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12th > January > 2012 Archive

Apple to stage New York education event next week

Big Apple launch in the Big Apple

Lindy wireless extender and projection server

ReviewPutting on a display

Go Daddy not liable for cybersquatting, US court rules

Oil company domain name 'lookalikes' redirected users to smut site

French get unlimited mobile for €20

Free Mobile's price plan: 60 minutes a month for nothing at all

Davos report: Cyber-attack risk to global stability is real

Not as menacing as the sharpening economic pyramid though

Bomb threat lobbed at Finnish anti-piracy squad

Freetard fury after The Pirate Bay is blocked

Vauxhall prices up Ampera e-car for Blighty

Detroit Motor ShowPower package?

IK caters for mobile musicians with iOS peripherals

CES 2012Mic, stomp, mix

Samsung Remote

iOS App of the WeekAV kit control over Wi-Fi

Xerox CEO's cure for US educational woes: 'Cool' and cash

CES 2012Put down that basketball and pick up those books

Honda NSX reborn as a hybrid

Detroit Motor ShowWill still go like stink

Hubble probes star death blast clue to universe riddle

Pic9bn-year-old supernova could explain dark energy

Ofcom sides with Orange over price hikes

Operator action will not be probed

Acorn King Moir: BBC Micros, Ataris and 'BS' marketing

'Intel processors were awful'

Toyota teases next-gen Prius styling

Detroit Motor ShowHydrogen hatchback too

Republican pol rips online piracy bill, defends Google

CES 2012Issa: 'SOPA? Throw it away'

US killer spy drone controls switch to Linux

Flying assassins upgraded after Windows virus outbreak

LG touts tellies with cloud-gaming capabilities

CES 2012While OnLive gets into GoogleTV

Banana war: Velvet Underground shoots holes in Apple bag

Sues Andy Warhol Foundation over artwork deal with iPhone case-maker

Philips Cinema 21:9 Gold 50in ultra widescreen TV

ReviewThe film buffs' telly gets cheaper... and smaller

Compellent co-founder dismounts disk biz

Storage vet and CEO Phil Soran heads for retirement

Fujifilm unveils X-Pro1 APS-C compact system camera

CES 2012Optics options add a new twist

Samsung loads Netflix onto smart TVs

CES 2012Firmware update required

Google's social search mash gets EPIC FAIL

Privacy warriors mull FTC complaint

Best-selling games of 2011 revealed

Guess which

Scammers punt bogus pink Facebook makeover

Lame lure promises to banish 'boring blue'

Judge bans stolen student sex pics sharing on BitTorrent

Net privacy game changed by landmark ruling against seeders

Nuclear Mars tank thrusts hard into perfect position

NASA shows Russians how Phobos-Grunt should have worked

Ofcom sets out spectrum mega-auction, again

2Mbps to everyone who can get a voice call

Footie club sacks striker for homophobic tweet

Own goal scored in jibe at gay rugby player

Microsoft postpones plans for web telly service

Content companies wanted too much money

Microsoft sharpening axe for marketing heads - report

Hundreds of jobs at stake in cultural revolution, say sources

Gartner: Ultrabooks aren't tickling anyone's fancy

Just as world PC market shrinks 1.4% in Q4

Germany lifts Computacenter out of UK slump

Across the channel and into the trees

Bookies set odds on Apple NYC launch

Wagers of sin

Activist hedge fund Taconic ups CA stake

Wringing out the cash

Stratfor slaps website back online after Anon mega-hack

CEO: Hacktivists can't silence us - and soz about the credit cards

Oracle punts carrier-grade Sparc T4 servers

Revs up TimesTen in-memory database

Cryptome releases list of social sites monitored by DHS

Situational awareness in a social media age

NBN Co unclogs sign-up pipeline

Wholesale contract no longer sucks, it seems

SMS emergency management goes national

Telstra first to provide location-based alerts

Aussie fraud buster seized by global rival

Founder joins as global CTO

Oz skeptic offers prize if Rossi’s E-cat works

Presentation in hippie-ville

Ron Paul’s web campaign mired in pokey pages

Bettered by Romney (again), POTUS not much better

Imagination uncloaks 'over 20X faster' smartphone GPU

CES 2012'Rogue' embraces heterogeneous future

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