsanitised busty babe pic

Body of evidence

Starck brewing 'fairly, if not very, revolutionary' Apple THING

'I regularly visit Steve Jobs' wife,' adds Frenchman

Balsillie planned to bust open BlackBerry network before leaving

Board rejected scheme to focus on new handsets

NASA brainstorms with John Q Public for 2018 Mars mission

If the money's in the pot, that is

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