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13th > February > 2012 Archive

Mobile customers still sprout in Aus

Optus scores growth

TDK ST-700 High Fidelity headphones

Geek Treat of the WeekCans do

The God Box: Searching for the holy grail array

Latency killing super spinner

iPads seized from shelves by Chinese officials

China's G-men prowl stores after Apple loses Proview case

CSC confirms $1.5bn NHS IT write-off

Still in talks with gov ...

Ten... Valentine's Day gifts for him

Product round-upSurprise, surprise!

Boffins claim breakthrough in hovering robothopter experiments

Paper 'bugs' used subwoofer-powered wing flaps

Cheap Ultrabooks? Not before 2013

Laptop maker moles offer gloomy forecast

B&W updates designer speaker rig

Sphere and now

Cable thieves wreak havoc for cops, BT punters

Biz customers in Hertfordshire hit by outage

Fondle my slab, baby: Inside the tactile world of Apple-fan iDating

'There are more boys than girls, but it's not a problem'

Fondle my slab, baby: Inside the tactile world of Apple-fan iDating

'There are more boys than girls, but it's not a problem'

Sun hacks cuffed after being DOBBED IN by News Corp

MoD staffer, a copper, armed forces member held too

Apple TV stock shortage sparks new gadget rumour fever

Rumoured supply cuts may signal a launch

Google locks Wallets – no new customers for now

Speed bump on the road to wireless payments

Microsoft India web store 'hacked by Chinese group'

Evil Shadow Team pounces, claims it uncovered passwords

Freeview HD sales surge

Quarter of sales in Q4 2011

Megastar personalities are intellectual property in draft law

Protecting the vacuous: Daft or ironic - you decide

ESA's first Vega rocket blasts off without a hitch

Europe's small-load launcher joins the big boys

Apple demands US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus

Opens up new front in the patent wars

NASA plans manned Deep Space Moon outpost

Agency investigates way station for astronauts

Car crash model cushioned by 38KKK Bulgarian airbags

'I think my breasts saved my life'

Muscle pants give girls that skin-stripped look

Bad to the bone

Pakistan blocks 13,000 grumble flick sites

Ban system pledged after 'obscene' smut complaints soar

Samsung shows third-gen Galaxy Tab

Ice Cream Sandwich tablet incoming

NexGen boss: If solid hardness isn't stuck into PCIe - forget it

Disk-flash storage mix biz chief argues his corner

Asus Transformer Prime tablet reboot fix fails to show

It is coming, insists company

Anonymous reverse ferrets on takedown

'We blacked out website merely reported the outage'

HP boss Whitman urged to get touchy-feely with resellers

As Michael Dell whispers sweet nothings to big biz

TicketWeb coughs to email database hack

Punters get phishy mails sniffing for credit card info

Windows 8 on ARM: Microsoft bets on Office 15 and IE10

WOA: hardware saviour to software challenges?

Apple's secret outsource: 'Even more software to be made in India'

Is Cupertino getting internal software from Bangalore?

Kung-fu tweeting Carl Douglas wins El Reg prize - with expert timing

Beardie computer scientist was fast as lightning

PlayBooks lapped up from RIM by distributors

UpdateQ4 shipments up as discounts tweak interest

Vodafone admits giving C&W the eye

Flashes wallet at prospective date

NoSQL databases not just for the 'cool kids'

Relational DBMSes 'too rigid'

FCC turns auction upside down for $300m rural 3G broadband

Build it cheap, and they will come

Apple orders PC builder to 'choose sides' in laptop battle?

Build ASUS Zenbook or MacBook Air – not both

ScaleMP chases SGI customers with migration deal

vSMP 4.0 versus NUMAlink 5

Cisco resells Citrix, VMware virty desktop wares

Could just buy Citrix or Red Hat outright

European Parliament prez slams ACTA 'in current form'

Politicians prevaricate as Europe protests

Apple sends independent inspectors into Foxconn factories

Fair Labor Association

Packer gets into cloud shopping

Takes stake in e-commerce start-up

Iranians get some services back

Censor’s dead hand still felt on Facebook, Twitter

Apple tops Google in 'Reputation Quotient' survey

Tell Foxconn: Cupertino leads all US corps in 'Workplace Environment'

Aus start-ups get in the Silicon Valley house

Incubator for Aus entrepreneurs gets govt help

CERN boffins to lift LHC beam power

Igor! More power!

Rackspace breaks billion buck barrier in 2011

Cloudy block storage, database, and firewall in the works

Broadcom boasts directional antennas for 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Coverage focusing part of new chippery

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