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29th > March > 2012 Archive

Amazon boss finds Apollo 11 engines on seabed

Plans to salvage historic rockets for display

PM launches Oz network three-year 3.5m premises rollout

Don't mention Huawei

Tim Cook, Chinese vice PM agree IP pact

Apple boss presses the flesh at Zhongnanhai

Lucy in 3.4 million-year-old cross-species cave tryst

New homonin fossil discovered

Microsoft says scale-out storage not needed for big data

SQL Server guru also thinks data scientists also have limited role … for now

Acer set to unleash 15in fibreglass MONSTER

Taiwanese hardware maker to expand Ultrabook range

Digitech iPB-10 guitar effects pedalboard for iPad


With this ring, I thee frag

Marriage proposal in Team Fortress 2 after Valve helps with free virtual bling

ZTE profits crash 37 per cent in 2011

Chinese telecoms kit maker getting squeezed

Chinese to burn iPads in upcoming celebrations

Fondleslabs go up in smoke in honour of ancestors

Gov IT contractors hire staff in India to work on benefits system

But we're not moving existing UK jobs, these are new ones

Gridiron keeps DRAM tight lid on boxes of flash chips

No details on million-plus IOPS kit, nothing on current gear either

Everything you thought you knew about cybercrims is WRONG

Forget teen hackers, they're aging gangsters with off-the-shelf web weapons

A million TVs to go dark across London

Analogue switch-off is coming

Raspberry Pi supplier coughs to ship date delay glitch

CE testing demand holding up supply

NSA's top spook blames China for RSA hack

Says People's Republic trousers loads of US military IP

Third European supply podule docks with space station

'Smooth, gentle' mating at 28,000 kph

Warner, Sony commit to UltraViolet in UK

Buy a disc, stream it for free

Behold! Or rather, don't: Bendy see-through DRAM

You like windows, you like bendy things, you like memory

London ambulances on second try with CommandPoint 999 software

'Lessons learned' after last year's eggface debut

New Google tool lets you PROBE YOURSELF

'I had no idea what a pervert I was until now'

HP offers contractors a choice: 5 per cent pay cut ... or 100 per cent

Not fooling about April Fool's Day cost slash


iOS App of the WeekMessaging made (really) easy

Wags unroll Twitter toilet paper

From blog to bog

Adobe auto-update eases Flash update chore - on Windows only

Backdoors plugged without lifting a finger

PlayStation 4 'Orbis' pegged for 2013 release

4K by 2K gaming, anyone?

Facebook to halt secondary market trading ahead of IPO - report

Let's sell this bubble before it bursts ... bitch

Nintendo DSi sends child abuser to the slammer

Photo evidence yields confession

Microsoft: Keep Moto vid codec patent fight in US, not Germany

Pleads for meaningful relief, offers $300m

Quitting your job? Here's how not to do it

He deleted most of the source code – the little @£$%%...

NDS says Beeb's Panorama emails were 'manipulated'

Look! They moved the 'To' line up one!

Ukrainian cops silence old-skool virus tinkerers' playground

'It's not a game any more, chummy'

UK government says no to turbo e-bike

No speed please, we're British

World IT sales up 15 per cent in Q4 ... er, 5 if you remove Apple

Giant rollneck-clad fatty scoffs all the growth

Dot-word TLD registration closes tonight, maybe for many years

Last chance to buy a thing that might be useless!

Osborne+ and Schmidt+ say 'the internet' = 8.3 per cent of UK GDP

Chancellor can't tell advertising from technology

'Half baked' Brussels data law fails to thrill

'Regrettable level of ambition', sniff advisors

Dell blows Clouds of love into the channel

Choking fog of vendor vapours thickens

Kelihos zombies erupt from mass graves after botnet massacre

Pumping spam, entering backdoors again almost right away

ALL Visa cards blab punters' names - not just Barclaycards

Wireless Pay-by-bonk fraud risk widens

This interactive wind map is a Big Data lava lamp

And you thought Big Data wasn't really that useful!

Panasas kingpin: What's the solid state state of play?

InterviewGarth Gibson on HPC - buffering the brute-force burst

Apple's Cook tops Page, Otellini in 'Favorite Boss' survey

Microsoft's Ballmer? Unloved and sinking

Munich's mayor claims €4m savings from Linux switch

Lower costs and fewer support calls than Windows

Apple slapped with second Siri senility lawsuit

False advertising claim against bungled 'breakthrough'

West Australian WiFi mesh sniffs out bushfires

Edith Cowan University team re-write MAC protocol to build meshed sensors

Intel: Xeon E5s to surf impending server upgrade wave

Chipzilla's data center queen gives peek into internal IT

Apple fires up Antennagate settlement payout

You may be due a princely $15 – get on it!

Harvard bio-boffins build gut-on-a-chip

Micromachine for medicine research

Obama gets the big data bug

Swings swags of simoleons at science

Tweet to the archive

Victoria state government proposes social media as public records

Balsillie bails as RIM reports terrible quarter

$125m loss prompts (another) management reshuffle

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