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7th > February > 2012 Archive

Oracle wins round in Java patent lawsuit against Google

Appeals court allows incriminating Mountain View email

Google limits Android support for CDMA phones

Android power users may face hobbled handsets

Adobe adds Flash sandboxing to Firefox

Hackers bypass it in 3, 2…

Czechs, Slovaks stall on ACTA

Romania doesn’t know why it didn’t

Colorfly Pocket Hi-Fi C4

ReviewThe audiophiles' PMP

Suppliers get a shot at £4bn worth of gov hardware deals

From tablets to servers and storage

Inside the mind of EMC: Is storage just a launchpad?

Blocks and Files:I wanna be a data centre contender ...

Prehistoric cricket love songs recreated for your listening pleasure

Throbbing Jurassic passion returns in boffin-mungous feat

Google-hosted blogs to be censored on country-by-country basis

But you can work around it with a 'No Country Redirect'

N Korea mobile phone subscribers top 1 million

No need to be lonely in hardline communist state

Mac demand helps Apple business bloom in Blighty

Rival PC players slump

Avast! Mobile Security

Android App of the WeekPrepare to repel boarders

Chilli crab scoffing boffins build anti-cancer claw robot

New stomach tumour busting gadget inspired by top Asian nosh

Beware Freedom of Info law 'privacy folktale' - ICO chief

Chicken Lickens in a flap as FOIA scrutinised

HTC wants a hug after glum Q1 estimates

Under-pressure biz seeks 'emotional connection' with punters

TalkTalk loses 43,000 customers, chunk o' revenue in Q3

Better HomeSafe than sorry, telco insists

Google unleashes 'Solve for X' confabs to save the world

Boffins gathered for new TED-like talks

Parliament ponders £400,000 iPads-for-MPs plan

Representatives to get slated

Has Microsoft finally killed off Windows 8 Start button?

Era of Windows 95 finally over

Toshiba releases 'world's thinnest' Android tablet

Sales limited to a single retailer

High Street chains vow to play fair on warranties

Dixons, Comet and Argos pulled over by OFT

ViewSonic V350 dual Sim Android smartphone

ReviewFor business and pleasure

Nikon unveils mammoth megapixel DSLR

D800 does 36Mp

Mac OS X ARM port by Apple work experience kid revealed

Project sparks non-Intel-powered MacBook rumour fever

Nokia posts 'major' Sym... er... smartphone OS update

Belle, end of Symbian?

Brazil sues Twitter over police checkpoint tweets

Threatens $290k fine... daily

YouView will launch this Spring, says TalkTalk

Consumer trials coming

Hackers spunk 'pcAnywhere source' after negotiation breakdown

'Fed posing as Symantec worker' offered $50k to activists's mega-cloud VIP biz list kept under wraps

Suppliers find out if they're in the G-Cloud club

Google goggles with Terminator HUD 'coming soon'

8GB of flash, front-facing cam, voice recog and head-tilting nav

Raspberry Pi ship date slips

Crystal trips

Canon focuses on low-end with PowerShot snappers

Compact definition

UK's digital policy seized by fanatical bureaucrats, say MPs

Analysis'Hey... That's OUR job!'

Blighty's PC market fell to its knees in Q4

Consumer and biz sales slide, Apple posts growth

O2 quietly cans gratis Cloud Wi-Fi connectivity

Own-brand hotspots offered instead

Oracle demands retrial in SAP slurp spat

Snubs paltry $272m payout, wants full $1.3bn in damages

Acer sues ex-boss Lanci for shacking up with Lenovo

UpdateContract's non-compete clause in question

2020: A Press Odyssey – reporter licensing explained

SketchDaddy, who's Hugh Grant? Oh, you mean Lord Grant

Channel body count hits dotcom implosion high

Reseller bloodbath in 2011

Apple eyes ISPs to sell 'iTV'

AnalysisCanny marketing as World+Dog goes IPTV

Google's whack-a-mole Marketplace cleans house again

Rovio Mobile, not Rovio MobiIe

TRENDnet home security camera flaw exposes thousands

Just when you thought you were alone in the bath

Cloud proves that OldSQL is still cool

Open... and ShutRelational lives to fight on

Canonical kicks Kubuntu to the kerb

Axed KDE-based Linux distro was biz non-starter

Chinese company demands $38m, 'apology' from Apple

Convoluted iPad trademark battle grinds on

6,300 wannabe astronauts flood NASA inbox

Second-highest number of applications since 1978

Xeround's cloudy MySQL database goes freemium

Rejiggers pricing, puffs up on other clouds

Rambus drops $35m for Unity Semiconductor

Cash for CMOX

NetApp slaps down Lightning with multi-card flash flush

Supports vMotion and DRS

Google adds Chrome finish to Android

Ice Cream Sandwich users only, sadly

HP readies next-gen servers for launch

Looks like Xeon E5 boxes

Stratus ruggedizes VMware clouds

Fault tolerant appliance for vCenter control freak

Spacemen urge NASA to build nuke ship for Mars trip

Nuclear rocket engines rise from the dead

VMware crafts mega-controller for public clouds

Easier provisioning for service providers, resellers

Will Apple set up shop in Walmart warehouses?

Sets sights on middle America

Global digirati head to Sydney

LBI and ZINFI Tech set up shop

Koala food may power US Defence force

US Navy bigwig boosting biofuel in Queensland visit

New Fedora boss pushes for the clouds

Robyn Bergeron takes the reins

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