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31st > January > 2012 Archive

US Senator: 'Retest airport scanner safety'

X-ray pervscanners harmless? New bill says 'Prove it'

Steerable bullet aims for mass army deployment

Sniping’s not just for Special Forces anymore

Show us the big data money: Isilon gets Hadooped

One-stop Hadoop/Isilon/Greenplum shop

Cocktail Audio X10 CD copier and music streamer

ReviewA rip-roaring trade?

Council fined £140k for leaking kids' sensitive info

First Scottish organisation fined by information commissioner

When a DNS outage isn't an outrage

Sysadmin blogProper IT support and a snappy postmortem make all the difference

Newzbin barrister struck off for owning site he represented

Fined for not 'fessing up and for Twitter outburst

iPads propel Apple to PC market top slot

Client computer market would have shrunk without tablets


Android App of the WeekRemote control for your smartphone

New Nimbus flash motor nibbles just 5 watts per terabyte

500TB of silicon will cost lot more than an E-Class Merc

Dim-but-rich buyers targeted with million pound laptop

Hang on, it's only a Samsung...

NHS unfurls condom app – for iPhone-toting teens

Droid lovers will have to source their own love gloves

Man recreates ZX81... in Lego

Eight-bits and pieces

No 'Xbox 720' in 2012, says MS exec

Rien ne vas plus, says French Xbox bloke

Apple lures Dixons boss Browett to run global retail biz

Takes Cook's dollar to expand store empire

Sky to open net telly channels to all

Pay to view over the internet

Lightning crashes: How to manage server flash caches

Step change in complexity

Motorola slices out Razr smartphone bootloader lock

'Developer Edition' handset in-bound

New Blighty crime map will track crooks' punishment also talks up new national cybercrime fighting force

German court rejects Samsung tablet appeal

Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban to remain in force

Ten... A3 inkjet printers

Product round-upPoster campaigners

US shoots down key Rambus patent

Barth trio invalidated, multimillion income stream dries up

Top RIM jobs were too powerful and had to go - inquiry

BlackBerry biz shakeup demanded by independent review

NASA launches Facebook game for space nerds

Cram up for tough Web2.0 rocket quiz

Phoenix IT Group to axe over 300 jobs

Heads roll and real estate cut in cost-cutting drive

Paris Metro brings a bit of style to NFC

Philippe Starck designs last Navigo card

Panasonic chucks rugged compact cams into the wild

GPS, compass, barometer and more on board

BSkyB snaps up fewer new subs in Q2, still rakes in cash

Promises 1,300 new jobs, drills into superfast fibre market

Angry Birds boss: Piracy helps us 'get more business'

Slams music biz's 'terrible' attempts to crush pirates

iPhone doc will detect cancer, diabetes - boffins

Touch screen literally meets bleeding-edge science

US judge rejects Oracle's fraud claim against HP

That whole Itanium death thing rumbles on through the courts

EU snaps on glove, starts formal antitrust probe of Samsung

Korean firm may be abusing 3G standards with Apple lawsuits

Virus-slingers abuse WordPress vulns, dose punters with exploit

Blogs also infected with information-harvesting Trojan

iPhone 5 rumoured to be packed with pay-by-bonk tech

NFC will have punters running for the tills

Cyberwar report: Israel, Finland best prepared for conflict

AnalysisDo GCHQ and the NSA have some catching up to do?

Baby Bills, Windows 8 and a Microsoft 'Zynga' stealth project?

MicroBite 33Nerds on the rise in a Redmond revolution

Google dings missive to lawmakers: 'We're misunderstood'

Chocolate Factory promises it's not locking your privates in a vice

Muscle chip strength leaves ARM shouldering meaty profit

High-end RISC cores boost $773m revenue headline

Google Professor appointed in Paris

Dr Oompa Loompa will see you now

SeaMicro adds Xeons to Atom smasher microservers

Now sporting brawny and wimpy cores

Red Hat now supports RHEL 5 and 6 for a decade

Live longer and prosper more

Why I'd pay Apple more to give iPad factory workers a break

Open ... and ShutTime to 'think different' on production line demands

Amazon France leaks iPad 3 release date?

Today's fondleslab rumor 'pour les nuls'

Obama washes hands of O’Dwyer piracy extradition case

Not my fault, blame the DOJ

SGI slings out departmental filer box

Modular InfiniteStorage

Woolworths cuts off Dick

Quick slice better than a slow death

The IEEE and the Electric Universe

A podium isn’t endorsement says Victoria chapter

Quickflix adds Android with Samsung

A Galaxy of mobile TV

Telstra upgrades coverage in West Australia

Footprint to pass half-a-million square kilometers

NASA: Solar system may have alien origin

The case of the missing oxygen

iiNet swallows Internode a month early

Didn’t touch the sides

Surprise: Neil Young still hates digital music

‘Piracy is the new radio'

RIM's cartoon superheroes inspire caustic Tweet-storm

Just 'a bit of fun', responds beleaguered BlackBerry biz

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