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24th > January > 2012 Archive

US Supremes: GPS tracking requires warrant

'Stop! In the name of the 4th Amendment...'

VMware busts through billion dollar quarter

Headman Maritz expects Microsoft to 'come back at us'

Ten... IPTV set-top boxes

IPTV WeekBringing films from web to telly

Laptops get cooler with bamboo bottoms

Pandas might eat the fans

Campaign launched to teach consumers about ad-stalking

Ad body produces guide to online behavioural advertising

Councils tout £1.2bn for IT whizkid to grab their backend

Outsourced IT includes crim record checks and payroll

HP palms £316m in DWP desktop deal

History repeats itself

How to tell if your biz will do a Kodak

Blocks and FilesLearn to recognise failure - and move on

CW lets slip Nokia Lumia 900 UK launch date

Big-screen WinPho boy will be LTE-less


Android App of the WeekUK telly - and more - from the net to your phone

Ofcom to borrow cup o' spectrum for Olympics

Using less than a third the engineers Beijing had

GM Volt e-car battery safe, say feds

No design flaws in cooling system

Shatner faces final frontier as spokesman

Hammy actor ends lucrative ad run

HP pitches 10in netbook at business

No Windows Starter for the suits

Apple looking to support new technology, says blog

No s**t

Dinosaurs were super mums, nest find proves

Cold-blooded reptiles showed caring side - bone boffins

Juror jailed for looking up rape defendant on Google

Lecturer ignored judge's ban on web search

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter expose Google's 'evil'

App fingers 'search results bias'

Telly makers failing to turn punters on to smart TV

IPTV WeekGames consoles to be most popular IPTV platform?

Sony SVR-HDT1000 Freeview+ HD DVR

ReviewNo-nonsense telly recorder with HDD archiving

Microsoft names SQL Server 2012 launch date

Price increases likely

Watchdog bites Nokia over Lumia 800 TV 'flash ads'

Channel 5 sponsorship crossed the line

Starship Voyager dumped into skip

Tearful Trekkie dismantles intergalactic flat

HP pays $425,000 to settle blazing battery claim

Denies it knowingly sold dangerous kit

Top RIM jobs shake-up: Heads roll... but not very far

CommentHeins spills beans on BlackBerry rescue plan

Pay attention, 007: Wi-Fi cufflinks perfect for a spy

Gadget includes 2GB USB drive too

Google+ lets in nicknames, slams door on plebs' pseudonyms

Please, do tell the nice ad giant even more about yourself

Assange™ to present own TV show

Dubs self 'revolutionary figure', 'pioneer for justice'

Inspiration Works intros Android tablet for tykes

Toy Fair 2012Skates out, slates in

WD soaks up $2bn in Thai flood aftermath

Coyne still faces HGST deal approval

Hacktivists hammer Polish govt for backing ACTA

Support for SOPA's big brother sparks hackers' wrath

Sage 'satisfied' as squeezed small biz still puts out

UK software giant keeps numbers up despite 'challenging environment'

Apple's Dutch Galaxy Tab ban shot down by The Hague

Trendy tech titan takes a hit as patent war reaches The Netherlands

Ultrabooks won't smash tablets, says analyst

Fondleslabs to be a bigger seller for years

Is France's 'three strikes' anti-piracy banhammer working?

IFPI says yes. We look at the file-sharer numbers

Facebook to shove Timeline in EVERYONE'S face soon

Tick tock, bitch

Micron, Elpida, Nanya lust for a DRAM hot threesome

Merge mulled to take on rampant South Korean rivals

Microsoft fingers alleged Kelihos botnet kingpin

Suspected coder once worked for Russian antivirus biz

Facebook sheds light on Nokia's Lumia sales

App stats show gap between the platform and the sales train

IBM and NEC tag team on OpenFlow networking

Control freaking network configs from servers

HUD's up! Ubuntu creates menu-free GUI

No drop-downs in the future

Ultrabooks will devour notebook biz by 2016 - report

MacBook Air threatened as Intel slimbooks get cheaper

Antivirus startup Dasient flocks off to Twitter

Bought-up securo biz and social site make tweet love

US govt security advice site trashed by hackers

Hacktivist campaign against SOPA, PIPA and ACTA continues

AT&T starts dishing out $1bn in radio frequencies

Spectrum today, cash tomorrow

Node.js sees Windows compatibility as key to success

Avoiding the mistakes of Ruby on Rails

Anonymous explodes MegaUpload clone 'scam'

AnonyUpload is nothing to do with us, sir

Nokia busted for dodgy SMS to customers

Spam Act breach draws $AU55k wrist-slap

Apple tops estimates with earnings leap of 118 per cent

Wall Street moneymen looking a wee bit silly

Oz stalls e-health trials

Pilot catches bugs in specs

APN gets friendly with Pollenizer

When old media and new media collide

No bail for Kim Dotcom

Come back in a month

Whacked moon rocks yield up their secrets

What happens when you shock zircon

Yahoo! revenues! continue! to! decline!

New CEO faces a mountain to climb

AMD swings to a loss in Q4

Blame wafer bakers, discrete graphics – or both

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