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23rd > March > 2012 Archive

Java-centric video house moves to Azure

IPTV aspirant farewells FOSS

Record-breaking laser pulse boosts fusion power hopes

One giant step towards 'creating a miniature star on Earth'

End in sight for IT jobs outsourcing massacre

No CIO is going to offshore his own job

SKA committee defers final decision

Australia/NZ still in running for super-scope

NetApp to unleash virtual array

ONTAP-V to go on sale soon

Giant kangaroos wiped out by humans, not climate change

Ancient poo suggests hunters proved too tough for giant marsupials

Football rules punt Oz IPTV into touch

Minister will decide who gets to play with balls and when

China takes Android and iOS activations crown

Smart device growth surging in People's Republic

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

ReviewDead again

China's censors out in force as coup rumours spread

Is the Party about to implode? Nah, probably not

Singapore lures big biz with mega data protection regime

Citizens may get protection from telesales pests too...

Fujitsu has phone fraudsters in its sights

Last call for pesky scammers who target the elderly

Council to chuck £28m wad at schools' ICT supplier

Seeks 3-year deal for storage, servers, netbooks and, er, iPads

Third European supply podule blasts off en route to space station

Robot freighters now coming off assembly line annually

Scores of US federal agencies still open to 2008 cache attack

Alphabet soup still wide open to poisoning

BT Vision to stream UKTV channels

Fresh outlet for BBC repeats

HP and EMC battle for the soul of server storage

Donatelli repels Gelsinger storage invasion

Snowboards and BIG DATA for WORLD PEACE

¡Bong!You pay, I save the day. Simples!

BOFH: Dawn raid on Fort BOFH

Episode 3Good morning, Mr Simmons. Ready for our little game?

Sony to serve Ice Cream Sandwich to tablets

Android 4.0.3 in April

El Reg Forums FAQ

Site newsHave we missed anything?

Half of iPad 3s sold will sport 4G, says bank

More punters favour faster connectivtiy

Cocky Foxconn tells tech biz: We'll design your mobes, you do the ads

Factory barons upbeat after smashing profit prediction

Thai floods derail Hadron-colliding antimatter boffinry

CERN experiment runs low on hard disks

Arcam rDock

Accessory of the WeekThe cradle will RAAAWK

Florida man 'fesses to naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

Hot pics nicked from email boxes, leaked to gossip rags

Intel next-gen netbook chip to sport Ivy Bridge graphics

What, with a 1024 x 600 screen and Windows Starter?

Hard-up Iceland plumps for cheaper open source

Public sector has one year to flee from Microsoft and co

iPhone outsells RIM's BlackBerry in Canada for the first time

But sexting Middle Eastern teens remain loyal to BBM

Computacenter rips up £43m council contract over razor-thin margin

Five-year ICT deal ends before it begins

US movie viewers make sudden shift to net

More films watched online this year than on disc

Google patents mobile ads that sense noise, temp, light

Hey, you look cold - there's a coat shop over there

Analyst eyes Q3 2013 for Xbox 720 release

Seller of pre-owned games spins against disc-less console

Apple tightens grip on tablet market with iPad 2 and 3 pincer move

CommentJust when you thought it was safe to go into the mid market ...

Baffling barcode-on-steroids stickers plaster the EARTH

Sysadmin blog18 years on, QR codes are getting even stickier

Windows Phone left on launchpad by Angry Birds in spaaace

UpdatedMicrosoft lacks the gravity to attract a port

Moneybags Apple loses $1.2m Italian warranty fine scrap

Foxconn-rebrand biz sets sights on formal appeal

Has virtualization really ended all your worries?

The very real limits of happiness

Revealed: Google's SECRET London office

Remarkable snaps of subterranean bunker complex

Worst movie poll screening delayed 7 days

Sheer weight of nominations buries El Reg

RAC's Bristol data centre breaks down

Day-long outage sparked by server crash

Wave, Buzz... Android? What Apple teaches Google

Open ... and ShutFreedom is more than just a word

More 'retina' display piccies spied within Mac OS X

Mountain Lion paving way for pixeltastic MacBooks?

Hackers booby-trap WordPress site with botnet-weaving Trojan

Crooks lure punters in with LinkedIn lies

Rovio: Actually there will be Angry Birds Space on Windows Phone

'What? No, nobody called from Redmond or Nokia'

US broadcasters put the squeeze on small-town cable TV

You're gonna pay more for less service, hayseed. Gotta problem with that?

Facebook: Your boss asks for your password, we'll sue him! Maybe

Or we might delete you. That will help

Investor sues Oracle over $200m whistleblower payout

Ellison & Co. charged with 'gross mismanagement'

Survey scammers fling spam at Pinterest punters

Black Hat Tools offers spring bot collection...

Micron's revenues circle drain for third straight quarter

Down, down, down for DRAM and flash maker

Pro-China hackers target Tibetan activists with malware

Spammers in the service of the People's Republic

Dutch birdman admits flight was filmic fantasy

Human-powered flap'n'fly too good to be true, sadly

Robotic surgeon successful in first prostate snip

Low-cost robot could save NHS millions

'Intelligent systems' poised to outsell PCs, smartphones

IDC: ARM facing shrinking market share

AT&T profiting from Nigerian scammers, DoJ charges

Lawsuit alleges abuse costing taxpayers 'millions'

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