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30th > March > 2012 Archive

Quickflix hits New Zealand

Slingshot drops metering in support

E-tailing beats the high street: eBay

Mobile the next wave

FLA, Apple and Foxconn shake on new deal for Chinese workers

Critics argue some abuses are still being ignored

China's budget handset makers facing mass cull

Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei have the low end in their sights

Philips 42PFL7666 42in 3D LED Smart TV

ReviewPassive aggressive

Security guards brawl over world's biggest Apple Store

Caught on camera: shopping mall wars

EMC eyeing XtremIO ... just a rumble on the jungle drums?

Or it might be the sound of back-end Thunder

RIM to exit the consumer phone market

Push to be pulled from the High Street

Exploding dinosaur theory EXPLODED

Bone botherers blast belly-burst boffinry

Drobo inks chumship with Acronis in virty cloud combo package

Also sells a petabyte in a single lunchtime

Don't be alarmed - but 545,000 NHS patient files are going online

Not to worry, probably been lost on a USB stick already

Linux 'internet of things' gizmo ships

Automate your (open source) world

'People expect privacy on Facebook and Twitter'

QuotW'Too posh to push? You haven't got the Right Stuff'

Avnet: Our buy of tech provider to BBC and Boots is quite routine

'Nothing to worry about', burps firm after end-user feast

Disappearing bees mystery: Boffins finger regicide pesticides

Buzz-buggers say neo-Nick O'Teen makes drones get lost

O2 launches On & On mobile tariff

Telecoms ci comms ça?

£575m school IT bonanza showers Capita, RM, 16 others

Blighty's kids are truly in safe hands

Euro data roaming price cut too shallow

CommentMobile net will remain closed by costs

LOHAN demonstrates impressive sucking skills

REHAB joins the Eight Mile High club - but is it enough?

Apple products now found in half of all American dwellings

A few years ago it was just another snake cult

Griffin Reserve Battery Case

Accessory of the WeekKeep your iPhone topped up

Google planning to brand and sell Android tablets

Aims to park tanks on Cupertino lawn where allies failed

DMOL proposes Freeview EPG shuffle to pull in IPTV

Channels ferried

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

PollCinematic roster of shame for your viewing displeasure

Nvidia wants sub-£130 Tegra 3 tablets out this summer

Working to make fondleslabs cheaper

RIM to try to pull in punters with low-cost BlackBerrys

Consumer exit denied

Report: Facebook working to improve its 'search' technology

People say 'search' when they mean advertising ... bitch

Is it time to take the fight into the Clouds?

The years to come seem waste of breath, to server minders

Sales show tablets and Ultrabooks not rivals

Key battle is brand vs brand, not Ultrabook vs tablet

Capita poises axe over 1,000 staff - jobs headed to India

ExclusiveAs it lands huge deal

RIM insists it is not exiting consumer market - just 'refocusing'

Rioting hoodies can rely on us

Sony sends Xperia Play Android 4 beta dev-wards

Gentlemen, test your games

Yes, Prime Minister to return after 24 years

The modern Sir Humphrey will be rather different

Money mules are REAL victims of phishing, says Microsoft iconoclast

WHEN will someone think of the stolen cash handlers?

Yahoo! finally! adds! Do! Not! Track! tool!

Don't slurp me, bro


¡Bong!Waxing philosophical ... with morphine and Thai hired help

Micron settles with Oracle in chip price-fixing case

Takes a hefty DRAM from can of legal whup-ass

Apple pushes patents for 3D avatar authoring

iLike Mii

Top Italian OPERA boffin steps down after faster-than-light mistake

Gran Sasso lab promises more neutrino experiments, though

Best Buy shuttering 50 stores, laying off staff in $800m cost slash

Bloodied by retreat from Europe

Sugar content now to be measured in Cadbury Creme Eggs

1 Coke = 2 choc-nugs packed with, well, whatever it is

Use the holy word of God to stay secure online, says bishop

What he opens no one can shut, what he shuts no one can open

Ravello Systems gets the KVM band back together

Stealthy startup plots course to clouds

Avere moves from accelerating filers to building them

Diversifies across the standing-reproach-to-NetApp sector

Visa and MasterCard warn of credit card data breach

UpdatedRumors swirl over size of snafu

Storage upstart boasts of not losing a single customer...

But hasn't sold a single box either

Workers worry about pay cuts from Apple, Foxconn pact

'We are here to work and not to play'

Verizon plans bandwidth-gobbling mobile video service

'Now, about that $3.6bn spectrum deal...'

Ape sanctuary seeks funds for armed Robo Bonobo

And you can talk to the animals…

EMC registers mysterious new trademark

So what is VSPEX?

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