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25th > January > 2012 Archive

Apple CEO: 'Amazon Fire didn't dent our sales'

'Year of the tablet? Nope. Year of the iPad'

Orange Tahiti 7in Android tablet

ReviewFreshly squeezed fondleslab, anyone?

Judges probe minister's role in McKinnon extradition saga

Pentagon hacker's medical files ignored

Outside-the-box thinking literally can't be done inside a box, say profs

Fridge-carton tomfoolishness

Facebook 'contributes' €15.3bn to EU economy... bitch

Tells small biz world to join social network army

Dr Who phone game puts Daleks in your living room

Toy Fair 2012Augmented extermination

Infinity Blade II

iGamerIn need of a quick slash?

Google finally admits it wants to OWN YOU

Big changes to Terms of Service due in March

Nokia exec praises Brazilian...

...for purchase of 1.5 millionth S40 handset

New Euro IP law promises artists torpedoes to sink pirates

Commissioner wants to stop biz making cash off others' slog

Scalextric restarts space race with Star Wars craft

Toy Fair 2012X-Wings race TIE Fighters

London Underground Wi-Fi pusher to be announced in spring

Tube's wireless delivered in time for 2012 Olympics

Megaupload master loses Call of Duty crown

Dotcom bubble burst

Remote-controlled Star Wars kit blown up

Toy Fair 2012Inflatable Empire

Acer bids to raise prices after levelling inventory mountain

'Back to the old ways of working,' says UK boss

Super-powered 'frankenmalware' strains detected in the wild

Virus-worm crossbreeds will trash systems faster than ever before

O2 leaks 3G users' mobile numbers to every website visited

UpdatedTelco launches probe

Pope praises Twitter and your 'profound' tweets

Lol! Pontiff tries to get down with the kids, smh!!

Loyal NASA rover Opportunity enters 9th year of Mars boffinry

Plucky robot to sniff Endeavour's rim

Toshiba Qosmio DX730 PC TV combo

ReviewTouchscreen desktop entertainer

Reding's 'right to be forgotten' bill polarises Euro biz world

Rewriting data protection law in internet age

Punters to pick up cheap laptops not Ultrabooks

Consumers too price-wary for skinny tech, says analyst

iPad users 'risk shoulder pain', say US gov, Microsoft boffins

Too much time fondling your slab will leave you stiff

Paramount opens Cloud-based movie shop

IPTV WeekPayPal support good news for non-US viewers

Acer unleashes account managers on corporate customers

Uses Olympics gloss to burnish biz credentials

Lego readies kit for Minecraft lovers

Block party

EU commissioner unleashes draft data protection bill

Fines for fumbling punters' privates 'not watered down', Reding insists

Groupon banned from selling SNAKE OIL

Site unable to 'substantiate' serpent serum claims - ASA

Microsoft to cash in chips on virtual currency

Points break

O2 3G stops giving punters' mobile numbers to websites

HTTP header blooper stamped out within hours after outcry

Google plays the long game with Chrome OS

First the kids, then the commercial sector

The Pirate Bay torrents printable 3D objects

Yarr! Getting physical with small plastic models

Apple's soaraway growth is Google's pain - and here's why

AnalysisThe Martian test - Mountain View FAIL

Pwn2Own 2012 touts bigger prizes, drops mobile hacks

Make $60,000 with a few carefully injected bytes

Try a 'shroom before ruling on chill pills, boffin tells gov

Ministers 'irrational' on depression-busting hallucinogen

Dell fluffs up fatter Microsoft private clouds

More huffing and puffing later this year

Telly makers aim to put OLED in your lounge in 2012

IPTV WeekAnother five years to wait for the tech to mature?

OpIreland hackers spank gov sites as 'Irish SOPA' nears

Angry hacktivists land on Irish shores

pcAnywhere let anyone anywhere inject code into PCs

Symantec plugs holes in desktop remote-control tool

Quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III set for April launch

Rumour with a view

EE and BT get LTE extension

180 lowenek Kernewek* won't have to give up their broadband

Nvidia hit by GPU slump, too

Tegra 2 stepped on by Tegra 3

Why O2 shared your mobile number with the world

And why they'll probably do similar again

Amazon bridges enterprise IT with cloud backup

Official at last: book-seller goes corporate

Super Micro awaits the Xeon E5 launch

Disk shortage bites box shipments

Tucci to hang around another year as EMC earnings soar

Record-breaking dosh, but info intelligence not so clever

Intel issues dividend, Apple sits on $97.6bn

A tale of two companies

Fusion-io revenues flash upwards

Market punishes Fusion for margin fall

O2 apologizes for 'unintended' number-leak cockup

Will cooperate with Information Commissioner's probe

HP outlines schedule for full WebOS open source release

Full development system out by September

Two million-degree matter from SLAC laser


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