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26th > January > 2012 Archive

Citrix rides the virty desktop wave

Thanks for Windows 7, Microsoft – can I have another?

Scientists shift electron orbits for atomic storage and quantum computing

Jupiter’s orbital mechanics inspires mesoscopic physicists

Red Hat juices speed freak MRG Linux

Shadowman gets the message

Netflix vs Lovefilm

IPTV WeekStreaming giants go head to head

DWP's Work Programme IT already broken at launch

National Audit Office: Functionality still not available

1 euro in every 7 spent on a Visa card

Digital wallet coming this year

Microsoft's magic bullet for Azure: Red Hat Linux

AnalysisCloud biz falls short of $80m revenue target

Apple takes smartphone lead

Top of the US chart in Q4

BBC's images of murdered infant did not breach privacy, copyright

Court rules: Happier times snaps from trial were in public interest

Apple loses ground to Android in tablet biz

But sells so many iPads it needn't care

Boffins one step closer to invisible shed

Successfully cloak 3D object from microwaves

Foxconn tooling up for iPhone 5

Bigger body, bigger screen, says factory insider

Pentax peddles snapper for portrait pundits

Taken to the side

Google Maps to dish out disaster alerts

Nearest McDonalds is... oh, there's an earthquake comi-... aaaah

Billions of net-ready boxes in homes by 2016

IPTV weekWill anyone still watch broadcast TV?

Ten exabytes wedged into a rather large box by Cleversafe

But with 4,500,000 drives, it's gonna cost ya

Apple and Google ramp up proxy war

Motorola flings another 6 patent suits at the Fruity One


iOS App of the WeekLive telly beamed to your iDevice

Flag-waving Lego Canuck soars to 80,000ft

Canadian teens stake claim on upper atmosphere

Symantec's profits up in calm third quarter

Growth in security and compliance keeps ship steady

Nintendo cuts full-year forecast – by BILLIONS

Super Mario-maker hopes Wii U release can help it power-up

EMC moves into LSI WarpDrive

Mister Sulu, stand by to make your manoeuvres ...

Archos 35 Smart Home Phone

ReviewSkype savvy Android DECT set

Nintendo confirms Wii U launch for 2012

Clear the slate

Russian supply ship heads for ISS, space garbage crashes into Pacific

Vittles, manoeuvring fuel up: Rubbish bins down

FetchTV owner looks for buyer

IPTV WeekVideo-on-demand, set-top box biz up for sale

Small pile of cash, dying platform: 2011 is bad news for Nokia

Sales, profits, margins, all spiralling down

Big biz BlackBerry refuseniks adopt Apple over Android

Enterprise iPhone activations dwarf rivals

Korean boffins make e-books more like real ones

Paperback swiper

Apple dishes out cheap, tasty Macs 'n slabs to staff

Employees sink teeth into hefty $500 Macbook discounts

WD's MyBook takes a Thunderbolt to the chest

2-drive external storage system for mega-fast read/writes

Blackhole crimeware kit drives web threat spike

Report: Conficker also still causing mayhem

Retailer punts new videogame 'rentals' for a fiver

Fortnight deadline

New Earth-observing satellite snaps 'blue marble' shot

Three-month-old Suomi NPP captures hi-res Earth pic

Google exec questions Reding's 'Right to be forgotten' pledge

CPDPSays certain aspects of article 17 are 'unworkable'

Rhapsody nabs Napster UK

Rubber brand

Google emails Virgin Media subscribers ... about privacy

Infuriated customers want to know how the Goog got their addresses

NEC slashes 10,000 jobs – blames Thai floods, smartphone slump

Japanese IT giant a victim of Apple's success

Intel bags $120m patent hoard from RealNetworks

190 patents, 170 applications, and 'next-generation' video codec

iPad Fleshlight lets fanbois express their love

NSFW - UPDATEDComing soon: Fondleslab f**king

Mellanox shrugs off Intel's InfiniBand buy

Turns in good Q4, will grow in 2012 despite price cuts

UK probes Snickers over 'celebrity' Twitter adverts

UpdatedRio Ferdinand and Jordan fingered for promo tweets

Digislide slips into administration

ASX listed projector start-up hits the wall

Nikon compact, only $AU100k

Deal too good to miss

IBM demos new nanotech

Carbon nanotube, graphene research boost transistors' future

Gongs ring in Oz tech sector

Geeks make the Order of Australia

Two Megaupload execs bailed

No net for Batato or van der Kolk

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