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12th > March > 2012 Archive

The seven types of commentard

Researchers say labels beyond 'lurker' and 'contributor' needed

Cyber snoopers target NATO commander in Facebook attack

China blamed again

China's 4G licenses still years away

Long road ahead for the base station builders

NHS claws back £1.8bn from IT project fiasco

CSC in cash-back deal with Department of Health

Rub Facebook pals in your wealth with 'social' credit card

Citibank ticks Web 2.0 boxes for moneybags

Brocade brags about EASILY bedding campus LAN biz

Simplified networks package anticipates smartphone data deluge

Kogeto Dot 360° video lens

Geek Treat of the WeekFor iPhone panoramic video shoots

Council spunks '£100k on how to wash your hands' vid

Outraged Telegraph administers West Sussex a righteous shoeing

Jupiter and Venus get cozy in revealing late-night display

Red Planet also makes an appearance

1,600 pubs and bars to get free Wi-Fi

O2's shout

Mozilla to drop Windows 8 Firefox bomb on IE 10

One browser to straddle Metro and classic UIs

Dell working on cloudy analytics apps

Survey says SMBs want one SaaS throat to choke

Apple iPad 3 'retina display' uses Sharp super-high aperture tech

Pixels too muddy without it

Cambridge student wins 'Hack Idol'

UpdatedTeen grabs trophy after 6-month challenge

Game Group shares slide under a penny

End nigh for High Street retailer?

Picture this: Photo-fiddling app Instagram on Google Android

27 million punters is not enough

iPad 3 ship times slip back

Weeks to wait now

Network security spending lifted by DoS attacks and BYOD

Staff's virus-riddled fondleslabs fuelled cash gush on kit

WTF is... White Space radio networking?

FeatureChannel surfing

Marvel to animate comic action with AR app

Kerplow! Splat! out of your phone's screen

UK cybercops cuff abortion clinic web hack suspect

Info leak threat after site vandalised

Apple resellers left to pick bones of dwindling iPad stocks

Demand 'off the charts' says channel bully boy

Jimbo Wales 'to advise Whitehall on transparency'

Foxes to advise on henhouse security

Nokia Money shot: Mobile banking service axed

World domination plans crumble under boot of reality

Nanocapacitor slab to boost car batteries

Oz company hopes to cash in on green 'stop-start' car plans

iPhone tethering app uses HTML5 to defeat Apple's censors

Pushing web language to the limit

Samsung spanks Apple in world's biggest mobile market

iPhone maker snubs 650m Chinese punters

Take your pics: Facebook shuts down Gowalla

SXSWLocation service checks out

Legendary artist Moebius dies

Sci-fi loses another visionary

Human 4G masts assemble roaming hobonet for pennies

SXSWHomeless bods strapped to wireless kit at Texas bash

Windows 8: Thrown into a multi-tasking mosh pit

Sysadmin blogRibbon rescue rope too slippery to climb

EU antitrust bigwig offers Apple, publishers ebook truce

But only if sacrifices are made

High Court asked to keep 'cheap DVD' VAT loophole open

Judicial review begins this week

Thousands of Brits bombarded in caller spoofing riddle

Small biz blamed for silent calls at 2am

SafeNet swallows cloud-based authentication firm

Cloudy Cryptocard acquisition for cash rain...

Hackers penetrate smut site, claim to have slurped users' privates

Used to be my Digital Playground

Asus: We are NOT killing off Transformer Prime

It's just that availability has been pants

if year > 2013 then PC != Personal Computer

Personal Cloud will be your digital hub instead

New iPads to hit Apple stores on Friday

But they're not in the back room, m'kay?

IDC: Big data biz worth $16.9 BILLION by 2015

Up from $3.2bn in 2010 ...

Nokia readying Win8 tablet for 2012 release?

Finnish phone folks to dip tiny toe in tablet market

How a tiny leap-day miscalculation trashed Microsoft Azure

Redmond drills into cause of eight-hour outage

Oracle starts peddling Exalytics in-memory appliance

AnalysisBig data costs big bucks

Megaupload boss: Site popular among US government users

May be tempted to name names in Justice, Senate

Speedy 3D printer creates 285µm Formula-1 speedster

Nanoscale engineering just got much faster

Big Blue goes terabit with opto transducer

‘Holey Optochip’ sets record for speed and cheesy names

Commbank bakes Kaching into NetBank

Apps encourage download and use of wireless payments app

PayPal slaps down Dr Who ‘charity book’

Payment processor plays the Dalek

Yahoo! fires! patent! lawsuit! at! Facebook!

You're not really trying unless you're suing someone

40,000 XO PCs destroyed in Peru fire

Lima residents warned of pollution as One Laptop Per Child project burns

Oldest skeleton found in South Australia

500 million year old fossil like ‘a thimble with needles’

HP readies public cloud for May launch

Like Amazon, but really OpenStack in a suit

Twitter buys microblogging service Posterous

Rumors suggested pre-Posterous sale

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