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16th > February > 2012 Archive

Nvidia suffers as TSMC's 28nm ramp steeper than expected

Profits under pressure this year

Microsoft CFO bullish in Windows convergence and comms plans

Klein predicts double digit-growth at Goldman Sachs briefing

Dwarf galaxy yields up middle-sized black hole

HLX-1 reveals a violent history

Apple bitten as builder goes titsup

800-square-meter Brisvegas emporium imperilled

Archos 35 Home Connect

ReviewNet savvy Android clock radio, anyone?

Euro data protection: Great for punters, not for biz - MoJ wonk

CommentWhitehall man seeks views on 'disproportionate' draft law

Sensitive council data sent to hundreds via PERSONAL EMAIL

ICO fines Cheshire East £80k for data breach

SanDisk thrusts SSD into the client OEM battlefield

Taking on Hitachi, Intel, Plextor and the gang

NHS Direct

iOS App of the WeekCock-a-leaky?

Cost-slashing T Systems asks UK staff to pack their bags

Deutsche Telekom arm wants to save £3m, says source

Microsoft spoons news to punters with Facebook, Twitter-slurp

msnNOW pushes out trending topics

More Chinese shopkeepers hide their iPad stock

Fondleslabs tucked away ahead of trademark appeal outcome

Paper PCs design rolled out

Pipe reams

Swiss space-cleaning bot grabs flying junk, hurls itself into furnace

Spacekeeper satellite to disintegrate in atmosphere

Reptile boffins spot world's smallest chameleon

Elusive micro-reptile was hiding under a leaf pile

Chinese regulators still reviewing Googorola slurp

Officials giving no hint of whether approval will be forthcoming

LightSquared scrabbles to save itself after FCC stops LTE plan

Freetards abandon ship amid military spectrum swap bid

The Darkness II

ReviewShadow people

Official: Sony and Ericsson are divorced

Sony smartphone biz trumpeted as ink dries on break-up deal

Symantec sues rivals in backup patents spat

Sales ban and damages bid against Acronis and Veeam

Social networks can't be forced to filter content, rules top EU court

Another blow for rights' group Sabam

British Library seeks taxpayer-funded Wikipedia-fiddler

We're all in this wiki together

'Predictably random' public keys can be cracked - crypto boffins

AnalysisBattling researchers argue over whether you should panic

Digital music subs up as CD sales fall

Recorded music stubbornly alive

BBC labels child 'recovering alcoholic' in tech slip-up

'Teething problems' with software in Salford

Bung a tenner to a mate's mobile number with new Barclays app

Just like PayPal but with phone numbers

Mesh founder Sherafati buys biz back from PC Peripherals

Tries to 'restore' company's fallen reputation

O2 lures phone app devs to Silicon Roundabout all-nighter

Free grub at 36-hour NFC contest

Google befriends Microsoft with WinDroid tablets

Dual-OS to better the iOne?

Opera buys a pair... of mobile ads networks

All serving, everywhere

Microsoft licensing hike sparks UK piracy, bankruptcy fears

Switch to euro prices will smash Blighty's biz, warns reseller

Satnav blunders blamed for £200m damages

Driven to despair

Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz shows his caring side

Subscription social media site for caregivers

UK's supercomputers rev up to hit 800 teraflops

HECToR and BlueGene/Q to help look at climate data, sniff out Higgs boson

Keltec eyeing double-digit growth spurt

Despite ailing economy and split with Oracle partnership

Ex-Vodafone exec promises shake-up at Cable & Wireless Worldwide

New chief unveils plans to fix ailing carrier

SmarTone in the dock again after tariff U-turn

Mobile biz confuses customers

Is LinkedIn preparing for a China push?

Founder Reid Hoffman has been doing his homework

New Mac OS X: Mountain Lion roars at unauthorised apps

Apple-approved software welcome, desktop is the new fondleslab

Gagging order on G-Cloud suppliers dropped this Sunday

We're dying to know's preferred tech-touting titans

Johns Hopkins and VMware forge medical records mega-cloud

The tech is ready this time

Big data elephant mates with RainStor

RainStor Hadoops its storage

DNS flaw reanimates slain evil sites as ghost domains

AnalysisLife after death trick could be exploited by cyber-crooks

Canadians revolt over draconian internet privacy bill

Conservatives claim opponents are 'siding with pedophiles'

Apple files patent for simplified iPhone media sharing

Send stuff while you're on a call, and get Google's goat

Rackspace snaps up SharePoint911

Fanatical Microsoft collaboration

Reflection lets astronomers trick time

Twenty-first century observation captures nineteenth-century star blast

Lumpy nanoparticles improve thin film solar cells

Swinburne and Suntech claim efficiency win

HP's Whitman suggests Googorola may close Android

'We've got our swagger back,' says webOS cheerleader

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