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15th > February > 2012 Archive

Mobile internet devices to outnumber humans this year

Skynet’s plans proceeding well

Heartland Institute documents leaked

Koch-up or konspiracy?

Intel 520 240GB SSD

ReviewSandforce inside

Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine

Another council coughs £80k for HAND-DELIVERING kid's info to neighbour

Microsoft code not the security sieve sysadmins should be worried about

Study finds hackers aren't hitting the apps your biz thinks they are

Blighty's gov to spunk up to £2.9b on crim-stalking tech

Six-year deal touted for software and gear by Ministry of Justice

Europeans turn backs on Ultrabooks

Cheap 15-inchers or pricey Macs, s'il vous plait

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Antique Code ShowThanks for the mammaries

SanDisk spins up speedy SSDs

One for punters, one for PC makers

HP iSCSI slogger usurped by younger flashy model

6.4TB P4900 for just $199k

Changing room spy cam sparks privacy tsar blast

Hong Kong biz barons told snooping on staff is bad, mmkay

Apple's Chinese labourers get 1.6 per cent of iPad loot - report

Foxconn staff get only $8 of tablet's $499 price tag

UK cops cuff suspect after RnBXclusive takedown

Anti-crime-gang squad seizes music site, starts asking questions

Apple tops smartphone seller chart

Sales to real punters, not shipments from factories, this time

Whistleblower: Decade-long Nortel hack 'traced to China'

They had access to everything

Proview fears fanbois will derail iPad export ban bid

Chinese love Apple gear too much, warn customs officials

Motorola 'Intel inside' Android 4.0 phone spied on web

Hello Medfield

Disk fab output pumping up, prices 'to stay high and dry'

Flood-hit makers to meet hard drive demand by mid-2012 - analyst

Sony pitches pay-as-you-go power sockets

Charged to charge

Mobile networks told to sniff punters' privates for profit

How else to make money once everyone has a smartphone?

HP Pavilion dm1-4125ea 11.6in netbook

ReviewAMD's Atom smasher

500 Brit techies at risk over NHS IT fiasco

Contractor CSC cuts staff after UK ditches duff patient record system

Bonkers MS security update flags as malign

Don't be evil silly

FCC hangs up on 4G broadband biz LightSquared

Let the legal shenanigans begin

HP chiefs bet big at Vegas on cloud payday

Resell ours or build your own, says biz

Life at Googleplex REVEALED in hot pics

Or slightly hinted at anyway

Hey Commentards! This pre-populated 'reply to' is for you


Sony 'fesses to Whitney Houston price hike 'error'

Albums mistakenly made more expensive hours after diva's death

Shareholders! attempt! Yahoo! coup!

Investor tries to muscle onto board amid Asian talks snag

Boy burned in Nintendo sensor substitution

Candle in the Wii

Acer's proud Wang: We're on the rise at last

Return to profit in Q4 can't stave off £142m loss in 2011

Google tightens its Wallet after PIN reset goof

Now only proper hackers can steal punters' dosh

Mobile chiefs warned: Ditch unlimited tariffs... or else

Regulators ready to pounce, says Ovum

SanDisk snaps up PCIe cacher

FlashSoft is now SanDisk's IP

'Linux for cloud' floats anti-Amazon cloud taster

UpdatedDev, test, now b*gger off!

HD bandwidth limits BBC Olympics 3D coverage

Highlights show, two ceremonies, one race

Critical IE update dominates Valentine’s Patch Tuesday

Explorer patch the only one giving sysadmins the fear

Femtocell Forum grows big – rebrands as Small

That's just over a smidge larger

Apple seeks permission to kick Kodak's corpse

Asks court to allow patent claim against dying photo icon

Twitter mobile apps storing address books for 18 months

Tim Cook quizzed by Congress on privacy

Linux talent shortage drives up salaries

Pick your perquisites, Penguin people

Cisco complains to the EU about Microsoft/Skype deal

Wants assurances Redmond won’t lock down video

Internet simulcasts don’t need extra royalties

Oz labels lose case against radio stations

BlueGene/Q heads for Melbourne

Live sciences get Big Blue green boost

Cupertino to ban permissionless address book copying

A lesson in faking sincerity

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