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27th > February > 2012 Archive

Galaxy is teeming with homeless planets

Born under a wandering star…

Wikileaks regains relevance with Stratfor doc-drop

Media partners queue for daily scoop

NEC invests in Nextep network

Solves regional blackspots and gets into cloud

Mutant heroes to rescue Ultrabooks from price trap

Will Seagate's Momentus hybrid save the day?

Ofcom needs you ... to help spend £180m on purifying telly

Views sought on Freeview-4G interference

Avoid flying next to blubberbeasts with seatmate-finding site

KLM, LinkedIn do social networking at 35,000ft

Telefonica zaps 100Mbps 4G masts with shrink ray

MWC 2012Think inside the box - a tiny 0.5W cube

Nearly one in 10 Brits 'fess to shower phone faux pas

MWC 2012And other daft ways to destroy a mobile

Huawei pitches 'first ever' 10in quad-core tablet

MWC 2012Full HD-plus screen too

Orange treats NFC phone fans to free feed

Play games, get fatter

Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth headset

Geek Treat of the Week'Phones for you?

Sony Xperia converts flash motors into fancy remotes

MWC 2012Wire your phone into the Jag dashboard via VNC

Ford intros tech'd-up B-Max mini-MPV

MWC 2012Sync voice-controlled in-car comms, hi-fi kit on board

Sony brings Samsung and NXP into the FeliCa fold

MWC 2012NFC-F: It'll bonk just about anything

Samsung stretches 5in Galaxy Note phonetab to 10in

MWC 2012Tablet with a stylus, anyone?

Great Firewall springs a leak: Chinese flood Obama's Google+ page

Free speech? In China?

Samsung selects UK as first to get next-gen tablet

MWC 2012Tab 2 (7.0) and (10.1) here next month

Navigation app CoPilot Live goes freemium next month

MWC 2012But loves Google Maps

HTC stimulates Sense with snap-happy One series

MWC 2012Click your Ice Cream Sandwich

Secret high-security Chinese shipments point to iPad 3 exports

Apple stays mum over cargo flights from Foxconn town

Panasonic invests smartphone with Eluga Power

MWC 2012Second handset outing in as many weeks

Vodafone: Do you take Visa?

MWC 2012Global brands adopt global payments

Ten... PlayStation Vita launch games

Product round-upPort and portability

Sony PlayStation Vita

ReviewPushing the right buttons

Microsoft Tangos into cheap smartphones

MWC 2012Windows Phone Skype beta released

Facebook denies poaching your text messages on Android

Newspaper fingers FB and YouTube App perms

Viglen veteran Rolfe heads to Lenovo

Battling Brit firm dumped for Chinese giant

Viewsonic risks Apple backlash with Android Phone 4S

MWC 2012Two Sims better than one

Playboy, Virgin Galactic tout zero-grav nookie in spaaaaace!

Printed food served by frisky jetpack bunnies

Philips puts Smart TV centre stage for 2012

Will put IPTV on a broader range of sets too

Sony conjures up 'magic' Xperias

MWC 2012U, P and S touch down

Sony pauses for breath, coughs up two more Xperia mobes

MWC 2012But will need more than Hollywood magic to kickstart Android line

Reg Hardware Mobile Week Complete Coverage

Mobile WeekAll the stories, all the mobile tech

Molesworth and the New Latin

Stob'Why must we lurn about computa sciense sur? Why?'

ServiceKey protests innocence in Oracle 'grey market' spat

We're a victim as well, says boss

Hubble snaps exploding star's near-fatal weight-loss bid

PicEta Carinae on the fast track to supernova

Asus outs 1920 x 1280 Android ICS tablet

MWC 2012iPad 3 challenger

Kaminario array slips on protection but won't go down on you

K2 flash box now highly available for enterprises

Samsung punts smartphone with built-in projector

MWC 2012Beam me up, Sammy

IBM and Huawei hook up to start Chinese takeaway

MWC 2012Two billion armpits can't be ignored

Child abuse suspect won't be forced to decrypt hard drive

US appeals court rules it would violate his 5th Amendment rights

Mozilla backs Facebook's mobile web standards push

MWC 2012Smartphone browsers and in-app spending should be simpler

Blighty's taxman offers smartphone levy refund

HMRC catches up with today's tech

Asus peddles three-in-one smartphone, tablet, netbook

MWC 2012ICS glosses Padfone's dual-core downgrade

ZeuS Trojan embraces P2P – becomes even more sneaky and sticky

Even a headshot to a zombie network may no longer kill off botnets

Fallen DRAMurai warrior Elpida files for bankruptcy protection

Japanese chipmaker finds itself in a $5.6bn hole

Handbags at dawn: Hermes loses Chinese trademark battle

Fashion giant not impressed with Trademark Appeal Board

Cloud Store: Next wave of services due by April

Public sector organisations to 'rate' suppliers

ITU supremo offers top tips on thwarting next Arab Spring

MWC 2012Give the people what they want - better telecoms

It's game over for pinball pioneer

Tilts after 100 years

Crap mobile networks shamed by Carrier IQ API

MWC 2012Snoopware biz begs for forgiveness by dishing telco dirt

Fujitsu saddles up its own Hadoop distro

Forget HDFS

Dell flashes enhanced 12G racks of PowerEdge gear

Plus tower and cloud packages unveiled

10GigE jetpacks strapped on EqualLogic underlings

Plucky Dell arrays gets faster chips and ports

41-megapixel MONSTER mobe shutters Nokia knockers

MWC 2012Hands on with improbable Symbian heavyweight

Intel smartphones coming to the UK, France, China, India

MWC 2012New high-end, low-end chips at 'twice Moore's Law'

US lawyers float Facebook Credits antitrust suit

ExclusiveGot nothing to lose? Step forward

Qualys pushes out cloud-based tech for website protection

Plans to beat off SQL injections, DDoSing ... and SaaS rivals

IBM carbon probe views electron movement in molecule

Scanning technique vital for molecular computing

Oz channel takes another hit as receiver moves in on WOW

Weak sales, property debts take their toll

Microbee flies again

Oz Z80: Back with extra Linux

Foxtel and Austar set to play nice with IPTV guys

Content for ACCC green light deal underway

Melting Arctic leads to snowy winters

That missing iceberg is 12" deep on your driveway

Apple wins battle in Motorola patent war

iPhone, iPad blocker unblocked, rules German court

IT staffers on ragged edge of burnout and cynicism

RSA 2012Stress survey says companies failing staff

All-optical RAM to clear comms bottleneck

NTT shows off nanowatt optical memory

Dell: Not looking for lock-in, just lovin'

Big Mike covers your end, and the other end, too

Motorola upgrades Vic emergency network

Future proofs mobile services

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