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28th > February > 2012 Archive

AT&T plan: Let content providers pay your bandwidth bill

Sounds good at first, but...

Cray ekes out profit in diminished Q4

Banking on Nvidia 'Kepler' GPUs in 2012

Cisco to push threat intelligence to all devices

RSA 2012Adds SecureX to big and middling firewalls

Ten... top Android games

App of the Week SpecialMaster blasters and more to double number of biometric chips for immigrants

Post Office steps up effort to meet 400k-a-year target

Cyber-security startup to flash major Android soft spots at RSA

Ex-McAfee bods grab $26m to take on hackers

EC: 'Friends-only' natter not subject to 'right to be forgotten'

Chitchat not in draft new data protection law

Euro banks slam dot-bank plan

Battle brews over American domain project

Dixons preps movie download service

Knowhow will join Ultraviolet too

Proview's Apple iPad rights war goes global, reaches ESSEX

Claims Cupertino backed Brit biz to nab tablet name

Reading this? You're probably planning to skill up on HTML5 in 2012

There's gold in them there mobile coding languages

Orange to impose overseas data cap to beat bill shock

MWC 2012Pitches pre-pay bundles at roamers too

Hungry Dell iron monsters FEAST on your puny apps

Compellent and arrays feed server flash beast

Nokia opens e-books for WinPho mobiles

MWC 2012It's an Instapaper clone too

Silicon Valley's assault on Mobile's Gated Kingdom

Part oneBarbarians at the IP gateway

Cineworld flaunts '4D' movies

You'll be shaking in your seats - literally

Bone-bothering boffins build GIANT penguin from fossils

Tall, thin linux geek bird roamed New Zealand 25m years ago

Linux PC-in-a-stick to cost coders £139

Cotton Candy orders now being taken

China raked in £184bn from IT outsourcing in 2011

It was a very good year to be in software and services

Bookeen Cybook Odyssey e-book reader

ReviewThe one with the animated E Ink screen

Epic net outage in Africa as FOUR undersea cables chopped

Ship blunders allegedly to blame

Toyota, Samsung partner on car, phone connectivity

MWC 2012MirrorLink app, dashboard inbound

Telcos gang up to snatch in-app cash from Google, Apple

Updated*: MWC 2012Nine operators draw up WAC API blueprint

Microsoft 'fesses credit cards exposed by Indian store hack

U-turn leaves punters in hot pickle

Yahoo! threatens! Facebook! with! patent! spanking!

Pay up or see us in court! yells Yahoo!

Windows Phone armed with 'military-grade' email upgrade

Office invasion planned

Samsung admits Android tablet cash haul is disappointing

'We're not doing very well in fondleslab biz'

Storage players pitch DRM tech for downloads

If World+Dog streams HD, who'll buy our hard drives then?

Quantum computing in our lifetime - IBM breakthrough

Big Blue boffins crack pesky unstable qubit puzzle

Nicked sensitive Avnet server disks sparks ICO probe

Watchdog sniffs 'potential data breach' at distie

Dell: 'Now they see they HAVE to consider working with us'

Muhaha! Data centre dominance shall be ours

Apple tells Siri rival Evi: Get a facelift and you can stay

Brit voice command app may not be axed from App Store

Price-comparison site: OCZ reviews 'questionable'

Trip Advisor revisited?

Cops cuff premium-rate SMS Android malware suspects

French plod nab duo after 100k euros slurped

Sumlock Electronics faces liquidation

Family-run reseller shuts up shop after 36 years

Mobile net kingpins v the world: 'Why should we pay the 4G tab?'

MWC 2012The data crunch is coming – and Apple makes the crunchiest phones

Wii workouts unlikely to improve fitness

Researchers suggest compensation

O2 to balance work, life on smartphones

MWC 2012Business and pleasure in one handset

Top Rambus attack dog Harold Hughes to retire

Lawyers' best friend going

Texas flash: TMS Ramsan-820 born in the USA

Reassures US buyers it's keeping jobs onshore

Hacking breach made us stronger says RSA

RSA 2012Attack causes rethink on security skills

Cisco CEO: Mobile cloud threat for service providers

MWC 2012Invest, preferably in Cisco

Apple pledges 'something to see' at iPad 3 launch

Invites go out to (almost) all

Apple issues invitations to March 7 iPad roll-out

'We have something you really have to see'

AppSense pushes out Dropbox encryption app for iOS

You left your iPad where..?

Hackers chop down UN eco-agency, release rare data into wild

Admin logins among files dumped after raid

Stratfor leak: US 'has secret indictment' of Julian Assange

Email claims charges ready and waiting for him

Disk shortages stall Q4 server sales (a bit)

Tier one players slip – except Dell

Now Samsung supremo sued by sister in inheritance spat

Faces off with siblings over dad's shares

Banking Trojan hijacks live chat to run real-time fraud

Simpler, faster, better... for crooks

Younger generation taking 'sledgehammer' to security

RSA 2012Digital natives v digital immigrants

Fat margins squeeze Apple against Android

Open ... and ShutiPhone subsidies can't beat 'free'

Apple's German win was really our victory, honest, says Motorola

'Years of fruitless negotiation' ending?

SUSE Linux moves to 3.0 kernel with SP2

Bread-and-butter file system goes mainstream

Telstra gets ready for the split

ACCC okays break-up plan; opposition finds shark and jumps

Optus fails to silence AFL boss

Joins long list of people who can’t get Demetriou to shut up

M2 Telecoms buys some Time

Hungrry for more acquisitions

The problem with Telstra’s NBN plans

Copper in the incumbent’s saddlebags

Virgin Galactic announces test flight plans

Can Branson get it up in 2012?

Commbank shouts free beer, meals, to promote NFC

"Kaching Kachampions" sling punters a tenner or buy dinner after demo

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