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22nd > March > 2012 Archive

Chrome beats IE market share for one day

IE took Sunday off, needs to improve weekday performance too

Senator demands Congressional vote on ACTA

'No vote, no ratification' of anti-piracy treaty

Singtel axes staff, sends them to Huawei

One carrier's loss is another vendor's gain

Zynga gets more drawsome

Buys gaming doodler OMGPOP

Watch a 747 refit in just 105 seconds

Qantas has released a time-lapse video of an interior refit of a 747-400

CA reveals ARCserve DDOS threat

Forced upgrades on the way for some users?

Japan's LCD biz survives quake and tsunami

Sorry, you're just not relevant enough

Android store spotted in China ... selling iPhones

Google and Apple finally make friends

August DTV700B portable Freeview TV and DVR

ReviewMobile home entertainment?

Tech Mahindra to swallow Satyam in BILLION dollar deal

Indian outsourcers can't get enough of each other

Electronic patient records rollout cocks up hospital clinics

Yet another Cerner Millennium balls-up, at North Bristol trust

If Nominet has spoken, you can't come here – High Court

Rulings on registration abuse can't be re-tried in court

Quantum offers a cheap massage to hot cloud data

Virtual dedupe route to backup

Space probe in orbit above Mercury sees signs of polar ice

First rock from the Sun yields secrets at last

Samsung chirps Angry Birds Space exclusive

Clucking hell, game's on iTunes too

El Reg user forum opens to public, HTML for all (mostly)

Site newsWhy we rejected BBCode

iPhone 5 gets a 5in screen

Credibility, pockets to be strained

New iPad can't get its Wi-Fi up

Fanbois need to stroke fondleslab the 'right way'...

Hacktivists nicked more data than CYBER-CROOKS in 2011

Social crusaders account for 58% of data breaches

GridIron jiggles MLC flash box, penetrates million IOPS barrier

Won't blab on sordid details...

6,000 sign e-petition to put Turing on £10 note

National hero would replace Charles Darwin

Ex-Dell man Boyce to head up Computer 2000 sales patch

Set sights on becoming £2bn distie by 2015

TalkTalk is yet again the most griped about telco in Blighty

ISP still on Ofcom's naughty step

Commodore outs Linux-running Amiga Mini desktop

Poor man's Mac Mini?

Apple iPhoto

iOS App of the WeekTouch up your snaps. Literally

Toshiba outs monster 13in tablet spec

Tegra-powered portable TB

Supermodel-fiddling tool Photoshop CS6 flinged in free beta

Hide those blemishes, play with video editing

Lovefilm: video streaming outplays disc rentals

IPTV nation

HP's PC-printer lovechild is cash boon for resellers

Bad news for veeps but better rebates for partners

Nvidia shows off first 'Kepler' GPUs

UpdatedPCs first, server GPU coprocessors in Q3

Scammers exploit new Dr Who girl with Twitter smut video

Grumble flicks, yes, but sans Time Lord's gal pal

Report: Nokia, Apple battle over ultra-tiny nano-SIMs

Mobe-makers in race to grab cash-laden standard

Cybercops traced Toulouse massacre suspect through IP address

Slain soldier's ad for motorcycle had key role in manhunt

Micro Direct leaves string of channel creditors out of pocket

Liquidator Grant Thornton to hold cash confab

Half of Apple fanbois would bank with the iPad titan

Foxconn-rebranding biz already has your cards and cash

NASA's Dawn probe spies 'Snowman' on asteroid queen Vesta

Her dark materials

8,400 email addresses spaffed by Student Loans Company

Hands out cash, everyone's contact details

PCIe flash riddle of next-gen HP ProLiant record smasher

Reg man drills into benchmark claims

Mass Effect 3 crooks trick gamers with fake 'alternate ending'

Bioware to cough actual alternate finish next month

Google mulls bribing operators to stuff its Wallet into pockets

ISIS and Project Oscar not sure they need Chocolate Factory...

Verizon spectrum deal savaged in Senate hearing

Wall Street versus 'We, the People'

Microsoft tarts up custom Mustang Muscle Microserfmobile

For the geek who has everything (except taste)

Atmospheric DOUBLE-WHAMMY: fertilizers deplete ozone, add to warming

Cape Grim news

440m2 screen has fewer pixels than iPad

Sydney horse racing track gets slightly grainy mega-ultra-jumbo-tron

Facebook said to bag 750 IBM patents in IPO prep

Buying protection from inevitable lawsuit onslaught

Amazon, Eucalyptus team on cloud compatibility

Not exactly 'private EC2', but close

DataStax adds search to Cassandra NoSQL

Structure Data 2012Solr powered distributed database

LibreOffice will have roadmap for cloud service next month

Releases last build of 3.4 fork

IT departments need productivity plan: Gartner

Users will make your life hell with "Shadow IT" if you don't do more

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