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1st > February > 2012 Archive

Saudi oil minister praises renewable energy

Global warming 'among humanity's most pressing concerns'

Mozilla releases Firefox 10, adds developer tools

Better add-on support, Mac Java crash fixed

Nokia Lumia 710

ReviewThe Finn blue line

Whitehall hopes to shave 'conservative' £100m off PC bill

HMRC man eyes NHS and local government

Trojan smuggles out nicked blueprints as Windows Update data

Malware backdoors government-targeted kit 'using Adobe 0-days'

Gov's 'open data' strategy: It'll cost too much and won't work

Report: Public sector may struggle to support Cabinet plan

System Shock

Antique Code ShowSci-fi showdown

Bill Gates' ass slams into iPhone

Donkey.bas remuled

Expert to finger air steward commentards who 'harassed' pilot

Probe into airline staff forum 'will not breach privacy rights'

Ofcom needs you... to carve up 37GHz of spectrum

That's a lot of bandwidth - how do we handle it?

Samsung says no to MWC Galaxy S III launch

No Barcelona debut for next-gen blower

Reading Reding: Pouring water on DP draft bill

Just how workable is the Euro commissioner's proposal?

RIM restyles next-generation BlackBerry

London calling

Zuck plots carefully considered Facebook IPO

Silence, bitch... This $100bn valuation is serious business

LG 3D TV ads misled buyers, judges watchdog

Passive 3D can't be 1080p 'full HD'

Serial killer PYTHONS stalk Florida's Everglades

Rapacious reptiles scoff mammal population

Sony confirms 'tough-minded' Hirai as new CEO, president

Ex-PlayStation exec grabs reins as Stringer rises to board chairman

Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics

ReviewVery clean, very green three-pot diesel

40,000 Apple fanbois demand ethical iPhone 5

But we do care a lot, claims CEO

Nikon stretches Coolpix focal-range beyond belief

Za za zoom

Berkeley boffins crack brain wave code

Electrical signals used to recreate sound heard by test subjects

Nikon brightens up Coolpix compact collection

Snappy package

Airbrushed Rachel Weisz gets watchdog hot under the collar

ASA snarls at L’Oreal's age-defying Photoshop treatment

Cisco Nexus ports stretched to take 40GE and 100GE loads

Catalyst campus switches bumped up to 40GE

Hands off our brand, Wi-Fi body warns 'white space' tech firms

TV spectrum networking != 802.11

Nokia signals NFC for future Lumia handsets

Tap makes an app

Groupon's pants 'Weight Loss HOTPANTS' ad banned

Watchdog sweats over site's track record

Romanian cops cuff suspected serial hacker TinKode

Alleged Royal Navy, Pentagon invader gets keelhauled

Swedish Supreme Court chucks out Pirate Bay appeal bid

Legal ship sails, slammer time for four MIA founders

EFF helps MegaUpload users claw legit stuff back from Feds

Freedom fighters's MegaRetrieval to snatch back family snaps

Sony PlayStation Vita offered for 80 quid


Cabinet Office moves step closer to killing Directgov

Test drive new beta build today

Fraud baron forced henchmen into S&M orgies to prove loyalty – cops

Card cloner's 'bizarre initiation tests' to weed out undercover Feds

Cosmic rays blamed for Phobos-Grunt fiasco

Space probe apparently not built to fly in space

OFFICIAL: Smart meters won't be compulsory

VidNo offence to refuse in Blighty

TripAdvisor: OK, not all our reviews are trustworthy or real

ASA raps largest travel site for ... not telling the truth on the interwebs

The Register Comments Guidelines

New world, nearly new rules

MasterCard joins Visa in pushing PINs into America

13 months and counting

Drink diet pop all the time? Look forward to VASCULAR DEATH

New study reveals fatal consequences of mock-swill habit

Kinect for Windows ships with SDK 1.0

PC movement

Court defies Apple demand to ban Samsung tablet

Prior art to invalidate Apple patent

Microsoft ad campaign savages Google over privacy

Updated'We are not like them, and hey, why not try IE?'

Portland Jedi jailed for lightsabre rampage

Also banned from Toys R Us

Ex-Apple engineer emits Zevo ZFS for Mac OS

Ten's Complement for Mac OS X

Seagate slam-dunks flood-hit rivals with triple-profit Q2

Ships 47 million disk drives as others sink

Oracle reels off one exabyte in tape storage

Object storage a rival? Not even close. At least, not yet

Japan takes second shot at extraterrestrial sampling with Hayabusa 2

Damp asteroid 1999 JU3 may hold clues to Earth’s life

Fairfax bunkers down after alleged hack

Privacy Commissioner wakes up

Optus trumps Telstra in war for digital PVR freedom

Football codes' case crashes, burns

Facebook files for IPO, seeks $5bn

Management rule by 'The Hacker Way'

Telstra joins global video cabal

Biz vid services set to boom

Researchers pitch switch to electronic prescriptions

Medicos’ handwriting a killer

Ukraine file-sharing site disappears

Freetards mourn with the usual DDOS attacks

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