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21st > February > 2012 Archive

Nasa rocketeers probe aurora borealis solar interference

Sky shot seeks clues to GPS woes

Motorola Motoluxe Android smartphone

ReviewTalked up?

SMS compo firms fined £200k for typosquatting, misleading punters

Used misspellings of popular sites to lure competition entrants

British Medical Association calls for long, slow rollout of NHS 111

It's not an emergency, man...

Virgin boss victorious in .xxx Branson pickle

Cyber-squatter owns diddly-squat in domain ruling

Proview wins new Chinese IPAD ruling as Apple threatens to sue

Tech titan wants monitor minnow to zip it

CRACK made by quakes FOUND ON MOON

Paparazzo probe's pic hints at smoking hot insides

Zerowait feeds hungry NetApp punters tasty NASAGNA

'Don't buy new filers - spice up your old ones'


Android App of the WeekThe app for apps, apparently

Smart telly trends make Apple 'iTV' a certainty

Cupertino would be mad not to

Blighty's first IT wholesaler swaps Henry for Henry

Northamber MD retires, accounts back in the red

Sony Xperia U slips out ahead of launch

Smartphone sees a shrink

RIM's backdoor sniffed by BBM-snooping Indian spooks

BlackBerry biz pushes BES access headache to operators

China Telecom ramps up iPhone 4S fanboi fever

State-run biz to punt shiny mobiles in March

Rovio launches Angry Birds into space

Pigs might fly

Home Sec splits Border Agency after passport checks fiasco

May: Secure ID suspension lacked 'ministerial consent'

Met Office wants better supercomputer to predict extreme weather

Says its bad rep is down to 'non-expert' reporting

Dell Latitude E6220 12.5in Core i7 notebook

ReviewQuietly powerful

Bogus Pokemon evolves into iTunes smash hit

Got to catch at least some of 'em

Samsung refreshes budget Galaxy blowers

Ace and Mini head to Blighty

Flash DOOMED to drive itself off a cliff - boffins

NAND to hit endurance, reliability limits

RIM rolls out PlayBook OS2 update

BlackBerry Tablet gets tastier

PlayStation Vita price dips below £200

Commerce combat commences

Computacenter veteran O'Hara exits stage left

Big hitter's resignation leads to sales organ rejig

Russian search biz grabs Twitter's fire hose, sprays everywhere

Yandex inks deal to include tweets in results

BlackBerry PlayBook OS gets RIM spit 'n' polish

UpdatedFondleslab's future hangs by a version price cut

LOHAN's flying truss: One orb or two?

Readers shoot down twin-balloon plan

Mellanox: Just jump straight to 40GE networks

Unless you really want only 10GE

Mobile telcos bleed $13.9bn as IM apps chomp on SMS

The cash cow is dying - slowly

Google gobbles kaput search robot Cuil's patents

Cool your boots with quantum porn

Scroogle unplugged for good this time

Not-for-profit search engine shuttered by creator

Ubuntu for Android: Penguins peck at Nokia's core problem

MWC 2012Canonical waves Google phones at Windows waverers

Experts: RSA weak keys flaw restricted to network devices

AnalysisPrimal fear

Sugar-daddy love runs out for hard-up Valley firms

Open ... and ShutLosing the way from A to B

Apple slaps mega-solar panel field on new ENORMO data centre

Won't do much to satisfy Greenpeace though ...

Apache releases first upgrade to HTTP Server in six years

Popular open source platform gets faster

ScaleXtreme adds patch management to cloudy utility belt

Not quite as many tools as Batman

Teradata grabs Hortonworks by trunk

An elephant line from Hadoop to data warehouse

Kiwi open sourcers invade Aus

SilverStripe open HQ in Victoria

An iPad in every pot, says Anna Bligh

Queensland election campaign jumps the shark

Megaupload honcho sprung from slammer (for now)

NZ court hears 'new evidence', bails boss

Aussies learn to love downloading

Need more legit content sharing options

Microsoft denies report of Office coming to iPad

'Inaccurate rumors and speculation,’ says Redmond

Researchers propose ‘overclock’ scheme for mobiles

Processing at a sprint to overcome tech limitations

News of the World hacker named after court block lifted

Murdoch editor Andy Coulson fingered as key contact

Australia to make health research open access

What the public funds, the public gets to use

File sharing arrests move to Germany gone, operators arrested

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