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6th > February > 2012 Archive

TV giant HBO invests $AU10m in Quickflix

'Hug it out b***h' downunder

CA wins copyright wrangle against ISI

Don't nick the source code kids

EMC crashes the server flash party

Lightning strike with thunder to follow

Indian court grabs back 122 GSM licences from operators

Firms devalue to the tune of $25bn

MYSTERY as QLogic hurls InfiniBand from train

CommentReg storage desk baffled in the case of the fibre fracas

Hackers may be able to 'outwit' online banking security devices

Investigators probe malware threat to 2-factor authentication

Huawei-Symantec sneaks out of US back door

Has it been booted out?

Doctors sick of anonymous-coward NHS feedback commentards

Welcome to the internet, doc

New dole system is 'digital by default', like it or not

Claimants who do not comply will be 'nudged' by 'back office' workers

Facebook's IPO unveils plans to invade China

Social network would love to tap that

Motorola: refurb tablets shipped with former owners' data intact


Boffins find prehistoric croc species with 'mate-attracting' skin helmet

'Shieldcrocs' mingled with dinosaurs

PSN renamed Sony Entertainment Network

SEN-sible name change?

Twitter snaps up Google Asia exec

Service could be set for greater expansion in the region

EMC server flash rival slams VFCache

Fusion-io thinks Lightning misses target

IT budgets plunge in North America, Europe

Rise in the East and Latin America

iOS 5 'crashes more apps' than Android

Is it an upgrade problem, or a user problem?

Micron grabs almost-retired COO for chief

Mark Durcan will take over as CEO after death of Steve Appleton

Apple TV surfaces on Best Buy

Spec leak - or fishing expedition?

Amazon lures Microsoft WinPhone chief with Kindle

Etailer claims third Redmond scalp

Samsung Series 7 Chonos 15.6in Core i7 notebook

ReviewNOT a MacBook clone

MPs rattle telcos to help kill extremist material online

UpdateISPs once again asked to police interwebs

Analyst touts iPad 'transformer' after CEO confab

Dual dock ports, clip-on keyboard for laptop-like use?

Apple vs Amazon in ereader format smackdown

iBooks enlists kiddies on the EPUB3 front

Scientists weave battery into clothing

Uses jumper leads?

Google and Facebook remove 'offensive' content from Indian sites

Internet firms comply with court order

Job-seeking Marriott hacker gets 30 months' porridge

Nabbed and jailed after Secret Service sting

Schools IT supplier RM swings to full year loss after sales dive

We knew about gov budget cuts but we didn't really get it...

BTJunkie closes shooting gallery

'My life is officially ruined'

Windows Phone 8 to get NFC, HD and Skype

Rumours confirmed, details emerge

Ofcom proposes fall in BT Openreach charges to rivals

UpdatedJust wait for that nice Brussels man to agree

Apple tells authors: All your books iBook files are belong to us

But you can export them as PDFs if you want

Apple kicks China's most popular browser out of iTunes

Bans Qihoo apps from its store ...

Printed jaw lets woman swallow again

Let's eat, Grandma

Google tells French watchdog 'non' on privacy tweak halt

'At no stage did any DPA suggest pause was necessary'

An NT-powered Windows Phone? Not so fast...

MS mulls partying like it's 1996....

Android dominates first-time smartphone buyer biz

Apple strong in upgrade arena

UK gov rejects call to posthumously pardon Alan Turing

Wartime codebreaker's 'absurd' conviction must stand

iPhone 4 incapable of handling Siri, says chip chap

Cough up for 4$ or somehow stagger on without blabberware

Avast false alarm hits Steam's weekend gamers

'I am sworn to carry your burdens'

Anonymous releases law firm's emails about Haditha killings

Hacked lawyers who defended Marine over Iraqi deaths

Resellers smack down Microsoft's 'single-digit' price rise claim

Channel sources: Volume licensing lift will be closer to 20 per cent

Cisco recalls suicidal UCS blade servers

Goodness gracious, great MOSFETs afire

Symantec: 'NetBackup 7.5 speeds backup 100X'

Cuts 25-hour chore down to 15 minutes

Shrunken Intel process boosts SSD performance

The new 520 Series more than doubles 510's IOPS

Upgrade eliminates Atlantis from Google Earth

Data glitch explanation won’t satisfy true believers

Boffins uncloak G-rated teledildonic breakthrough

Remotely kiss a cow, kiss a bunny, kiss your loneliness goodbye

NewSat scores $US180m in new contract win

Aus satellite gets popular

The hole in the copy-proof fence

The Optus TV Now decision

VMTurbo control freak spans more clouds

Allocating virty resources, free market–style

‘Oldest animals’ show up in Namibian dig

Ancient sponge the granddaddy of us all

Chip sales definitely not down – but almost – in 2011

Semis take a December dive

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