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14th > March > 2012 Archive

Telstra straps onto James Cameron’s deep sea ride

Each your heart out Jules Verne

Indian web censorship court date moved to May

Web giants will have their day in court

NASA orders study for all astronauts over vision concerns

Fiddling with orbit might make you go blind

Chip forecast upped by Gartner

On the rebound after inventory glut

AU Optronics convicted of price-fixing

Two execs guilty says San Francisco court

Optus hits LTE switch in Newcastle

Puts Huawei on LTE leader board

Three millionth Aussie LinkedIn today

Thank you note shows off people finder beta

Galaxies to get the Pluto treatment?

Galactic status on the line for newly-found star groups

Apple slams hard-up Proview for conning the courts

Fruity missive claims ailing monitor biz misled customers

Lav-less Indians can't get enough of their mobiles

Indoor toilets are a luxury for many, not so their phones

EU runs to WTO again over China's mineral hoarding

Protests throttled supply for tech-friendly rare earths

Euro wonks lay SMACKDOWN on draft data protection rules

Little love for proposed privacy regulation

Pub landlady's footie sat-TV battle moves law's goal posts

AnalysisHigh Court quashes conviction after Prem League row

4G hobonet stunt was riddled with flaws, doomed to ridicule

Surely we can do better than penniless Wi-Fi porters?

Underwater Greek volcano brewing Lara Croft style earthquake

IT angle? No. Angelina Jolie flooded temple angle? Yes.

HP UK veep tells gov: Soothe economic woes with IT balm

Swallow tech spending pill and call me in the morning

Waking Mars

iGamerCerebral sci-fi gaming

LOHAN's fantastical flying truss takes to the air

VideoExperimental structure last seen heading for Africa

Walmart offers $2 digital copies of your DVDs

HD will cost you more

Paper pictures failed hostage rescue with Call of Duty shot

Fair game?

Death Star SUCKS PLASMA FROM SUN in NASA riddle vid

VidSolar belch sparks refuelling UFO, black hole conspiracies

Samsung staffer says 7.85in 'iPad Mini' in the works

Korean firm's better-than-IPS LCD tech to be used

UK kids' art project is 'biggest copyright blag ever' – photographer

UpdatedToday's lesson: give up your rights

Xbox Live glitch resets players' scores

Microsoft probes problem

Ex-Google man laments Larry Page's 'single corporate-mandated focus'

That ads+faces conundrum turns sour at Chocolate Factory

Thunderbolt to go optical in 2012, says Intel

Up to a point, Lord Copper

Toshiba outs 'world's fastest' SDXC card

Enter Exceria

Ten... FireWire 800 hard drives

Product round-upi.Linked in

Cameron denies personal Trident missile firing iPad app

UK PM will not be getting The Button onna fondleslab

FTC subpoenas Apple in Google antitrust case

US watchdog to grill Cupertino on mobile search deal with Choc Factory

Android clobbers Siri in Japanese... and English

Apple babe smacked down by DoCoMo's Syabette Concier

TV market stalls as LCD sales slow

Brakes on in the demand cycle

Encyclopaedia Britannica nukes print edition, goes digital-only

Citation not needed

Tesco blunder prices 64GB 4G iPad at 50 quid

Buyers' orders spiked

EC: Apple claimed Motorola demanded ALL ITS PATENTS

Euro wonks say it wouldn't hand over standards-essential stuff without 'em

Apple hands iPad screen contract to rival Samsung

Sharp not up to scratch in churning out its own design

Layoffs at Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems over... for now

'Majority' of leavers took voluntary redundancy package

Euro Android devs: Google's hanging on to our pay

Still waiting for February paycheck

Why Windows 8 server is a game-changer

Sysadmin blogMore than just a few tweaks...

BBC links Iran to cyber-war against Persian telly service

'Jammed satellite link, phone lines and networks'

Competition officials snap on fresh glove after 4-year Sky Movies probe

Netflix, LOVEFiLM and unbundling give 'crats a reality check

Android to pwn iPad market share by 2016

Microsoft no bother to either

NASA's 5-rocket mission to blast off tonight

Cloudy jet stream test will be webcast live

Cisco partners: Services programme revamp will hit us in the wallet

Shared Support replacement - with 'retro-rebate' - set for October

Lightsquared cries dyslexic Havoc, unleashes 'gods of law'

These Godzilla lawyers will crumple the FCC like paper cups!

EMC climbs software storage cash mountain, taunts rivals below

Sleepwalking Symantec trips up in 2011 Q4 sales

American pies are cooling on the windowsill ahead of Pi Day

Time to celebrate with your inner circle!

Apple iPad sales slip as cheap Android tablet tsunami looms

But top earner Cupertino to stay flooded with cash for YEARS

HTC slaps Ice Cream Sandwich on 16 handsets

Droid and Desire to get upgrade, Flyer owners left out

Seafaring robots shatter unmanned crossing record

Gosling's machines plough on

HP revamps server support for Gen8 iron

Ninjas replaced by big red Batphone

Super-boffin Stephen Hawking to star in Big Bang Theory

UK prof to drop in on Dr Sheldon Cooper

Shuttleworth: Ubuntu rockets up at enterprises

Canonical looks for a higher OpenStack uplift

Cambridge boffins build laser 'unprinter' to burn pages clean

Works with standard paper and toners

90% of AU net users want 'do not track'

Punters do care about privacy says Queensland University study

Cheeky SalesCrunch flips Cisco $1 for WebEx biz

Will give a 15 per cent stake as deal sweetener

Boffins render fibre obsolete

Just point your neutrino gun and say hello

Chinese fossil analysis suggests new hominid species

Chinless wonders walked 12,000 years ago

Voice prints at risk from impostors

Up to 20% of voice biometric samples could be fooled by ‘wolves’

iPad queue hog doesn’t want it, won’t be first

Sponsored squatter trumped by telcos

Startup slices solar panels using ion gun

Promises thin film panels at half the cost

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