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3rd > April > 2012 Archive

SQL Server 2012 on sale … now!

New licensing arrangements may cost you more

Busted in the US? 'Drop your trousers, sir'

Supremes allow strip search for any offense – nuns too

Samsung forging ARM server chips?

Maybe so, maybe not

Microsoft makes Top 20 list of Linux kernel contributors

Linux Foundation reports most key developers are paid

Oz launches DNSChanger testing site

Government service advises of connection-preventing malware infections

Fujitsu says sayonara to Toshiba in bid to take on Apple

Japanese electronics giant still struggling internationally

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 Android media player

ReviewSmall tablet or big PMP?

Google ads 'misleading and deceptive'

Oz court: Advertiser keyword grabs ARE Google's fault

Chinese shoppers lead way in global e-commerce stakes

Can't get enough of that online stuff

Sumo Logic slings log file ops into the clouds

Meet me at the Chatsubo bar for a big data bash

Success-hungry Valley needs code, not cash

Open... and ShutWhen a VC's A round 'ain't enough

Cable-cutting rogue engineer caused ultra fast broadband havoc

Ex-SingTel employee given 15 months

EU plans tougher punishment for hackers – and their bosses

Biz could be criminally liable if it 'profits' from employees' cyber attacks

Vid storage biz Object Matrix gets over tape hate

2003: Tape, boo! 2012: Tape, you're all right

Runtastic Push Up

Android App of the WeekPush, fat boy, push

Email cock-up blamed in Check Point domain expiry snafu

Renewal alert 'sent to wrong address'

New Intel flash hardness performs faster for less

330-series SSD is cheap as chips

Samsung to spank $7bn on China chip fab

Splashes cash to build flash stash

Sky joins BBC for Olympics coverage

24 sports channels inbound

O2 Wi-Fi slips into McDonalds, steals The Cloud's lunch

Snatched just in time for the Olympics

Hitachi GST lays 4TB Easter egg

Highest capacity enterprise drive

Apple to take shine off glossy iMacs, say moles

Adding anti-reflection tech

Game of Thrones Blu-ray disc set

ReviewThe greatest fantasy TV show ever made?

Home Sec: Web snoop law will snare PAEDOS, TERRORISTS

May asks Blighty to 'think of the children'

'Leap year' bug drives TomTom satnav users up the wall

GPS fix fail

Canon reaches for stars with DSLR refresh

Aimed at astrosnappers

Regulator probes Groupon as shares tumble

SEC looking into daily deal site's accounting snafu

Virgin Media tightens throttle on hardcore hogs

Bust the limit, lose half your downlink speed

Teen hacker suspect Ryan Cleary in the clink for bail breach

LulzSec accused broke the offline rule

Sony to bring Google TV to Europe

£167 set-top setting for ad giant's content store

Sony diagnoses Xperia S screen jaundice

Users blue over yellow display

Motorola refreshes Razr with huge battery boost

Talk for over 17 hours

LOHAN checks into REHAB chamber

Shed-built hypobaric rig hewn from living steel

James Murdoch QUITS BSkyB chairmanship

Remains as non-exec board member

Foxconn staffer lets slip iPhone 5 ship date

Hiring thousands of workers to assemble handsets

Motorola Mobility in double Euro probe over patent warfare

Apple, Microsoft trigger antitrust investigation

Star's guts turned INSIDE OUT in supernova mega-blast

PicsYoung Cas A star spews stellar innards

G-Cloud rep: We'll mop up data breach flood with red tape

Security accreditation is vital, says MoJ ICT manager

Facebook logins easily slurped from iOS, Android kit

ExclusiveTeam Zuck working on slapping crypto into mobile app

Distie giant Arrow acquires Ireland's Altimate for €48.1m

DCC sells, bites down on €8m writedown

iPad app that lets mute kids speak menaced by patent lawsuit

Hardware that makes the 'slab look cheap and flexible

Phonedeck pushes out web 'n' mobe app for Android

Reach into the cloud to get to your pocket

Citrix champions CloudStack, throws OpenStack under a bus

'Project Olympus is dead' - fabric rivalry begins

Facebook accused of 'wanton' use of Canadian woman's pics

You signed up for this ... bitch

EMC shoots mystery virtual weapon into cloud next week

Miracle-cream-slathered tool spurts on 12 April

Google pockets card payment biz, slips it into Wallet

Token effort - or strategic brainwave?

Facebook: Server management systems 'a big headache'

Collaboration Summit 2012Open Compute Project goal: stripped and minimalist

IBM's DB2 database update does time travel, gets graphic

'Continuous data ingest' gorges on bits, compression crunches 'em

RIM extends management software to iOS, Android

Releases 'BlackBerry Mobile Fusion' in bid to stay alive relevant

Equinix throws another US$50m at cloud

Bankers and cloudsters drive data

Broadband a climate champion: ITU

Puts forward ICT to bridge the ‘carbon emissions gap’

Intel outlines open source development projects

Collaboration Summit 2012Connman has fingers in many pockets

Why new iPad renders your pile of slab mags as garbage

PNGs scuppered by high-res screen

Nvidia: No magic compilers for HPC coprocessors

No free lunch for MIC, either

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