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26th > March > 2012 Archive

Sir Isaac Newton's life rendered as KML

Italian boffins suggest “georeferenced” lives of notable people

Samsung joins Telstra's 4G handset party

GALAXY S II 4G joins the range

Election poll shot down by DDoS-ers

Civic referendum hit by MILLION clicks-per-second anti-democracy types

Russia trashes wounded comms satellite

Rescue plans ignored

Safety cert green light points to April iPad launch in China

Unless Proview gets its way before then...

CSC's selfless offer to new QLD government

Welcomes new administration by hanging out “For Hire” sign

Australia Post launches inbox and cloud storage for all

Also plans superstores to make parcel collection easier

London fire brigade outsources 999 control centre to Capita

First brigade in the country to contract out emergency calls

Paedophiles ‘disguise’ child abuse pages as legit websites

Report: Hidden paths lead to vile vids and pics

Court shuts down site that circumvents Pirate Bay blocks

Dutch anti-piracy group wins copyright ruling against proxy operator

Elgato Thunderbolt SSD

Geek Treat of the WeekSolid-state speed merchant

Giant paper plane thunders across Arizona sky

45ft beast nudges 100mph

ISS 'nauts take to the escape pods in Russian sat-prang debris peril

Conspiracy-theory space wreckage passes close to station

The future of the fondleslab belongs to the Fire

Well, devices the same size, price as the Amazon Kindle tab

Microsoft takes down ZeuS botnets

Disrupted ... but not dismantled

Nokia, Microsoft bung student mobe devs £7.5m to 'ideate'

Cash pot lure to find the next Rovio

Americans resort to padlocking their dumb meters

We don't like smart meters round here

Baidu! boss! says! no! to! Yahoo! gobble!

Chinese search giant has eyes on Apple's iOS

Pioneer SC-LX85 9.2 AV receiver with AirPlay

ReviewAn amp for all seasons

Barclaycard pay-by-bonk fraud risk exposes Amazon's security

NFC cards savaged in privates' slurp probe

Don't let the cloud obscure your software's performance

Keeping an eye on SaaS

Phones4U Samsung banner doesn't flag Galaxy S III launch

Store opening date, not next-gen smartphone launch

Dot Pharmacy: New web weapon in war on duff drug peddlers

gTLD bid to tackle bogus treatment biz

DDN delivers pint-sized big data boxes

They can grow you know ...

OAP sues Apple for $1m after walking into store's glass door

Pane-full face plant

Google asked to bin autocomplete results for Japanese man's name

Global search giant defies court order in cyber-defamation case

Game CEO steps down

Insert coin to continue

Brazilian cops hunt pillaging 'gang of blondes'

PicSao Paulo express kidnapping she-devil cuffed gives nod to .scot

Ye can take oor lives but ye'll nivver take our gTLDom

RM investors spared a second heart attack in latest numbers

Steady as she goes through Q1

Microsoft stamps on HTTP 2.0's pedal, races to mobileville

Web titans pile aboard as protocol shifts up a gear

Cabinet Office unveils Public Services Network suppliers list

12 firms ink deals worth up to £3bn to build gov infrastructure

RIM pushes BlackBerry 10 kit out to thousands of devs on 1 May

Freebies for app-makers at BlackBerry World

React Technologies rises from ashes of burning balance sheet

Pre-pack administration deal wipes off suppliers' debts

Microsoft SQL Server medusa turned into cloud pussy cat

Upstart startup virtualises sprawling database beast

Tripleton touts telephone for double-ohs

Enigma unhackable, maker claims

Avnet TS swallows Ascendant Technology

IBM VAR and consultancy part of distie's cloud plan

Angry Birds Space flings 10 MILLION downloads in 3 days

Fanbois and fandroids flock to zero-grav game

Ofcom puts UK VoD regulator up for review

2 years on, the scrutiniser will be scrutinised

CD: The indestructible music format that REFUSES TO DIE

Annual number crunching shows vinyl rebound too

Microsoft set to launch Xbox Lite in 2013

360 sees a shrink

Game closes 277 stores

Reward Cards, pre-orders, trade-ins suspended

Smoked by Android: Microsoft coughs up free laptop

Widget-waggling blogger stoked

Intel comfortably conquers chip market in 2011

All your transistors are belong to us

Overland tugs parachute cord as storage biz hurtles earthwards

Bosses tout $5.8m of stock in recovery bid

Opscode gets more venture dough for its Chef

Cooking up cloudy treats for 'insatiable and unending' capacity hunger

Feds issue final 'Do Not Track' privacy recommendations

Welcome online protections or 'Big Brother' overreach?

Microsoft censors Pirate Bay links from IM

Malware blamed – but other torrent links still allowed

HP gives huge chunk of storage business to channel

New customer storage goes indirect

TSA bars security guru from perv scanner testimony

Last minute excuse blocks Bruce Schneier

Oz national broadcaster goes open with archives

Releases historical snippets under CC license

Leighton rolls out map of Tassie for NBN Co

AUD$300m tender and 800 local jobs created

Telstra sparks up Reach cable

More capacity for anticipated demand

Facebook files to dismiss ownership dispute

Ceglia's lawsuit 'a fraud and a lie', says Zuckerberg & Co.

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