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11th > April > 2012 Archive

Unexpected nanotube heat transfer suggests new way to cool processors

Spooky action at a (small) distance

SpaceX taps Texas for 'commercial Cape Canaveral' site

Hang in there for the tedious environmental review, Mr. Musk

Massive organ blown with Kinect

Melbourne Town Hall's instrument gets hands-free performance

NBNCo sets up contact centre on the Gold Coast

130 new jobs for GC

Julian Assange™ telemovie coming to Oz TV

Portrait of the artist as a young hacker

Wavii aims to transform news delivery with social data

Machine learning used to guess headlines of interest

IBM gets flexible with converged Power, x86 system

Cloudy server, storage, networking, and software mashup

Chinese app stores host malicious apps

Government scolds carriers for poor security efforts

Trojans target pro-Tibet organisations

Gh0st RAT implicated again in attacks targeting Mac and Windows systems

MS Office coming for Symbian

Dying platform gets more productive

The Hardware Hacker's Guide to Home Automation

Gizmo WeekDoctorin' the house

Crowdfunding, startup fever, come to Indonesia

Kickstarter clones sprout, hope for better payment technologies

Android spanking iOS in world's BIGGEST mobile market

Google OS wins up to 70 per cent of China's mobile market

'As seen on TV' claims can't be made about unbranded props

Ad body: Cannot refer to appearance in paid-for ad either...

NHS farms out £125m deal for hardware, medical tech

Health service sets out tender for X-ray kit, laptops and more

LOHAN lifts lid on revised mission summary

Where we are with our audacious spaceplane plan

Too small to fail: Obama signs Nontrepreneurs Act

Accountability, disclosure rules relaxed for webtastic startups

New ZeuS-based Trojan leeches cash from cloud-based payrolls

Adds phishing mules to employee roster

DARPA boffins seek Terminator-style disaster-zone rescue robot

Car-driving, tool-using tsunami-surviving android needed

Apple to maintain tablet lead over Android

RIM, Microsoft elbow in as rivals fight

Kelway gulps down Microsoft reseller, plots march on Europe

Irish BSS embiggens swollen belly of serial UK acquirer

Microsoft seals up Windows zero-day flaw in April Patch Tuesday

Kill Bit for every MS boy and girl

Yahoo! pleads! for! ad! juice! as! products! guru! exits!

CEO tells staff it's time for YET ANOTHER makeover

Jazz Jackrabbit

Antique Code ShowEaster Bunny?

Speaking in Tech: Is Instagram really worth $1 BILLION?

PodcastBubble 2.0 ready to burst, plus: Cloud wars, sucky mobe apps

Hardware hacker knocks up own Google AR glasses

Smashing Project Glass attempt

AOL investor: $1bn Microsoft patent deal not good enough

Selling IP to Redmond – good. Not giving us the cash – bad

Samsung sales-floor rejig leads to layoffs in B2B push

Names Graham Long veep of corporate and channel sales

Vintage alien tech crash-lands in field

Reg reader in Staffordshire Nazca lines shocker

Dream:ON iPhone app-maker seeks sleepy fanbois for testing

You won't feel a thing...

Nokia drops Lumia 900 price to $0 in response to bug outrage

Hey, no mobile data - it's a feature not a <arrgh>

DoJ could start Apple ebook price-fixing lawsuit this week

UpdatedUS Justice Dept gears up to throw sueball

iPad to reign unchallenged as KING of FONDLESLABS

Moses would have used Apple tablets

MPs: Border Agency's own staff don't trust airport-scanner tech

Bioscanning e-Gates and £9.1m IRIS cash splurge were big mistakes – report

Spotify adds web button: Just push... Play

Like SoundCloud, but with added ColdPlay

Nokia shares fall as it drops first quarter forecast

Finnish phone firm didn't get off to a good start this year...

Leisure Suit Larry set for second coming

Antique code growth

Employers' group: New comp sci GCSE driven by vendor agenda

Prepare 'em for life, not Microsoft MCSE

Hands on with the Huawei Ascend G300 low-cost Android phone

First lookBudget blower packs a punch

Malware-infected flash cards shipped out with HP switches

Vendor fields ProCurveBall

BT fattens fibre customer pipes for free - with a contract extension

Requires commitment before coming across

Apple trails behind world+Microsoft in 'Flashback' malware debacle

Finally pulls head from sand, pledges patch

How Apple revived publisher-set pricing and got sued for it

CommentBut DRM got off, scot-free

170m people 'upgrade' to Google+, but how many stick around?

Major UI revamp leaves us with more questions than answers

SGI storage gets a head transplant

ZFS-based Nexenta NAS head

Citrix chomps Podio for cloudy workspaces

GoTo heavenly project management

Judge: Checking Facebook at work is not a crime

'Sometimes we use computers for ... play'

US sues Apple, publishers over ebook pricing strategy

Alleges conspiracy to fix prices and stick it to Amazon

WD pushes out super-slim shock-resistant Ultrabook drive

Single platter

US Trade Rep criticises tech trade barriers in Oz, NZ

Wary of telecoms, cloud, patent and copyright rules

German scientists link two labs with ‘universal quantum network’

Communicating with entangled distant atoms

SAP flashes cash to pump up HANA biz

In-pocket database, in-face Larry

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