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16th > March > 2012 Archive

Public service plans paperless future

Digital continuity plan plans to boost Oz government's governance

Silicon nanowires: The Next Big Thing™ in chip design

CPTF 2012The 'pigs in a blanket' of process technology

NASA unveils eye-popping molten moon and luna tour videos

Flyover and formation history of our celestial companion

Tourists follow GPS, drive into sea

Sticky, wet, embarrassing end after 500 metre mud drive

Australia lacks cash for cybercrime study

Institute of Criminology rates online menace with old third party data

China ready to slap down US in smartphone wars

No turning back after 2012 as Brazil and India close in on UK

Aussie fatties tell fewer porkies

BMI self-reporting less inaccurate over time, but data still wobbly

Samsung and LG hit with MASSIVE price fixing fine

Korean mobile firms colluded to con punters

Canon PowerShot S100 GPS compact camera

ReviewThe pocket professional

Hackers hit 112 Indian gov sites in three months

Pakistan suspected of cross-border cyber mischief

Euro watchdog: Telcos ARE strangling VoIP and P2P traffic

BEREC gives 1st report card – It's not your imagination

Telefonica tosses its dosh at pay-by-bonk upstart

Boku is preferred partner for mobile payments

HMRC snatches back £200m in Aspire outsource rejig

Revised deal gives taxman more 'control'

Rogue IPO bureaucrats feel MPs' red-hot probe

Sudden interest in how IP policy is made

UK lags US in online content spending

Britons: tight as a crab's chuff or canny consumers?

Eddie Murphy heading for worst movie ever glory

A Thousand Words takes a critical shoeing

Films-on-USB kiosks come to airports

Movie downloaders please proceed to gate four

Mega squid use HUMONGOUS eyes to spot ravenous sperm whales

Boffins float theory on colossal creatures' eyesight

Sprint to hit the eject button in LightSquared deal today

Light at the end of the tunnel winks out

Mobile app privacy: You get what you pay for

AnalysisGSMA privacy-by-design guidelines embraced by carriers ... but not app stores

High Court confirms 'cheap DVD' tax loophole will close

Rules Chancellor's plan is not illegal

Panic on the streets of Google+? Choc Factory hires Digg founder

Kevin Rose Milked by ID-obsessed search giant

Apple iPad 3 data contracts compared

Which network has the best deals?

'When you disagreed with Steve Jobs, you lost'

QuotwPlus: 'It's the biggest copyright blag in UK history'

Groupon monstered in OFT complaints probe

Updated:Watchdog orders deals site to improve by June

TDK BA100 earphones

Accessory of the WeekBalanced armatures, anyone?

Smartphone users sue Apple, Facebook over mobile app privacy

18 social media firms slapped with lawsuit

Three zeroes Samsung Galaxy S II upfront fee

No handset cost, only a monthly sub

Apple Store staff outnumber queues as new iPad goes on sale

PicsMoist jocks mop up with 'pads

Take your hands off me - I'm a tech VC superstar!

¡Bong!Hotspot hobos tussled with the wrong fellow

HDD prices to remain 'inflated' until August

Going down muuuch more slowly after huge flood-linked hike

Apple slide-to-unlock spat with Samsung hits the buffers

Mannheim wants Munich to make up its mind

Hands on with Kinect Star Wars

First lookForced to exhaustion

GiffGaff goes titsup again in 'leccy cable gaffe

People power no substitute for mains voltage

LOHAN to straddle meaty titanium rod

Skirt lifted on cunning Vulture 2 launch plan

PoC code uses super-critical Windows bug to crash PCs

Crash code real, but Sabu worm rumours ... not so much

Busty blogger bursts Bulgarian airbag in mud-wrestle blunder

'It feels bumpy and bubbly' blurts Swedish babe

EC likely to probe Universal-EMI mega-merger

Digital worries

Lawyers of Mordor retreat from The Hobbit

Southampton boozer spared legal sword

New NASA snap of game developer's electric cart FOUND ON MOON

Probe in low pass over Garriott's radioactive tub-rover

SourceForge pulls off fake, 'Trojan-wrapped' Anonymous OS tool

AnonOps: Distro is nothing to do with us...

Watchdogs quiz Google in Safari cookie-stalking probe

Privacy gaffe grabs FTC, CNIL attention

Apple iPad 3 Sim-only contracts compared

Got the hardware, need a deal?

PayPal turns smartphones into checkout tills

Android and iOS swipe-and-go small biz boon

iPhone stroking keeps us satisfied the most, say fanbois

Poll: We like big batts and we cannot lie

Austrian daredevil Baumgartner skydives from 71,581ft

PicSets sights on 102,800ft record

Yahoo! Facebook! litigation! trips! patent! trigger!

Open ... and ShutMutual Assured Destruction for web companies

15in MacBook Air will go HEAD TO HEAD with MacBook Pro in April

Vendor spills beans at trade show

Encyclopaedia Britannica - Ah, the memories

HPC blogLeaves gap for man with plastic binder, 'cloudy edition'...

Global server sales shrivel as EMEA leads retreat

x86 tanks roll over RISC/Unix fortifications

Blighty's largest iPad reseller formed in biz gobble deal

ExclusiveTrams swallows Cancom

Fujitsu's King K thrashes Top 500 rivals

Supercomputer's amazing 10-plus petaflops with 706,000 cores

LightSquared sheds a lonely tear as Sprint legs it

We can still be friends... right?

SF iPad launch subdued as Apple fans wise up

Why queue when you can shop online?

Supersonic silent biplane COMING SOON ...ish

Boffins meld old with new to snuff out sonic boom

Rutgers student guilty, faces 10 years for webcam spying

Gay roomie committed suicide after being outed

Enormous Apple market cap swells and swells ... like a bubble

Software-reskinning box designer 'worth' $586 beeellion

Microsoft SharePoint exposes privates in sniffing hack

UpdatedYou've been X-Framed

Russia plans manned moon shot by 2030

Space exploration on the cheap

Microsoft accused of leaking RDP attack code

Epic security fail

'This American Life' disowns Apple-bashing blockbuster

Writer lies, defends 'Apple is evil' BS as dramatic license

More evidence that neutrinos are NOT faster than light

Boffins pour cold water on time travel plans, hyperdrive

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