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14th > February > 2012 Archive

EU, US sign off on Googorola merger

Now the real fun and games begin

Mars, Europe losers in Obama's 2013 NASA budget

Winners: Hubble's successor, high-flying humans

HP previews ProLiant Gen8 servers

Project Voyager launches Xeon E5s

Prada Phone by LG 3.0

ReviewDiallers are a girl's best friend?

FIVE more councils say soz for exposing people's privates

'Disclosing details about someone's social housing status can be upsetting'

Sepaton plans to crush mid-range boxes

'Kill the rabbit...'

Debian, Ubuntu patching up rocky romance

FOSDEMDeb supremo speaks as devs link arms in ARM

Trustwave to escape 'death penalty' for SSL skeleton key

AnalysisMoz likely to spare certificate-confession biz same fate as DigiNotar

Tesco offers broadband for LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A PINT

Read the small print

SexInfo 101

NSFW App of the WeekBend me, shape me, anyway you want me

Microsoft probes IE8 dll AWOL hell

Windows XP PCs browserless

iPad spanks Galaxy Tab in its own backyard

South Korean slab fondlers opt for Apple over homegrown Samsung

Apple 'seeking part makers' for 8in 'iPad Mini'

Tinier tablet in play?

Veteran launches storage torpedo among competing startups

LeftHand founder turns right with Starboard Systems

Microsoft mulls touchscreen controller for next-gen Xbox

Tablets turned

5,000 Virgin Media workers unchained to slog away remotely

Fingers crossed those net connections stay up

Now Proview seeks ban on ALL iPads coming out of China

No love with Apple after trademark row escalates hacked to dish out malware

Compromised whistle-blowing HQ begins site rebuild

21st Century Sex: the shape of things to come

NSFWAre bits and bytes changing what we do with our bits and bobs?

MySpace no longer crying a river with 1 MILLION new punters

Facebook love-in, new music player boosts usage post-Murdoch

Samsung boss sued by his brother over stock inheritance

Kun-hee accused of pilfering shares after father's death

SPRAY-ON antennas waved about at Google's techfest

Turning the world into an aerial

Twitter finally grabs wheel, drives all twits into HTTPS

Cafe Wi-Fi tweeting protected from sniffing hackers

HP gives sysadmins a little mobility

iOS and Android clients on the way

Black Ops has best videogame ending ever

Got your Guinness goggles on?

Shuttleworth remixes Ubuntu... for biz users

No offense to RHEL, m'kay?

Hong Kong operators fudge unlimited tariff conundrum

They're unlimited, but not too unlimited...

Lego builds Lord of the Rings collection

Another brick in the Deeping Wall

China clamps down on foreign telly on its channels

Just in case The Big Bang Theory sparks revolution

Pope's PR says Vatican in grip of WikiLeaks-style scandal

Leaky cardinals allege assassination plots, banking misdeeds

Insight exits 2011 on a high as sales and profits rise

Reseller turns small revenue boost into cash pile

Teen hacker claims smut site hack

Hardcore group 'fesses up to breach


Don't leave things lit and unattended while half-lit and, er, well-tended...

Shakira attacked by sea lion who mistook BlackBerry for a 'fish'

Shiny mobe tempted sea-dweller out to lunch

Nimbula stretches Director to VMware ESXi clouds

Hyper-V when enough customers ask

Ultra-high resolution laptop, tablet screens to revive display biz

IGZO's 'retina screen' revival

Mozilla throws 'freedom' at Microsoft, Google, Apple tanks

All the web's a platform, and the lock-down merchants merely players

Scroogle: Dear Google, we're not bots, we're HUMAN

With every Choc Factory privacy policy season, die die die!

EMC Greenplum Hadoop elephant straddles Cisco iron

Cah. Took them long enough

Cloudy bigshots eclipse open source

Open... and ShutCloud computing and mobile hog the limelight

OCZ out-flashes EMC's Lightning

16TB of caching vMotioning flash

Chip boffins demo 22-nanometer maskless wafer-baking

A possible savior when Moore's Law hits the light wall

ACCC pins ADSL wholesale price

Seeks input on final declaration

LibreOffice debugs and buffs up to v.3.5

Dancing on the grave of OpenOffice

Damn it, where’s our NBN scandal?

Another night in Senate estimates…

Canonical takes the Ubuntu Server pulse

Lovin' those Long Term Support releases

UK crime-busters knock hiphop site off the Internet

SOCA occupies, accuses RnB Xclusive

Qld council gets crafty with mobile data mining

Logan's mobility run

Japanese robot mirrors master’s movements

Do dat crazy Avatar dance

Apple CEO defends fixes to suppliers' working conditions

Underage labor 'abhorrent', overtime abuse 'endemic'

Alcatel-Lucent opens up Aladdin's cave of patents

Signs up with RPX licencing cabal

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