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12th > April > 2012 Archive

Sweden: talk, text and drive? OK

A ban wouldn’t work anyway

Bacteria isolated for four million years beat newest antibiotic

Ancient bacteria share genes with bugs exposed to modern medicine

Cloud Foundry aiming to be 'the Linux of the cloud'

One year in and VMware adds new features

Intel discloses sub-10-watt 'Centerton' Atom chip

You've seen microservers - behold the, um, picoserver?

Over half of IT hires in Asia are duds

Employers not happy with recruits

NetBank unavailable to 'many customers'

CBA looking into problems with 64-bit Windows 7 and Internet Explorer

Aus apps take on Chinese handsets

Smart Trans gets appy with Digitone

Japanese bank palms off customers with biometric ATMs

“You are the cash card”, apparently

Ten... Kitchen Gadget Treats

Gizmo Week'Why didn't *I* get any soup?'

Chinese coders beat all-comers

Technology gulf between east and west clear to see

Gov: Give Ofgem clout to force energy firms to cough up

Regulator 'well-placed' to haggle over compensation payments

Softphones strangled by smartphone battery life

PC startup times also an issue, says ShoreTel

Microsoft opens trenchcoat, reveals 'in-memory' Big Data column

Just the (100 billion) facts, man has shaved off 16% of IT staff in 4 years

Department for Transport ICT lost 1 in 5 workers

Dot-London squeaks under ICANN deadline

Offshore firm picked to run capital's vanity address

Most anticipated videogames of 2012 revealed

Which titles whet your appetite?

LOHAN dives into Reg forums mosh pit

Get to close quarters with our heavenly sky queen

Publishing giants sue open textbook startup over layout

Suit alleges web firm nicked pagination, image-labelling

Banks on the business end of DDoS attack surge - report

Shorter, bigger attack trend continues

Break out the bubbly: World PC market GREW 2.3%

Doom'n'gloom analysts caught with pants down in first quarter

Teens break up with Facebook

Open... and ShutBad for IPO, good for Twitter ...

Amazon green-lights in-app purchasing for Android

Whacks down another plank in Googleplex assault

Sony axes 10,000 workers, eyes up mobile and medical biz

Cash-squandering giant in global spring clean

'Woz' wants $100,000 for Mac 128K prototype

Early integrated 5.25in drive included

Wondershare PowerCam

iOS App of the WeekPowerful photo effects with no editing

Death Star dinosaur aliens could rule galaxy

Boffin: 'We would be better off not meeting them'

Emirates wedges national ID cards inside NFC phones

ID-by-handset to become norm after gov inks deal with Etisalat

Whitehall needs to dump 'unacceptable IT' – outbound G-Cloud chief

UpdatedOur cloud or the highway (please pick our cloud)

.XXX registry in .porn, .adult, .sex extension grab bid

ExclusiveICM promises not to stiff smut stars

1&1 outage knocks down websites in Spain, UK

But hosting company's UK team 'not aware' of issues

LARs to Microsoft: Please make deal reg programme that works

UpdatedTool still useless months after launch

Scotland Yard under fire over ex-Murdoch man role

Cop watchdog: 'Professional boundaries became blurred'

Real-time movie FX editing on the Flash PCIe cards

Fusion-io ioFX's 420GB block bluster for blockbusters

Nintendo puts 3DS in the Louvre

Itsa me... Mona Lisa

Motorola's bid to sink Windows, XBoxes sales snubbed

US judge rules German Microsoft ban bid is kaput

Reseller insolvencies at 9-year high: 89 firms hit the wall

Graydon stats show no let-up in pressure on channel in Q1

Apple, publishers and ebook pricing – what does it all mean?

AnalysisAnswer: Champagne corks popping at Amazon

Naked gyrating iPad vid exposes truth behind Apple's billions

VideoBehind-the-scenes shock tape rocks web

Max Payne shoots onto mobiles

Slow-mo phone blows

We were right: EMC's VSPEX will take on FlexPods

Sub-Vblocks built by channel

Nokia on 'brink of failure', warns analyst

Prepare Plan B

Facebook updates data archive tool, upsets privacy warriors

Falls short of handing TOTAL CONTROL to users

Publishers fork out $52m in Apple ebook pricing settlement

US states follow DoJ suit, but they're looking for cash

Student's Linux daemon 0-day triggers InfoSec Institute outcry

UpdatedNetwork software fingered in after-school game

OnApp spins up bullet-proof SAN, punts it to cloud providers

Bombastic sprog or the real thing?

Amazon turns A9 search engine into a cloud service

CloudSearch added to other heavenly wares

El Reg hurls EMC onto the rack, drills into VSPEX

Channel, software questions answered

Red Hat joins OpenStack community

Governance suits Shadowman, finally

Developer leaks Microsoft product plans for next two years

UpdatedLaunch details on Office 15, Phone and IE 10

Top US science wonk wants Grand Challenges and 3D printers for the kids

But asks for curiosity driven jellyfish poking to continue too

Boeing plans super-secure Android smartphone for top echelons

Stealth phone due to take off later this year

Google splits stock in bonus for investors, but keeps control

Revenue results at top end of estimates

Map of Tasmania to be redrawn

State government kicks off Spatial Information Foundations project

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