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5th > March > 2012 Archive

SingTel restructures to bypass Apple, Google

UpdatedVoice and data giant spawns 'Digital L!fe' division

Oz says 41 hits a day turn bloggers into publishers

Proposed regulator could force bloggers to make corrections

It never ends: TV exposé tags new Android privacy howler

EC blasts Google personal data-sharing as ‘illegal’

Brits trapped in confusing council website labyrinths - survey

ICT body says sites useful only to local gov wonks

Unlawful tweets could land Twitter in Blighty's dock

OpinionSafe in the US, but not OK in UK - law expert

A sysadmin in telco hell

1-800 oh my £&$%&

Desaia Beat Box Bluetooth speaker

Geek Treat of the WeekFor the great outdoors

Intel runs three Ivy Bridge fabs ragged for April blast off

Ultrabook makers scramble for supplies

Sony to ship passive 3D, OLED TVs in 2013

Giant's TV chief spills the beans

China aims its most powerful rocket ever AT THE MOON

100 ton-slinging heavy thruster for manned missions

GM puts the brake on Volt e-car output

Car WeekProduction to be halted for five weeks

SeaMicro acquisition: A game-changer for AMD

BlogSkating with trends, pucking up Intel plans

Lithuania rules beer brewing 'vitally essential' to life

Carlsberg probably as important as drinking water

Jelly Bean confirmed as Android names get sweeter

Google to put Pie out next

Chinese Facebook clone bags Windows 8 social app first

Proof that a Microsoft Metro fan exists

Future car tech

Car WeekWhat's coming under the bonnet and in the cabin

SHOCK: RIM PlayBook outsells Apple iPad

In Canada... in one chain... but it's a start!

Star Wars visionary becomes one with the Force

Artist dies at 82

Atari Pong at 40: Alcorn talks plastics, pirates and square balls

InterviewPong pioneer to Bushnell: 'Screw you, I'm not making it round!'

Audi shows off OLED-illuminated concept R8

Car WeekLightstorm bodywork

Compaq UK founder Joe McNally has died

PC pioneer loses battle with cancer

Vauxhall: US Volt halt will not affect UK launch

Car WeekAmpera charge still on

Space FIREBALL over Blighty sparks hunt for rich meteorite

Boffins wowed by rock worth weight in gold

Senator demands FTC iPhone, Android photo privacy probe

Smartphone sniffer apps snoop

Two Brits in court over Michael Jackson back catalogue hack

Pair deny lifting unreleased tracks from Sony

Hello? You'll never guess where I am ... I'm under a ferry

Channel Tunnel mobile coverage touted

Sony offers gamers a part in the Uncharted saga

Make a Drake compo

Is Google liable for unlawful web graffiti on its walls?

High Court says no, Spanish beaks unsure

No 10 develops Terminator iPad app 'to fire ministers'

'Rohan – I asked for sharks with frickin' lasers'

Stinky alligator drama is App Store's 25 billionth download

Bathroom predicament freebie earns fan $10k

NASA lost 'full control' to hackers, pwned 13 times last year

Houston still has a problem with security

Western Digital gets China's nod to gobble Hitachi GST

But devouring delayed by two years

China Mobile hooks 15 million iPhones to 2G

Steve Jobs was right?

IT channel swamped with cash from bargain-hunting small biz

Double-digit distie sales rise in January

Cash-strapped graduates sell their own faces

Enterprising human billboard fundraiser

IDC Storage Tracker: NetApp is losing market share

Third quarter in a row

Microsoft finally rolls out small biz badge for resellers

Better 20 months late than never

German court tosses out Samsung AND Apple patent sueballs

Chaebol dodges slide-to-unlock claim while Cupertino dodges 3G patent suit

GitHub reinstates Russian who hacked site to expose flaw

Developer was just trying to help...

Dev spits out new spin of 'Protesters' Twitter'

Revolutionary tool occupies new interface

AOL joins advertiser exodus from Rush Limbaugh

Portly pundit sheds sponsors over 'slutgate'

Clouds push Linux server sales in Q4

Windows boxes dip, Unix swoons, mainframes plummet

FCC denies DISH a fast-track waiver for grounded network

Not in an election year, bud

AMD uncloaks (more) next-generation graphics cards

Next graphics cards with 'Graphics Core Next'

NBN Co awards Geomatic Tech with three-year deal

Spatial technology keeps NBN moving

Yet another iPhone patent lawsuit

Nokia proxy puts Cupertino in the crosshairs, Redmond on the spot

Microsoft: Cloud will fluff 14 million jobs by 2015

New revenues, as well: $1.1 trillion annually

Start-ups get tech boost from serial entrepreneur

Locomote seeks new digital upstarts

Robot NIGHTMARE sets new leggy-bot speed record

VideoIt's those DARPA thrill-seekers again

Stolen iPad leads to 780lb crystal meth seizure

Hoods with $35m in drugs can't afford fondleslab?

Bloomin’ big: algae seen from space

More sat happy snaps

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