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18th > January > 2012 Archive

Plan hatched to view Milky Way's black hole heart

Stargazers to test if Einstein was right

Another trans-Tasman link underway

Huawei jumps on board Optikor

Netgear ReadyNas Duo v2 network storage

ReviewARM twist tactics

German ISP doesn't have to block foreign 'illegal' betting sites

Court: Deutsche Telekom not on the hook for site's content

Fans goad Valve for Half-Life 3 gen

Let us be Freeman

New stealthy botnet Trojan holds Facebook users hostage

Victims must pay $25 to get back into stalkerbase

NHS trust to digitise millions of patient records

IT director boasts: We're paper-light

Phages: The powerful new bio-ammo in superbug war

Keep calm and carry on research

Dizzy: the Ultimate Cartoon Adventure Part Deux

Antique Code ShowThe agony and the eggstacy

Five Koobface botnet suspects named by New York Times

Trojan coins millions for its masters, say researchers

Government launches hydrogen motoring task force

Can Britain be ready for 2014 h-car rollout?

A preview of SOPA: Web shut down before my eyes

Sysadmin blogHated anti-piracy laws will hit everyone

Russian boffins: US radar didn't fry Phobos-Grunt

Megawatt ray-gun not to blame for Martian probe fiasco

Virgin Media broadband goes titsup for 3 hours

Routing gear fingered for nationwide outage

Samsung denies sniffing around RIM

Blog's BlackBerry biz buyout blab sparked share spike

Google boots out OpenStreetMap-nobbling contractors

Don't be evil on our network

Ten... laptop accessories

Product round-upGadgets to go

Homeless Intel science compo whiz off to see Obama

Teen semifinalist gets invite to State of the Union address

Alienware takes aim at consoles with mini PC

Desktop 360

Windows 8 hardware rules 'derail user-friendly Linux'

Installing OS will be a pain for newbies, says Red Hat bloke

WTF is... 802.11ac?

Next-gen Wi-Fi beamforms in

Symantec 'fesses up: 'Code theft worse than we thought'

pcAnywhere users - batten down the hatches

George Lucas: 'No more Star Wars'

Director calls quits on blockbusters

Clearwire and China Mobile link up for 4G time-div trials

I don't want to pair up, I want to have one after another

Apple wants to OWN YOUR VERY SOLE

Patented location-garb, shoes points out nearest bogs

Mars attacks! Morocco pelted with rocks from the Red Planet

Ochre space bonanza worth ten times its weight in gold

Alleged Muscovite cybercrime daddy hauled in to face US court

Feds allege père et fils duo scooped $100ks using malware

Peeking up the skirt of Microsoft's hardy ReFS

Getting under the skin of Windows 8's new server filesystem

Xio shells data centre citadels with barrels of disks

Growing Hyper ISE biz eyes up global domination

Cisco boasts of 10,000th server customer

$1.1bn in iron a year, and snowballing

Nexenta scores another $21m

Will use to grow until ... IPO?

The Register to publish other sites' blacked-out content in SOPA protest

UpdatedVulture Central in selfless bid to save the internet

LightSquared accuses government of ‘rigged’ interference tests

Company claims collusion with the GPS industry

Two PROTECT IP sponsors drop support for their own bill

Politicians scatter in the face of public ire

Facebook ANZ boss unfriends gig

Exits but set to stay in Australia

Chocolate Factory moves into the fridge

Chill no evil

Atlassian get top G'day gong

Praised for 10 years of uber innovation

Australia, US agree to space junk talks

America adds ‘national security’ caveats

Red Hat guns for VMware with RHEV 3.0

Linux virtualization – that's Shadowman's home turf

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