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7th > March > 2012 Archive

Deutsche Telekom shatters data-transfer speed record

734 kilometers, one second, 77 CDs

EFF accuses Warner of spamming DMCA takedown notices

Computerized checking misses the mark

Anonymous smacks Panda in revenge attack

UpdatedWebsite graffiti for LulzSec arrests

STUNNING NEW APPLE DEVICES that will follow the iPad 3 HD!

Rumours are aswirl ahead of launch, and that's a FACT

Xeon E5 is hot stuff, but not all in a good way

Harry Potter render farm likes the speed, feels a little singed by heat

Ten... e-cars and hybrids

Car WeekThe best plug-in hybrids and pure-play EVs

2 in 3 Android anti-malware scanners not up to the job

Threat test: Droid malware grows 450% in 4 months

Toshiba prices up glasses-free 3D TV for Blighty

If you have to ask, you can't afford it

Bring-your-own server: TeamDrive flashes cloudy sync 'n share

Blackberry and Windows mobile clients coming

NHS strikes new deal with CSC for electronic patient records

Maybe US firm will make some profit now?

Fujitsu lures devs to new cloud store with 'SaaSification' sweeties

CeBitWanna make some money, kids?

Suitably-endowed punters lured into bonking for Vaseline loving

NFC frisking of street posters for fun and profit

Sub-£400 svelte lappies hurled in Ultrabook preemptive strike

Here's something we made cheaper

X-com reboot's gameplay showcased

Alien activity caught on video

Mammoths, sabre-tooths MURDERED by second giant space boulder

First the dinos, then the mastodons ... then ...

Stop the wedding! WD, Hitachi GST told to wait a day

Loved-up disk spinners ordered to shed weight

Banned Facebook promises Chinese devs GLOBAL glory

Zuck's lads poke around superpower's backdoor

Facebook goes titsup in Europe

Not saying how outage happened ... bitch

Three curbs data tariff excesses

Cap in hand

BT ordered to cut Openreach fees for rivals

Telco not happy with 'underlying assumptions'


Antique Code ShowMore Top Gore than Top Gear

Intel Xeon E5s pruned for single-socket workstations

A place to plug in your discrete GPU

Acer claims first discrete graphics Ultrabooks

CeBit 2012Optical drive squeezed in too

The true, tragic cost of British wind power

AnalysisYou could save the planet for a fraction of the price

Katie Price's teasing 'strapline reveal' avoids bust

Jordan & Rio Ferdinand's Snickers-bar naughtiness OK'd

Nokia issues another Lumia 800 battery fix

A bug's life

Steve Jobs' death clears way for Apple-Android peace talks

iPad maker and rivals at patent negotiation table

Microsoft stumps up titsup Azure cloud compo

Credit dished out to make up for leap day bug

Sony Xperia S NXT series Android smartphone

ReviewBig is beautiful?

Foxconn pay hikes 'driving tech titans into Philippines'

China's wage bump is a boon, says Manila's top trade wonk

Euro watchdog snarls at data protection law overhaul

EDPS joins ICO in dissing Reding's 'half-baked' plan

Peter Molyneux parts with Microsoft and Lionhead

Gaming maverick cans plans

SUNKEN LINER Titanic iceberg riddle answer FOUND ON MOON

'Odds against rare astronomical event were astronomical'

Samsung celebrates iPad 3 day by suing Apple AGAIN

iPhone 4S and iPad 2 patent showdown in South Korea

Apple blocks booze, cigs sales with parental control patent

Also snares rights on 'media gift' flinging tech

Google's Android 'let down' sinks iPad rivals - IDC

Apple bags 80 per cent of UK slab sales

SAP tosses out stock-linked sweeteners to staff

CeBITWork harder, don't leave, and make us cloudy!

TI, Nvidia dominate 'not iPad' tablet chip biz

Intel, Qualcomm "missed the boat", says analyst

Secure cloud biz Trustwave equips M86 anti-malware guns

Grabs security 'through the cloud' with acquisition

Apple's App Store parades surprise new Catalog model

This is news to us, sniff devs

US, European iPad ownership rockets

World+Dog wants Apple tablet

PlayStation Suite gets sweetener

Sony touts SDK to devs

Micron warms up solid hardness, shoves in PCIe hole

Hot-swap flash drives get cosy with Dell boxes

DragonFly BSD developer stung by Opteron bug

New 'Bulldozer' cores not affected

The 'one tiny slip' that put LulzSec chief Sabu in the FBI's pocket

AnalysisWell, at least this'll make a half decent movie

Will Apple's iPad 3 HD touch you in a special way?

UpdatedSenseg-made haptic textures rumoured

Java won't curl up and die like Cobol, insists Oracle

QCon 2012We've got versions 8, 9 and 10 to prove it

WD fattens up S25 with third juicy platter

3G drive swells up to 900GB

Pacific nation prepares to flee rising seas

Kiribati starts to pack its suitcases

'The new iPad' revealed: Full specs, rumor scorecard

Updated4G, high-res display, new processor, 1080p camera...

Adaptec trickles RAID RoCket fuel into new Xeons

CeBITPCIe 3 is I/O gulper

Sun belches wonking solar flare

Get out your tinfoil hats

Amid iPad frenzy, Apple staff say 'Remember the workers'

Unionization of Apple retail making slow progress

Telstra tips assets into NBN Co

The AUD$11b break up it had to have

Tevatron refines Higgs boson picture

Fermilab’s final fling brings ‘fuzzy’ picture of God particle

Fanbois will get wet queuing for iPad 3

Sale date for iPad 3 has ≥ 75% chance of rain

Qantas lets fly with 'net access

No place left to hide from your email

Boffins unlock gorilla genome, find lazy sperm gene

Embiggening knuckle pads also important in ape evolution

Atlassian buys its way into HipChat

Aussie software coolster swoops on Frisco kid

Cook & Co. boost Apple TV to 1080p, update interface

'Hobby' device gets iCloudy upgrade

Foxtel offers small olive branch to Oz IPTV operators

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