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27th > January > 2012 Archive

Most EU states sign away internet rights, ratify ACTA treaty

European Parliament observer resigns in protest

Untangling the question of antimatter mass

Boffins spin up positronium

Planet-hunting Kepler hits EXOPLANET JACKPOT

11 systems, 26 planets added to inventory

Newt Gingrich wants Moon to be 51st US state

Promises permanent Moon base by 2020, Mars as next target

Eurocom Panther 2.0 Core i7, SLI notebook

ReviewJust what does a £5k laptop get you these days?

EU: Time running out for web companies on 'do not track' system

Steely Neelie: Agree on it by June, or I'll force one on you

Samsung outsold Apple in world smartphone arena

iPhone overtaken in 2011

Maxwell: Under G-Cloud, gov will buy IT 'like stationery'

Public ICT contracts to be measured 'in months, rather than years'

iPhone grabs 6% of world phone shipments

But Nokia and Samsung tower over Apple

Startup goes titsup: Beyond Oblivion's crash is beyond belief

Murdoch, charity also face write-offs as digital music outfit goes bust

Samsung eyes enormofridges for see-through screens

No beer? Tap for more

World Solar Challenge: The Musical

VideoOz heliowheels race for your viewing pleasure

Twitter cosies up to governments with country-level filters

The tweets must flow, unless we're told they shouldn't...

UK sight-loss charity sues BMI

Excuses over inaccessible website don't fly with us

Spring launch for Apple OLED TV with Siri, says retail mole

Can it really make money when Sony et al can't?

Valve pumps Steam into smartphones

Social gamework

Google must channel SOPA rage again – against your privacy

Once more unto the breach, dear netizens

Boffins make graphene micro-distillery

Wonder stuff cooked up super-strength vodka

BT comes clean on Infinity modem 'upgrade'

Replacement boxes rolled out due to faulty chip

BT seeks apartment dwellers to sign-up to 'superfast' FTTP trial

We really wanna blow you some cable, dears

Nintendo unveils Network for console connectivity

Wii U to get NFC tech too

'You will download your sneakers within 20 years. Yarr'

QuotWPlus: Fruity smugness - 'momentum is incredibly strong'

ICANN responds to smut portal antitrust lawsuit

'We do not make or sell anything,' says $75m non-profit

Sony BDP-S185 Blu-ray player

ReviewA little gem

Update Facebook by thrusting your hips to, er ... 'Like' things

NFC belt buckle lets you show affection with a friendly hump

North Korea labels phone users war criminals

Hundred-day ban on blowers

Stab victim protected by Bulgarian airbag

Jub job saved Florida woman's life, doc reckons

NAO: British bobbies wasting £80m BlackBerry stash

Some forces share 1 among 100, some have 150 for 100 officers

Galaxy drives up profits for Samsung

Smartphone sales fuel massive multi-billion dollar investments

Apple: Yes there are horrendous accidents, but we CARE

Tim Cook sends letter after Chinese factory horror exposé

Google lets youngsters in to Google+. Officially, that is

ZitFaceBook to offer 'nuance, richness, meaningfulness'

Apple Italy throws up ruling on its store site

UPDATE:We accept that they think we were wrong

Microsoft exec says Safe Harbor framework is 'alive and well'

CPDPPrivacy critic: 'It's dead. We just forgot to bury it'

Snake slides back onto Nokia smartphones

Nostalgic grub gobbling

Microsoft schtum on Dropbox snags with IE

Possible SmartScreen dislike of Amazon caused hiccups

Judges set timetable for McKinnon case resolution

Pentagon hacking suspect has been waiting for 10 YEARS...

US lawmakers question Google over privacy policy

Politicos ask if Chocolate Factory's new rules violate an FTC agreement

Playstation Vita games match PS3 software prices

Keep 'em steep

Spotify reckons 1 in 5 freebie-gulper eventually pay up

Takes pop at labels for withholding

RIM slashes BlackBerry PlayBook tablet prices

Up to 58 per cent off launch cost

Facebook flings clickjack spam lawsuit at ad-slingers

Social network teams up with Washington State to hound marketing firm

Nominet puts the squeeze on rude members

Scammers, speculators warned

Dumb salesmen are hurting us – Nokia CEO

AnalysisIncentivising the McJobs

Juniper stalled by jittery service providers, product transitions

Switch hitting

Enterprise gets social: Twitter-style data streams, engagement 'apps'

Open ... and ShutLittle numbers, big software and the data deluge

America abandoning DSL in favour of faster cable

Dash to fibre as people abandon twisted copper

Quantum shares plunge after results

Turning the corner

Polish lawmakers don Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

Thousands roil Polish streets – more protests planned

GaleForce control freak paints clouds KVM red

Spanning more devices and hypervisors

First US CTO Aneesh Chopra resigns from post

Logs out for possible political career

Students busted for hacking computers, changing grades

'Very bright kids' too bright for their own good

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