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4th > April > 2012 Archive

Amazon shops for content to fuel international Kindle Fire

Tablet coming to Europe real soonish now

Corny conversations prove plants 'talk'

I talk to the trees, that’s why they put me away

Condom compartment hidden in iPhone case

Tough as trojans shell beats the bulge

Linux boss: We're number one where it counts

Collaboration Summit 2012Jim Zemlin buoyant on open source success

30-year-old global temperature predictions close to spot-on

A bit optimistic, actually

General Dynamics, HP fluff up $249.8m Army cloud

Private cloud, Sir!

Shock jocks take NBNCo cash, then trash its ads

UPDATED WITH MP3s:Live reads pulled after DJs criticise NBN

ATO to refresh developer website

Seeks Drupal, MySQL help for "additional complex functionality"

NJ lab claims plasma fusion breakthrough

Confined reaction close to a couple of billion degrees

China and India to power global enterprise software market

Asia Pac is where it's all happening ...

Crowdsource yourself a new job

Don't just sell yourself by the hour, says CEO

Ten... ADF-based inkjet all-in-one printers

Product Round-upFeed me, feed me now

Chinese social sites lift post-coup controls

Comment is free ... but could get you in a lot of bother

China puts the boot up ISPs to close digital divide

Faster speeds and lower prices please ... or else!

UK net super-snooping clashes with Euro privacy law - expert

Real-time surveillance won't wash with Brussels says lawyer

BT slurps from first govt broadband cash pot in Lancs deal

Fights off absolutely no one

Blighty's new top supercomputer bagged by software boffins

Blue Big beast equivalent to 1 million iPads

Nuke plant owners to pay out up to £1bn per balls-up hikes liability limit over next five years

Prehistoric monster snake crushed prey under 1.5 Brooklyn Bridges

BBC gets the measure of South American monster

Xbox 360 credit card slurp alert under fire

Sniffing wiped privates not possible says Microsoft

Ctera rocks up at BYOD party with big boy's cloud storage

Need to access your biz files? There's an app for that

Analogue switch-off hits London today

Farewell, snow-filled pictures

RIM should focus on BBM, find a human CEO

AnalysisSocial's where the money is... bitch

Watchdog sniffs David Beckham's wedding tackle

Goldenballs in his undies ruled not offside

Yahoo! countersued! by! Facebook! in patent! spat!

The tables are turned ... bitch

Fans fly to forums to signal iPad 3 Wi-Fi woes

Genius Bar confirmation?

Google plonks reCAPTCHA on Street View, makes users ID your house

ExclusiveHuman brains tapped for more accurate maps

SHOCK! FIFA 12 goalie does it doggy style with striker

Man oh man

Red Hat, VMware and Eucalyptus in cloud boast bluff-off

Open... and ShutOpenness is a matter of need

Shareholder flings class action lawsuit at Groupon

Alleges site tricked investors into buying stock

UK hacker jailed for nicking PayPal, banking data from MILLIONS

But York-based cybercrook only made £2.4k, court hears

Dutch firm slams limping RIM with patent lawsuit

BlackBerry-maker gets kicked while it's down

Speaking in Tech: Creepy apps, big data and toasty iPads

PodcastWhy hot fondleslabs are still, er, hot ...

Man stabbed at BlackBerry bash

Aggro at RIM party

iPhone fanbois enraged by Instagram's Android triumph

So 'app' isn't short for Apple then?

Nature ISN'T fragile nor a bossy mother-in-law - top eco boffin

CommentGet rid of hippies, save the planet

Publisher hails CS Lewis 'space trilogy' e-book debut

Forgets it had already released it over here

Microsoft parts private cloud to reveal its infrastructure

ReviewJoin the MVA

Browsium rescues HMRC from IE6 – and multimillion-pound bill

UpdatedUndercuts Capgemini-Fujitsu dream team

TripAdvisor chucks antitrust complaint on Google's pile

Follows Expedia flight path to land in Brussels commissioners' laps

Brit pockets £100k in Samsung Bada dev compo

Flying-game-for-mobes bags prize

Yahoo! axes! 2,000! workers!

Jobs cut to save troubled web biz $375m a year

RIM begs app devs to fish it out of BlackBerry jam

Coders set 'unconference' agenda in May

Samsung slips on Ice Cream Sandwich

Tricky Android snack sets back Tab 2 release

Apple plugs Java hole after Flashback Trojan intrusion

6 weeks after Microsoft machines are patched...

Ubuntu hammers out Metal-as-a-Service tool for microservers

When virtualisation isn't enough

Dell guns for IBM mainframes with Clerity gobble

Have UniKix, will travel

OCZ's new Vertex 4 SSD: Faster... and slower

You win some, you lose some

SanDisk shares tumble as chip-maker lowers Q1 forecast

Flash shares fall 10%

Arizona bill makes it illegal to 'annoy or offend' online

UpdatedRough-and-ready westerners or dainty shrinking violets?

Google shows off Project Glass augmented reality specs

Nerdy but nice

Fujitsu wins another big super deal in Japan

Sparc-x86 hybrid, with GPUs later this year

Square kilometre array decision delayed again

Board may consider joint Oz-South Africa operation

Microsoft opens betas on virtual app control and App-V update

Free add-ons for MDOP customers

Oracle gives away updated Ops Center control freak

Solaris 11 under its thumb

Feathered Tyrannosaurus uncovered in China

Try getting this one into the air

The tech jobs headhunters just can't fill

Project pipeline strong, but scarce skills and big pay packets frustrate employers

Twitter bulks up in Ireland

Set to hit Europa with gusto

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