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23rd > January > 2012 Archive

Telstra gets core spot in new Asian cable

Huawei set to build ASSC-1

Quickflix builds up content entourage

HBO jumps on the IPTV stream

Vodafone manages to fight off £3bn tax bill, claws back cash paid

What happens in India never happened in India

Dell and LSI now sporting impressive new set of MRAMs

Hello boys

Hospitals snap up cloudy storage as disk space runs out

Overwhelmed with patient data, NHS trust runs into EMC's arms

Romanian who hacked NASA spared cooler stint

If you can't do the time, well, do the crime anyway

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225

Catch it if you can marches on with solar 'leccy cash slash by spring

Grid feed-in payback cut is energy minister's Plan A and B

RIM's co-CEOs quit in top exec shake-up

Will it be too little, too late?

Russia and NASA plan to COLONISE the Moon

'We want to do more than just step on it'

Software AG plots Valley invasion by Terracotta army

Colour us red, white and blue, says top Euro biz

Bonfire of the brands: ICANN's top-level domain selloff

Is small biz priced out of the market?

Power7 chips going for a song in Big Blue January sale

Getting rid of inventory?

Filesonic cleans up after Megaupload bust

Rapidshare whistles... STONED and GUILTY? Not us

Networks nag Nokia to lower Lumia levy

Competitive charge

IPTV UK: what's on tonight?

IPTV WeekWorth watching yet?

Europe exposes its stiff data protection law this week

Time for Facebook, Google et al to lobby hard

IPTV Week: Complete Coverage

IPTV WeekAs Netflix launches in the UK, we put the spotlight on net telly

Acetrax joins Inview VoD squad

IPTV WeekSecond-tier set-tops to get IPTV

'Hannibal' leaks '100,000 Facebook logins'

Then demands Middle East cyber-war truce

DreamHost nightmare attack sparks passwords reset

Hackers inappropriately touched customer database

SharePoint gods peek into colleagues' info – poll

Security is for other people

Ofcom says ITV "breached audience trust"

IPTV WeekVideogame clip shown as real footage

Car gadget cuts off driver's smartphone

Hands on the wheel, son

ITV wrist-slapped for showing video game as IRA attack

Not fined for YouTube rip and bungled riot coverage

iPad 2, iPhone 4S finally jail-broken

Tut, what took you so long?

Android hackers mull rooted mobe app marketplace

As if things weren't complicated enough

Fans teased with Doc Who PS3 promo

Vworp! Vworp!

Live Music law to decriminalise trumpet-playing

Bill passes through Commons

Tablet, e-reader ownership doubles over Xmas

Volumes of demand

Plus is king now: Google shutters more products

I'm+ sorry+, what+ was+ that+? I+ can't+ hear+ you+

Japanese manufacturers cut domestic disc, telly production

Demand falling, costs rising

Man vanquishes robot cop in hand-to-hand combat

Droid 'hurled through door', fleshies mete out beanbag justice

World music sales slide despite digital dividend

Downloads on the up

HP, RIM, ARM among thousands in ICANN dot-brand ban

If your name's on the list, you're not coming in

Fujitsu and Unite shake hands on pay, pensions deal

Ongoing row defused as striking staff appeased

Anonymous tweets for hack targets

Who do we go after next? asks V-masqued mob

Sourcefire jumps into anti-malware market

Cyber-outbreak defence tech to shore up big biz

Furious freetards blitz the wrong SOPA

'Don't care if you inspect farmers - STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING' loses 2 top techies, needs some new ones

Glam jobs up for grabs at DWP and Cabinet Office

Bletchley Park flogs Alan Turing first day covers

Enigma codebreaker puts his stamp on 2012

Micron bought the ashes of crashed Virtensys

AnalysisPayout for stockholders will be $0

Intel upsets apple cart, snaps up QLogic's InfiniBand biz

Time for AMD to eat Mellanox

Joyent rakes in $85m to build out SmartOS clouds

Going global

MPAA threat sparks White House petition for bribery probe

Politicians should remember who bought them, MPAA CEO warns

Google+ funny numbers mask falling growth

Open ... and ShutFriends with Posh and Becks

Survey: Android set to beat iOS in battle for coder love

Google OS racing to top of app developers poll

YouTube tops one hour of video uploads per second

4 billion views per day – Nyan Cat rejoices

Potent proton pulse to BOMBARD EARTH Tuesday morn

Sunspots get angry, planes get rerouted

Mellanox chops 10-gig Ethernet switch, adapter prices

UpdatedMaking it up in volume

Group buying stalls in Asia

Deal sites storm the exit doors

Telstra opens fibre to competitors

FTTP in South Brisbane, housing estates goes wholesale

Rara and Rdio take on Aus music industry

Digital radio players turn it up to 11

Laser used to cool semiconductor

Next: the quantum physics case-mod

US Senator's Twitter account back after hack

Anti-SOPA activists play 'occupy @ChuckGrassley'

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