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24th > February > 2012 Archive

Court rejects Tesla’s latest libel spat with Top Gear

Battery bricking rumors cause stock dip

3D processor-memory mashups take center stage

ISSCC'I have seen the future, and it is stacked'

TNZ braves the demerger with strong profits

While Stephen Fry gets throttles

Roku 2 XS IPTV player

ReviewSmarten up your TV viewing

GreenBytes goes on SME flash array gig

Flash solidarity

Report: Most council workers granted access to Facebook, Twitter

Followers and Likers on the up in the public sector

The cyber-weapons paradox: 'They're not that dangerous'

A war boffin talks to El Reg

Asus teases MWC 'retina display' revelation

Starts posting Transformer Android 4 update too

Belkin Keyboard Folio case for iPad

Accessory of the WeekTrue to type

Proview parks IPAD battle tanks on Apple's US lawn

iPad maker sued in California, accused of treachery

UltraViolet passes million download mark

Hollywood's movies-in-the-cloud service sprockets up

Tiniest ever 128Gbit NAND flash chip flaunted

A little bit of TLC from SanDisk, Toshiba


Prehistoric horses downsized to survive - and so could we

Apple gobbles apps search robot Chomp

Oz startup drafted in to improve iTunes

iPad owners 'considerably richer than yow'

But tablet ownership shifting to the lower orders

Mozilla's app Marketplace tempts HTML5 worshippers

MWC 2012Prays for devs at telco bash


ReviewBullfrog classic revived

Apple chief thinks about his MOUNTAIN OF CASH a lot

Cook's not dishing out surplus dough

Sony to strike gold with PS Vita - if it cuts the price

Analyst says success comes for less than $200

Gov CloudStore critics: 'Rollout too fast, contracts too short'

Grumblings from within the channel

'Nobody can resist the charming of iPAD'

QuotwPlus 'The kids' app ecosystem needs to wake up'

HP, Dell warn of price hikes after Foxconn wage rise

Consumer backlash passed on to, er, consumers

Apple fanbois forced to go on the pull by Motorola patent

Germans won't get the message after iOS court defeat

UK-French drone aircraft blueprints nicked at Paris station

No botnet required for low-tech theft

HP caught with SIX Windows 8 PC packages up its sleeve

Home, Ultimate and Starter revamped?

New password-snatching Mac Trojan spreading in the wild

Exploits Java vulns and packs fake certificate

Google Goggle glasses ARE WATCHING YOU

Meat in the Cybernetic Sandwich

Student cluster warriors battle it out in Hamburg

ISC2012Hell on the Elbe

Oracle: 'US Navy tricked by illegal Solaris touts'

Two channel firms sued in download and resell row

Private Manning keeps mum at Wikileaks plea hearing

Alleged classified info leaker buys more time

Microsoft deal registration program backfires

What a useless tool

Google adds Do Not Track button to Chrome

UpdatedBut you don't have to push it, pleads ad giant

Flood-hit Thai disk fabs to pour out 140m drives

Factories running full tilt amid high prices

Wake up, small biz: Learn to speak internet

BlogGet searchable, get on Facebook - or lose your customers

Death to Office or to Windows - choose wisely, Microsoft

Open ... and ShutApple makes Microsoft look good, again

Cisco's 3-ring circus: Xsigo CEO on bait and switches

OEM keepaway game

Chinese cops bust culinary Apple trademark thieves

'Yes, sir, this iPhone will boil your noodles'

Dell mothership hovers over backup startup, beams it aboard

AppAssure absorbed into enterprise wing

El Reg issues CIO scrapheap challenge

Let's do vox pop

Anti-phishing DMARC adoption gathers (free) steam

Biggest webmail names open anti-spam intelligence

Male dinosaurs failing on social privacy

Women are the smarter social sex, says study

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