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30th > January > 2012 Archive

Tilera preps many-cored Gx chips for March launch

UpdatedTaking on all x86 comers and ARM challengers

Met Office cuts off Linux users with new weather widgets

For why does weatherman hate penguins? Something in the AIR

Media groups propose anti-piracy 'code of practice' for UK search

Rights groups up in arms... 'pay as you go' IT services cloud to float in March

Clock ticking for suppliers to join the framework

Nimble not struck by Lightning: We're fine as we are, thanks

Built-in lightning conductor

Intel brings bigger guns to AMD server chip war

AnalysisXeon and Opteron 2012 battle plan

T-Mobile hails first 'truly unlimited' smartphone tariff

Full Monty revealed

Elpida denies half-a-BEEELLION-dollar Micron buy-in

Overcoming resistance

Microsoft builds Kinect into Asus laptops

Prototype PCs test future of UI interaction

Climategate ruling: FOIA requests cover backup servers too

'We didn't delete the emails, but we don't have them'

Samsung 11.6in 'retina display' tablet spied

Mobile World Congress outing for Ice Cream Sarnie tab?

Star Trek tractor beam to save Earth from asteroid Armageddon

One of three ways world's top boffins will save us from planet killers

First-person shootout world record set

Grand battle royal

Google spews out 'privacy' email to Sky punters too

Not just Virgin Media customers fuming over web giant's intrusion

Facebook preps for public showtime with $100bn price tag

Reports suggest huge IPO is imminent

Soul Calibur V

ReviewBlades of glory

Samsung reveals Advance-d Android ringer

New star in the Galaxy range

4 Sun journos, 1 cop bailed in police bung probe

Cuffed on suspicion of corruption after tip-off from News Corp

Microsoft's Kelihos kingpin suspect: It wasn't me

Sabelnikov denies botnet herder allegation

Playmonauts could down airliners, Canuck flyboy warns

Amateur balloon mission menace

Kindle Fire owners named keenest Android app users

Stats show tablet's usage storming ahead

Achtung, Google! U2 boss blasts 'monopoly' for free-for-all

But Spotify is fine

Brit pair deported from US for 'destroy America' tweet

Also intended to disinter Marilyn Monroe, Homeland Security claims

RIM: We topped December smartphone sales chart

Maybe, but only just

Sky Anytime+ to pipe BBC iPlayer

ITV also coming to catchup service

World will stay hungry for tablet PCs

Strong demand driven by higher res displays

Sick of Ubuntu's bad breath? Suck on a Linux Mint instead

Unity rival isn't a monster frankengnome

Sony focuses on light with Cyber-shot refresh

ISO horny, dim the bulb

Year of the cloud? Not until it can shield world's Mitnicks

CEEWe need to talk about Kevin

Mickey Mouse Whois ban threat sparks privacy fears

Days of pretending to be N. O. Body are numbered

Ex-staffer: Apple assigns new workers to made up projects

Magical, revolutionary... imaginary

IBM calls time on Symphony OpenOffice fork

In tune with Oracle Apache plan

Millions face Megaupload data deletion by Thursday

That server bill won't pay itself

Thailand can't wait to wield Twitter censorship hammer

Tweet-smashing tech welcomed by govt

Dutch retailer spills Nokia 910 beans

Specs outed

Sexy Girls Puzzle: Android Trojan or eager ad-slinger?

Researchers split on Counterclank's naughtiness

Amazon sold 6m Kindle Fire tablets, says analyst

'Third content ecosystem' to beat iTunes?

Ocean currents emerge as climate change hot-spots

As they warm, they shift

Google, Facebook, Microsoft in PHISH-FIGHTING smackdown

DMARC Brothers back cross-industry standard

Microsoft Win Server to get pushed off OpenStack Linux cloud?

Hyper-V support a 'useless feature'

Microsoft launches Office 15 Technical Preview Program

Discreet few to bug test next Office build

AMD touts LRDIMM memory for x86 servers

Pushing up to 384GB per socket

Huawei extends R&D in UK

Snaps up photonics lab

BlackBerry cloud services go live on Office 365

Will bundling save Canadian’s bacon?

Tablet sales said to surge fivefold in five years

The driving force? Lower prices, natch

Internode gets aggressive on greenfield estates

Rolls fibre head to head with NBN

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