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23rd > February > 2012 Archive

HP insists Whitman is new broom to clean up execution

Damns Apotheker with faint praise

Innovation aborted in South Australia

Innovate SA gets shut down

Aus visual search start-up goes global

Oops there it is

Unknown fault darkens Australia’s Internet

Updated: a Dodo routed the net to a brief extinction

Heatmiser PRT-TS Wi-Fi RF thermostat

ReviewHot property

Daniel Craig like Connery, Skyfall helmsman suggests

Sam Mendes risks wrath of 'Best Bond' bores

Grooveshark blocked in Denmark by copyright warriors

UpdatedDNS-level barrier appeal expected

Hitachi GST waggles nippy 2.5-incher at Ultrabooks

Size does matter with Travelstar's single-platter hardness

Cabinet Office 'fesses up to Cloud Store gremlins

Boss vows to 'fix that dratted feedback form'

Blighty's PC biz braces for another rocky ride

But consumer sales on the mend

Grid Lens

iOS App of the WeekFrame and fortune

Nominet to launch .wales and .cymru

Welsh gov backs bilingual domains, rugby legend to head up advisory group

MP allegedly cuffed after scrap in Commons bar

Plods called after pints spilled, punches thrown

China cuffs 905 suspects in online black market purge

8,000 emporiums eradicated

Govt warns 4G may make Freeview UNWATCHABLE

Frequency, Uncertainty and Doubt

LG touts Tegra 3 talker

Optimus 4X HD exposed vows to purify TV with £180m from mobile networks

£10,000 per home to protect Freeview from 4G signals

Juniper buys Mykonos to beat off web app attacks

The art of deception

Third of Blighty stuck on snail-speed broadband's uphill battle to get us superfast by 2015 revealed

Foxconn allegedly hid underage workers from inspectors

UpdatedNon-profit claims iPad-maker cheated in factory audit

Microsoft apes Google social search master plan

Building a separate internet with Facebook... bitch

Woman spanked for dissing ex in Facebook snapshot

Spanish court objects to obscene t-shirt slogan

Toshiba Portégé Z830-10N 13.3in Ultrabook

ReviewFive and a half hours on the road

RIP: Peak Oil - we won't be running out any time soon

AnalysisHuman ingenuity wins the day

LinkedIn scoops up browser plugin Rapportive: 'We fell in love'

Start-up wets pants over marriage to social-network-for-suits

Moles say Sony eyeing AMD for PlayStation 4 chips

Graphics switch on the cards?

Apple, Google, RIM plaster privacy warnings on prying apps

Cali's chief legal bod strong-arms mobile software stores

Whitman says HP turnaround will not happen overnight

Fixing execution and cost cutting outlined as Q1 profits tumble

iPad lifts Apple to top of mobile PC maker chart

Fondleslab factor fails to aid HP, Dell et al

Xeroxiraptor: Boffins to print 3D robot dinosaur

Star Trek replicator-style fossil tech

Obama pushes 'bill of rights' for punters' privates

Naughty data-slurping web bizes to face FTC spankings

Capita gets fat slower as government slims down

Subdued 2011, looking good for 2012

Hey Commentard! - or is that Commenter?

PollYou decide. OK, we decide

LOHAN's fantastical flying truss cleared for lift-off

Airborne handling test imminent

Virgin Media boards the 4G train

ExclusiveIs that a spectrum auction catalogue in your pocket?

Apple vs Bank of China in iPad Shanghai showdown

Now Proview and state backers want talks after court setback

Brits guard Facebook passwords more than work logins – survey

Too many of the damn things to remember

Samsung warms up smartphone operated oven

Tap and swipe for steamin' snacks

Dimension Data takes on all cloud comers

Public, private, any way you want it

Smart has high IOPS for super-fast, smarter SSDs

Reads at a hell of a lick

Everything Everywhere pushes towards 4G, wants to show off its wad

HSPA+ in six months, LTE by year-end

Telcos, mobile pushers muck in to trial 'clever' Wi-Fi

Hotspot 2.0: We don't need no skeenkin' logon

White Spaces squeak though US Payroll Tax Bill

$7bn for emergency services, $15bn for tax cuts

Who's adding DRM to HTML5? Microsoft, Google and Netflix

Tag team's copy protection plan 'unethical'

Feds apply for DNSChanger safety net extension

Apply for extension before millions of infected PCs are disconnected

Brocade's profits collapse is over

But Klayko's crew has work to do

Apple files patent for 'polished meteorite' keyboard

Thin, light, 'aesthetically pleasing'

Intel joins The Document Foundation, pushes LibreOffice

Redmond pines for bygone WinTel hegemony

Astrolabe backs off, timezone database safe

You can’t copyright facts

Oracle extends Linux support to 10 years

Dangles Ksplice lure for Red Hat customers

Cloud altitude changing with climate: NZ study

NASA Terra sat data reveals ten-year fall

Aus business learns to love the NBN

Alca-Lu report reveals digital urges

Schmidt's $1.45bn Google stock sale compelled by adultery?

May top Murdoch for world's most expensive divorce

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