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Neat nanoparticles could bring 10TB disks

5D DVD researchers spurned by Samsung try again

US shuts down Canadian gambling site with Verisign's help

Got a .com URL? US law applies

Oz Square Kilometre Array bid picks DataDirect for storage

Boffins pick Big Data specialists for exabyte-a-day array

Firm Dick sales excite buyers

Woolies stroking queue of purchasers for soft-core business loses dedicated staff

Former staffer says Gov 2.0 losing momentum

Ten... top iOS games

App of the Week SpecialPlay away

Risky child-support plans rely too much on new IT system – NAO

Cost cuts hinge on delayed, overbudget mega-IT overhaul

Dot-brand explosion will shell-shock lazy coders - ICANN

Devs urged to swot up on parsing new domain extensions

Watchdog hits out at malware racking up premium-rate charges

Regulator horrified permission isn't being sought

Beat Sneak Bandit

iGamerClock rock

Apple 7.85in 'iPad Mini' on course for Q3 intro

Reduced size, price

GIANT blood-guzzling Jurassic fleas ambushed dino prey

Boffins uncover critters armed with piercing straws

Tata flirts with Cable & Wireless Worldwide buyout

Suitors line up for troubled carrier

Sony exec: quad-core CPUs bad for today's phones

Chips are battery hogs, and apps don't need 'em

ISP Be admits crippling iPlayer demand burst its pipes

Capacity overload caused 'weeks of packet loss'

Microsoft's free flight sim hits the clouds

Wing wing situation?

K3 chatted up as admirers open their wallets

Appoints Deloitte to run sell-off process

Facebook blamed for getting Thai teens up the duff

Kids should be kicking balls instead

Tick-like banking Trojan drills into Firefox, sucks out info

Neloweg spreading across UK, Netherlands

Motorola Defy Mini rugged Android smartphone

ReviewLifeproof caller gets smaller

Steve Jobs' death clears way for '7.85-inch iPad prototype'

Apple's Kindle-killer rumoured for Q3 2012

Bytes, Nettitude sales bods busted in IT invoice bung scam

Bent procurement chief 'corrupted them', says lawyer

Ethics profs fret over cyborg brains, mind-controlled missiles

Why can't boffins be allowed to BUILD KILLER ROBOTS?

Stolen NASA laptop had Space Station control codes

And no encryption for supervillains to crack

Auto-correct cock-up sends schools into lockdown

'Gunman' on the way

Google rolls out privacy policy, snubs Euro outcry

Ex-FTC bigwig slams 'arrogant' Choc Factory

Feds unlock suspect's encrypted drive, avoid Constitution meltdown

Digital age plays havoc with 5th Amendment

Moles say Sony will kill Cell CPU for PlayStation 4

AMD Fusion the chosen successor?

Chancer punts cig pack case for Raspberry Pi

Holey smokes

China churns out homemade aircraft for global travel DOMINATION

Look out Boeing and Airbus, there's a new kid in town

App cuts waiting out of call centre queues

No charge, apparently

ICO slaps Durham Uni for exposing staff, students' privates

Training manual... on how to stalk that first-year

Mobile whizzes tout gadgets that touch you, save your life

MWC 2012Innovation hidden in the small stands

Blighty's Post Office computer system goes titsup

UpdatedEnough to make you go postal

Fujitsu array brags of quick thrust, modest cost

Eternus DX80 S2 tops the benchmark chart

Indiana Jones flicks out on Blu-ray this Fall

Dum-da-da-dum-dum. Dum-da-da-dum-dum. Dum-de-dada, dum-de-dum, etc, etc.

G-Cloud bigwig says soz for Cloud Store outage

Azure crash downed gov e-catalogue for 2 hours

Sacks of cash chucked at upstart dressed to the nines

Object storage biz Amplidata banks $8m investment

MWC: Inscrutable slogans, Google toys and the invisible Apple

MWC 2012'Claw grab' game + humbled, eager Nokia = A real treat

Azure's storage cloud was never at stake, insists storage cloud biz

It's the compute side that went titsup

Windows Server 8 beta ready for download

Code rewritten for virtualization

Cray gets graphic with big data

ThreadStorm appliance cries 'Urika!'

Atlassian seeks geeks in Europe

'We're hiring, let's meet in the pub'

Premium mobile services face tougher laws

Heavy-breathers must declare their costs

Tubular cells: Georgia Tech demos nano-scale solar fab

Solyndra dream lives on in miniature

Sub-orbital rocket searches for first galaxies

CIBER experiment to shed new light on first light

Motorola unfazed by Apple photo-patent win

'We expect no impact' from latest German court loss

EMC cranks Greenplum database to 4.2

Goosing Hadoop links and warehouse backups

Paper plane world record disputed

Soar heads say A4 flew six metres past old record

Election hacked, drunken robot elected to school board

RSA 2012Experts warn e-voting systems decades away from security

Antibody transistor grabs gold

Immune system response self-assembles electronic connection

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