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10th > January > 2012 Archive

Intel ignores Steve Jobs, adds touchscreen to Ultrabook

CES 2012Research departments come to 180° conclusions

Astronomers map largest ever zone of dark matter

MegaCam maps 10 million galaxies

HD JuiceBox HDMI over Powerline kit

ReviewHigh voltage hi-def

Bit-part actress slings sueball at IMDb over age gripe

Work dried up, 40-year-old Junie Hoang claims

CES headman: 'Microsoft not gone, just on pause'

CES 2012Ballmer's final (?) keynote a crashing bore

Vodafone using 'partners' to help it penetrate global markets

Just friends with benefits...

French court fines Google $65k over search suggestion

Did your $%&* algorithm just call me a crook?

Orange touts tropical tablet

Own-brand Tahiti on sale today

TV Guide UK

Android App of the WeekSee what's on telly - quick

Samsung shows 55in OLED über-TV

CES 2012Dual-core, app-tastic and motion-controlled

NASA halts 'naut flogging Apollo 13 notebook

Jim Lovell put emergency checklist up for auction

Samsung joins Ultrabook race

CES 2012Cues up 13.3in, 14in entrants

Siri's artificially intelligent news anchor sister bags $6.2m

Funding found for DARPA-backed web sniffer Trapit

Tesla 300-mile e-car UK debut set for 2013

Detroit Motor ShowWith a 17in touchscreen on the dash

In Netflix vs Lovefilm, the winner (probably) takes nowt

AnalysisVideo war kicks off. ZZzzz

HP unveils glass-cased Ultrabook

CES 2012The iPhone 4S of laptops

Nokia sheds light on latest Lumia

CES 2012WinPho Tango calling

German cops hacked in revenge for dad spying on daughter

Payback after officer used cyber-bug at home

HP Pavilion dv6 15.6in quad-core notebook

ReviewLlano laptop, anyone?

Volkswagen catches electric Beetle

Detroit Motor ShowPrototype two-seater unveiled

Sony goes inorganic for 'eye popping' OLED TV rival

CES 2012'Crystal' set contains 6m LEDs

Oracle mounts Cloudera's elephant for big data ride

Cloud biz chosen for number-stomping Hadoop stack

Sony shows off NXT-generation smartphone

CES 2012Iconic identity inbound

Profs call for harsh taxes on sweet carbonated beverages

California moves toward tapwater-only lifestyle

Opera's new store beams HTML5 apps into tellies

CES 2012Facebook and Vimeo squeezed into punters' TV time

Powerline Ethernet group posts 1Gb/s spec

CES 2012HomePlug AV2 ready for adopters' adapters

Samsung: 'We'll nick Nokia's global mobe crown this year'

CES 2012Cocky S Korean biz bats aside Apple in race to the top

Microsoft schedules Kinect for Windows launch

CES 2012Fresh motion control kit inbound

Sprint tucks Google Wallet into new pay-by-tap phones

Two 4G LTE phones, one wallet, no legacy networking

Panasonic pitches portable Skype screen

CES 2012Take up your PC videocall and walk

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a massive package

$376m in stocks for taking over from Jobs

Michael Dell: PC profits plunge not down to tablets

It was floods and the economy – anyway we're buying cloud startups now

WD updates video streamer for Netflix, iPlayer

CES 2012Fresh firmware brings IPTV services aboard

Facebook obsessives overlook enterprise riches

Open ... and ShutBig biz software is where all the cool kids are at

Pro-Israel hackers threaten tit for tat after credit card leak

Saudi e-stores and Israeli diplomat's site nobbled in cyber-spat

Android-powered goggles bring virtual reality closer

CES 2012Handy augmentation

Foreign sabotage suspected in Phobos-Grunt meltdown

Russian space chief doesn't want to point any fingers, but...

OCZ conquers Everest, flashes 3-bit NAND at world

Next-gen MLC gets TLC

AT&T joins 'Linux for cloud', boosts HTML5 apps

Smartphone, TV, web code-jockey play

Hubble shows images from record-breaking 13.1 billion light-years

Spots quintet of infant galaxies in formation

IBM pumps out two Xeon rackers

Cost-cutters ahead of the Sandy Bridge onslaught

Juniper stalled by Q4 slowdown

Anything Cisco can do. . . .

Google merging more personal data into search results

Tighter Google+ and Picasa integration ahead

Panasonic buys into JT's MySpace TV experiment

Get social from your couch, potatoes

IBM helps GlobalFoundries ramp New York foundry

How long before GloFo buys Big Blue's fabs?

Vodafail riles ACMA again

Rogue telemarketers won't toe the line

Boeing backs biofuel boffinry

Growing our own jet fuel

$18k for Aussie domain sets new record

Fertile ground for domain trading

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