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9th > March > 2012 Archive

Amazon Web Services plans Australian hires

Seeks sales and marketing people, hints at techy hires

Oz pen testers to get CREST creds

Government helps white-hats prove they're good guys

WD acquires Hitachi GST for $4.8bn

And then there were three

Ten... stars of the Geneva Motor Show

Car WeekEye-catching autos

The Facebook test: Why social Big Data is important

HPC blogYour online presence could get you that second interview

OCZ dazzles CeBIT with flashy Kilimanjaro package

CeBITThunderbolt, Lightfoot and the screaming PCIe gen 3

Web trawlers may have to pay to slurp up German newspaper snippets

Online news 'aggregators' may be forced to cough licence fee

HMRC cuts IT spending in half in 2 years

Almost too easy... Tax authority cut £700m from budget, loses 'no quality'

Scosche MyTrek health monitor

Accessory of the WeekGym craich

Angry Birds in spaaaaace beamed to fandroids by NASA

VidSmash-hit game catapulted into zero-gravity drama

Google, Asus co-brand tablet to take on Amazon Kindle Fire

$199 seven-incher out in May?

Solar storm has a 'sting in its tail', warn space weathermen

Space station, satellites may hit particle squalls

Crucial pledges PC performance boost with Adrenaline

SSD caching for your HDD

Crapita ITS stomps pay rise hope, flushes 2012 bonuses

Master stroke to make it a 'great place to work'

Microsoft reveals low-end WinPho limitations

Lumia Tangoed

Ambulance satnav not to blame for asthma attack boy's death

Coroner rules faulty tech did not change outcome

Great Firewall of Pakistan erection stroked with govt cash

Oi, China, do you mind if we copy yours?

Microsoft 'yanked optical drive from Xbox 720'

Spin-less tactics?

Nuke clock incapable of losing time chimes with boffins

Precise to 1/20th of a sec in 14bn years

Chrome patches up after double dose of CanSecWest pwnage

CanSecWestPwnium pandemonium

Tech titans say sayonara to Japan in quake wake

Cruel snub after tsunami rebuild struggle

Mass Effect 3

ReviewSmokin' Reapers

Ofcom probes deeper, wider in BSkyB 'fit and proper' test

Murdoch biz inspection intensifies

LYING iPhone 4S mobes claim 4G connection on 3G network

UpdatediOS 5.1 update stumps AT&T customers claims it's giving doubled cash to SMEs ... now 13%

Crumbs snatched from Whitehall's biz banquet

'Regrouping' Android tablet makers extend Apple reign

iPad to command market for even longer

'How often can you hack a govt without going to jail?'

QuotwPlus: Did someone announce a new fondleslab?

Google to app devs: Use our pay system ... OR ELSE

Nice game, be a shame if anything 'appened to it

MICRORAPTOR dino-pigeon lured mates with glowing feathers

Ooh, hey pretty bir- AAAARRRRGGGH

Judge nixes Apple's bid to patent-bash bankrupt Kodak

US beak rules against 'inappropriate' shakedown

Wind-up robot in near-space musical experience

Lucky Elephant lifts toy to 95,000ft

Apple wants ebook price class action suit thrown out

Fruity firm fends off regulators' fingers

Ever wondered how many limp todgers to the mile?

16,896 according to miracle online wizard

US telly big boys open fire on 'cloud streaming' biz Aereo

Ban sought on video service

iPad 3 'first tablet' with Bluetooth 4.0

Yeah, but WTF is Bluetooth 4.0?

Star Wars exhibit explores identities through art

Darth painter

Cops nab mobile net workmen for snarfing punters' data

Gang allegedly tracked and sold Koreans' info

Computer system designer jobs boom in the US

Unemployment rate holds steady

Apple using Texas cash to boost US hiring

$21m from Texas, 3,600 jobs to Austin

Feds shift DNSChanger cut-off deadline to July

Extra month granted to clean up infected gear

Facebook's viral activism is really good... for admen

Open ... and ShutTeens for causes, dollars for clicks

Microsoft shuttering Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace

App customers pushed to Phone 7

Users: 'Personalized internet? Fuggedaboutit!'

Survey shows Business Plan 2.0 to be unpopular

Big Blue trots out Xeon E5-2600 server lineup

One tower, two racks, one blade ... and this other thing

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