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6th > March > 2012 Archive

AOL pulls the plug on Brizzly

Users' pictures to disappear on March 31st

Yahoo! cutting! thousands! of! jobs! say! sources!

Company doesn't deny reported cuts

Virtual Australia & New Zealand Initiative launches

Plans 3D models of every ANZ building, secure access model.

'Cloud storage served from an array would cost $2 a gigabyte'

Oz cloud shuns arrays, builds on servers instead

Wacom Cintiq 24HD interactive pen display

ReviewThe ultimate keyboard shortcut

UK tax fraud IT project 'missed virtually every delivery date'

Too late for HMRC to grab dosh from tax dodgers – watchdog

Google’s privacy policy: Incoherent and confusing

Comment:Separating 'personal info' from 'personal data' and 'sensitive personal info'...

Big Brother refunds Facebook credits after vote crash blunder

Deal with punters keeps Ofcom sweet

Bletchley Park gets personal with new Alan Turing exhibition

Steampunk speech-scrambler, a note to mum and more

Laptops dominate UK spending in personal computing kit

Tablets racing to catch up

iOnRoad Augmented Driving

Android App of the WeekA major contribution to road safety?

China's first MOON rover slated for 2013 launch

Roving robot will be part of third Chang'e mission

BT, TalkTalk lose final appeal against Digital Economy Act

UpdatedAn expensive verdict for telcos

Samsung targets pockets with latest Galaxy blower

Mobile means mobile, obviously

UK shoppers spent £1bn less on consumer electronics in 2011

Beancounter: Retailers need 'strong internet arm' to hang on to market share

LOHAN is heading towards REHAB

Garden shed vacuum chamber starts to shape up

iPhone con man knifed to death in knock-off mobile brawl

Fraudster got more than he bargained for

Ford: kick your car to open the boot

Car WeekGesture recognition tech added to new Kuga

Boffins, tourists threaten Antarctica with alien invasion

'Worrying' risk of little green lifeforms settling

Orange offers UK's first home broadband bundle with mobile minutes

Keep the bill down

Google ups max Android app size to 4GB

Capacity to play with

Lego space shuttle hits 114,000ft

Germans show NASA how it's done

Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4

First lookDriving the world’s first diesel electric hybrid

Apple pushes out Mac OS X update to fix Time Machine fail

Back-up restore flaw thorn in Lion's paw

Software and services firm K3 reports descent in profits

Acquisition-hungry seller puts self on block

Adobe lobs out Flash update to plug 3D security hole

Two critical bugs spark patch rollout rush

Eric Schmidt flicks INTERSTELLAR TOWEL at top tech fair

Douglas Adams takes the rap for Google's mission creep

Chunnel mobile available – but only while heading towards UK

Blighty misses the Olympic boat

FSF fandroids fight to 'free' Android from Google's forepaws

Punters urged to gain control of apps, privates holds summit to stop satnav-driven smash-ups

Councils and guide-makers need to be on the same page map

Ereader sales to slump as punters snap up cheap slabs – report

Ebooks now eaten on multi-function tablets

Western Digital slips solid hardness into EMC's eager slot

Will rope Hitachi GST into flash threesome

Workers can't escape Windows 8 Metro - Microsoft COO

CIOs reminded productivity soars when fun is eliminated

Apple wins access to Google, Motorola documents

Thrusting through the proxy to strike home

In your face, rivals: Amazon cuts cloudy prices

Where have we seen this aggressive pricing tactic before?

Why on Earth would you build a closed Android phone?

Hint: It has a 12-button keypad, panic button and a magnifying glass

Dabs warns staff: Your roles are 'at risk of redundancy'

BT rings the changes at online reselling arm

Punters are the real losers in BT, TalkTalk copyright court blow

AnalysisWe drill into DEA decision - and find nothing's changed

16 Sony Centres jump the tracks, liquidator hits the brakes

RSM Tenon appointed to flog what's left

Intel plugs both your sockets with 'Jaketown' Xeon E5-2600s

Oof! Chipzilla unzips double bulge and gets its stuff out

No joke: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 debuts on April Fools' Day

Hadoop, Azure also look for more partners

Venus BELCHES solar wind in shock weather explosion

ESA probe sniffs exposed planet's regurgitation trauma

LulzSec SMACKDOWN: Leader Sabu turned by feds last summer

Suspects cuffed in Blighty, Ireland, US

Tingle factor aimed at game controllers

Feel the vibe

AMD cuts loose GlobalFoundries stake

It's fabulous to be fabless

Toshiba outs monster tablet 'concept'

Windows 8 13.3in fondleslab, anyone?

Microsoft and Apple should hit Amazon, not Google

Open ... and ShutAds, devs, hardware – Bezos has it all

Top Republican publishes full ACTA text for public look-see

'Secret negotiations not the American way'

Facebook IPO to stuff $2.5bn in California tax coffers

Zuckerberg & Co. bail out Golden State

Nexsan flashes made-over cache creds

Cries FASTiers

FCC ponders: When is it OK to switch off networks?

San Fran's subway axed mobe coverage during protests

Android Market morphs into 'Google Play'

One-stop entertainment shop (yeah, apps too)

User explosion squeezes Oz mobile upload speeds

Download speeds up, but at a cost

Intel: The data center will be 'Xeon E5 Inside'

Rack 'em and stack 'em

Westpac drops tech roles

Tech sector gloomy, boardroom happy

Social networks breeding spatial junk

Maps muddled by weak GPS, sloppy check-ins

Righthaven stripped of rights

Just another word for nothing left to lose

IBM's Watson gets a job on Wall Street

Citi looks for smart customer support

US sends factories to Asia, gets ozone in return

Choking on cheap consumer products

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