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8th > February > 2012 Archive

Hong Kongers protest over end to all-you-can-eat tariffs

SmarTone on the receiving end of user fury

Laser boffins blast bits onto hard drive at 200Gb/sec

Superheating drives forego magnetic write heads

'App Economy' has created 466,000 US jobs

Thanks to Apple, Google, Facebook...

SGI to restructure (again) after fiscal Q2 loss

Blame Europe, Xeon E5 product transitions

Australian sports get busy with copyright special pleading

Chewing on the government's ear

Ten... Freesat TV receivers

Product round-upOrbital options for the digital switchover

Apple won't rule out all singing, all dancing iBooks on Kindle

But they must be free. And will need an Android app

Move over cybercrims, DDoS now protesters' weapon of choice

Attackers swap rifles for machine guns with laser sights

Heathrow facial recognition tech stalled by borders fiasco

Airport's scanner rollout to miss Olympics target

Coke-snorting cop bots to replace sniffer dogs

Roboplod finds could count as evidence in court

Nokia axes 4,000, shifts smartphone manufacturing East

Factories hit in cost-cutting drive

NFC leader Inside Secure to IPO this month

It's no Facebook, but it does actually design stuff

Logitech rolls out touch-sensitive mouse

Buttons, wheels out; taps, swipes in

HP may be going the server flash route

Company won't confirm it, but the G8 looks pretty flashy

Huawei's Ascend P1 headed to China in March

Update:Home market gets first dibs on P1 S's chunkier sister

T-Mobile's Full Monty speed 'capped at 1Mb/s'

Cellco denies, confirms cap

Amazon 'rolling out a retail store in Seattle'

Apple Store-inspired Kindle-pushing boutique rumoured...

Russians drill into buried 20 million-year-old Antarctic lake

Will boffins find prehistoric life - or secret Nazi files?

Samsung reveals Tocco Lite 2 release details

Budget blower inbound

Virgin Media finally turns an annual profit

Only took five years since beardie rebrand

Toshiba 14in USB LCD Mobile Monitor

ReviewPanel beater?

Apple's new TV allegedly spotted... in Canadian office

Will be controlled by Siri, waving, unicorns

Yahoo! chairman! falls! on! his! sword!

Bostock and three directors quit ailing web biz to save it

Halliburton latest biz to dump BlackBerry for iPhone

But our developers are raking it in, screams RIM

Android's Chrome finish comes too late for Flash coating

Adobe confirms Flashless browsing

Nokia: No Belle download for Apple users

Even if they have its own Mac OS X updater app

Marlinspike asks browser vendors to back SSL-validator

Analysis'Convergence' open source dev needs vendors to balance the load

Olympus goes retro with µFT snapper

Mirrorless magic

LinkedIn offers MORE SECURE hobnobbing option

Social-network-for-suits finally gets some SSL love

Now HDS joins server flash party

Still no comment from HP

Glad to be hybrid: Office 365 flits from cloud to cloud

InterviewPublic and private partnership

Indonesian train roof fare-dodgers given the brush off

Foul-smelling brooms purge carriages of surfing commuters

Virident flasher claims Oracle database streak record

Solid disks thrust into willing 80-core NEC box

Mozilla explains user-tracking proposal for Firefox

Telemetry has no UUID, Metrics Data Ping might

Revealed: Apple's plea for fairness in mobile patent war

Letter to telecoms body begs for level playing field

Quarter of Wolfram Alpha brainteasers come from Siri

Apple's smart-arse software relies on boffinry website

Resellers: Microsoft price hike was 'demanded by Euro country bosses'

Insiders say UK channel exploited weak pound to fuel deals on continent

New driver-snooping satnav could push down UK insurance premiums

TomTom signs up with Motaquote to stuff spy in GPS box

Cray puts super stake in the big data ground

Crunch this

Apple's Hong Kong store rolls out iPhone 'reservation' system

Yes, sir, but have you booked an appointment?

Sony posts PlayStation firmware patch

Bye-bye, PSN; hello, SEN

Ancient cave girl genome could crack Man's genetic puzzle

Boffins pore over 500GB of data plastered online

Chrome to weed out dodgy website SSL certificates by itself

Ditched online checks like 'seat belt that snaps when you crash'

Sir Paul McBeatle to offer free iTunes concert

B.Y.O. Bottom, should you desire a kiss

Toshiba may be getting excess WD disk biz

Rumour mill spits out Tosh as buyer

Path runs screaming from privacy snafu

We meant to copy your address book but we didn’t think you’d mind

Telcos to shape up under new code

Comms Alliance lays down the law

Solarflare turns network adapters into servers

When a CPU just isn't fast enough

US Navy preps railgun for tests

Bedding down BAE Systems prototype

Eolas claims royalties for browser apps and plug-ins

Berners-Lee warns of disaster for internet

iRobot Warrior-bot goes on sale this Spring

For the geek who has everything

Cisco stabilizes switching and routing in Q2

Raises dividend, remains cautious

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