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9th > February > 2012 Archive

Loral set to build NBN Co satellites

Turnbull doesn't like it, again

Huawei gets more UFB kiwi action

Rolls out that fibre for New Zealand

Thodey chimes in on TV Now decision

Telcos 'need clarity'

Robot surgery gets virtual at Euro Space Agency

CAMDASS augmented reality for astronaut patch-up

Apple Stores getting petitions on ethical conduct for breakfast

250,000 signatures for fair treatment of iWorkers

Asus UX21E Zenbook 11.6in Ultrabook

ReviewThin! Small! Mad! Gorgeous!

NHS hands out 3G slabs and phones to roving nurses

Should help community care workers cut down on desk-time

IBM stuffs XIV array with flash tech

Big Blue puts pedal to the metal

Licked RIM has a lifeline: a social network in a box

AnalysisDon't forget the secret power of BBM

Hackers claim to have penetrated Foxconn backdoor

We don't care about iPhones or workers, only lulz

MongoDB straps SQL to Google's MapReduce

One toasting too many for NoSQL?

British Red Cross First Aid

iOS App of the WeekIn case of emergency, break out app...

Lenovo slates Ice Cream Sandwich for ThinkPad tablet

Unlock your fondleslab with your face

Privacy warriors sue FTC over Google's policy tweak

Failure to halt imminent changes makes EPIC angry

Now Siri brushes up on Russian, Japanese languages

Mandarin lessons going well too, says Apple dev mole

HP hands in-house Android code to TouchPad tablet hackers

Developed as a WebOS fall-back plan?

Trustwave admits crafting SSL snooping certificate

Allowing bosses to spy on staff was wrong, says security biz

Life-size Portal gun to shoot onto shelves soon

Hole in the wall

Japan enlists foreign bloggers to revive tsunami-hit tourist biz

Will 10 gaijin really make a difference?

Asus posts patch for Prime random reboot bug

Tablet's auto-restart glitch fixed

Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade

Web giant has our email and docs, might as well hand over everything else

iPad 3 shell shots spied on web

Snaps point to bigger battery. Possibly

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

ReviewHit and myth

Royal astro-boffin to MPs: Stop thinking about headlines

'Nuclear biz is screwed, chill out about carcinogens'

Google Wallet PIN security cracked in seconds

UpdateLuckily no one important is using it

UK cops set up new £30m bases to nail cybercrooks

They're proper champion e-bobbies

Groupon loses $42.7m in Q4, shares tumble

Hang on to your coupons, we'll make a profit next quarter

Ingram Micro CEO outlines growth plan as 2011 profits falter

Weak Euro consumer biz and challenged Oz operation blamed

Ethernet standards for hyper-scale cloud networking

Always just over the horizon

Pentax pushes super sturdy snapper

GPS-equipped Optio WG-2 pumps iron

How Zuck wields power over Facebook for a few hundred bucks

CEO's voting rights and package exposed

Microsoft sets date for Windows 8 preview - at mobile shindig

Barcelona, it was the first time that we met

Alibaba! suspends! shares! amid! Yahoo! stake! buzz!

Chinese biz counts readies to buy back web biz's share

Ofcom: Make it easier for punters to switch ISPs

But could middleman plan jack up prices?

What downturn? Lenovo stuffs pockets with 54% extra profit

World's number 2 PC maker buoyed by China performance

Vodafone squirrels cash into Blighty nightly as Europe falters

Spain, Italy disappointing - Turkey, India a pleasant surprise

IBM UK's channel queen abdicates, long live the king

Richard Potts takes the biz partner hot seat from Jacqui Davey

Airport bomb Twitter joker in second fine appeal bid

Judges deliberating whether or not to quash conviction

Google will swap you a box of crisps for your web privacy

Or anything else from Amazon for $25 if you agree to be stalked

Appcelerator adds Titanium backend with Cocoafish buy

I like backends and I cannot lie

Timico Technology Group gobbles Redwood

ISP and MSP get together

Hitachi GST pushes out boosted SSD

Intel's new NAND

Kodak to kill off digital cameras

End in sight for snappers, camcorders

Googorola's desire for iPhone royalties will upset Apple cart

AnalysisMoto patents at heart of latest fair licensing row

AON: Give us cash, we'll emit 10TB holographic cube

They do it with mirrors

What's in the box, Windows sysadmin?

Sysadmin blogWhat lurks inside the toolkit...

FBI investigated Steve Jobs' reality distortion field, LSD use

Sex, drugs and bomb threats

Oracle inhales Taleo for $1.9bn

Blows it onto the Fusion app cloud

Hackett bookish after Internet sale

Aus tech entrprenuers back new publishing house

Coming to a continent near you: America

Also Asia, Europe and Africa

Eolas falls at first hurdle in bid to tax browser apps

Google grins at Adobe jury’s verdict

Teradata surfs big data wave in Q4

Big data = big bucks

Elon Musk helps AsiaSat with new regional satellites

Asia Pac enjoys a satellite bonanza

IBM does financing deals for Power, storage kit

Low or no interest rates

StreetView disappears Dutch office tower

Because it’s Friday…

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