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21st > March > 2012 Archive

HP pushes social collaboration dev tools for mobile

Got a smartphone? Then you're still at work

South Australian Department formalises Apple procurement

TAFE colleges want iPads

Facebook tracking makes for non-angry birds

Research takes off as cockatoos “Like” no-nets scheme

New supernova pops up just over there

Grab your telescope and look for SN 2012aw in M95

Optus to shed around 700 staff

Restructure rears its ugly head

Australian IT imports plunge

Second-lowest spend since 2005

Tree-hugging Chinese throttle rare earth production

Think of the planet, man…

Apple scores China store patent wins

Cupertino moves to lock down IP

Samsung Series 3 NP300E5A 15in notebook

ReviewComputing for the cost-conscious

NHS trust mops up after electronic patient records mess

Cerner Millennium system caused treatment delays, data problems

Microsoft tosses Simpana Azure salad, feeds it to cloud punters

Adds bundled CommVault feeder for added cloudy goodness

German court: Rapidshare must HUNT for dodgy pirate links

Site expected to be 'proactive' in preventing copyright infringement

'Now we understand what's required to explode a supernova' - NASA

Fortunately it isn't anything we've got lying about

Nokia invents teeny throbbing tattoos to make your skin crawl

Vibrating message alerts you can't ignore

Slapdash staff blamed for third of UK's data leak balls-ups

But we're getting better at tackling breach damage

BoJo backpedals on Twitter hijack in mayoral glory bid

@MayorofLondon renamed BorisJohnson in re-election war

Man FLIES with Android-powered homemade bird wings

UpdatedMuscle-boosting motors, Wii controller and a Wildfire S mobe

Reading plays host to live ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

Gun down the undead for 119 quid

Game Group shares halted, 'no value left' admits board

Game over for high street chain?

iPad subsidies axed for Microsoft S&M fanbois

Whose side are you on, guys?

Japan's once-proud semis learn size DOES matter

Struggling chip fabs refused to go sub-28nm

Rock'n'Roll Racing

Antique Code ShowDriving you insane

Geeks seek cubits for Battlestar flight sim

Take the Viper for a spin

Microsoft! scoops! Yahoo!'s big! data! brain!

Plugging Windows into the web

Game files for administration

Stores could still be saved

Former fax salesman made head of Brother's UK ops

Jones Brother done good

You're crap and paid too much for the little work you actually do

A recruiter's guide on how to get mo' money...

Cameron's 'Google Review' sparked by killer quote that never was

Special reportNo one can source UK bashing that launched law overhaul

The Facebook job test: Now interviewers want your logins

HPC blogNeed work? Better hand over that password

The Beatles' Yellow Submarine set to sail in 4K by 2K

Blu-ray Meanies inbound too

AJ Electronics goes titsup after etailers snatch punters' wallets

Retailer placed into administration after 28 years

Public borrowing hike overshadows Osborne's tax breaks

Budget Day 2012Growth forecast stuck on 0.8 per cent

Devs cheer as Osborne okays game coding tax relief

Budget Day 2012Level of relief TBD

HP finally decides the future of the PC: It's a printer accessory

Suddenly it all makes sense!

Osborne names UK cities to land £100m broadband bonanza

Budget Day 2012Plus another £50m earmarked for 10 other areas

Chancellor lands paper cuts on Blighty's small biz

Budget Day 2012Red tape slashed

Wannabe Murdochs crash Ofcom's local telly party

Student hacks quiver under pressure, frolicking vixens still banned

Privacy worth piffling pennies to polled punters

Film fans will pay up to 41p extra to prevent data gobbling

Google locks up cloud apps and throws away the keys

Psst, wanna secure connection? Get a certificate

Microsoft cuts back on Windows keys after pirates grab booty

Yarr: Significant profit margins ahoy

US rent-a-room biz swallows Blighty's Crashpadder

Hopes to grab some of the London Olympics rental moolah

Dr Who scores new companion from Emmerdale

TARDIS needs a new welly rack

Vodafone swaps in new VHA boss, denies sellout rumours

The difficult third carrier

Oz Senate signs off USO legislation

NBN legislative jigsaw complete

Queensland Police go war driving

No evidence of Pringles deployment as force says remain silent

US scientists demo hydrogen-powered robo-jellyfish

Our underwater overlords?

Musk muses on middle-class Mars colony

Technology ready for $500,000 round trip

Former Yahoo! Hadoop honcho uncloaks from stealth

Structure Data 2012Making elephants dance in real-time

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