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9th > January > 2012 Archive

New PCIe drive chip lives life in the flash lane

Marvell and OCZ go ARM in arm into nippy storage

Who will be David to EMC's external disk Goliath?

Unstoppable storage king and NetApp crush rivals

Mobile phone mast-in-a-chip biz sells out for $50m

Blighty-based Picochip finds Californian sugardaddy

Netflix goes live in Blighty

'Lovefilm without the DVDs' for £6 a month

Former coder, NASA 'naut to lead DARPA starship dream

Galactic bus boss also Trekkie, 1st African-American woman in space

LG: 1mm bezel on your telly, anyone?

CES 2012Almost borderless TV demo'd

Urban Wi-Fi is back... in Westminster and Kensington

Made in Chelsea gets wireless blanket

CES Week 2012: Complete Coverage

CES 2012Stories and more from the World's biggest consumer electronics event

Microsoft's veteran server and tools chief punches eject

Office man steps in

Mars rover seeks perfect suntan spot to survive winter

Opportunity's solar panels get juiced up on Greeley Haven slopes

Acer intros skinny 15in notebook

CES 2012Big screen, thin chassis

Nikon raises bar with fresh flagship DSLR

XQD debuts on high ISO snapper

HDS joins string of disk floggers hiking drive prices

'Temporary' increase after deadly Thailand flooding

BSkyB nabs stake in telly babble app biz Zeebox

Multi-million pound tie-up to study viewing habits

iPhone demand strong months after 4S release

Smartphone buying survey shows Samsung on the rise

SEVENTY-FIVE wirelessly charged devices will demo at CES

CES 2012If we built it, will they come?

Lenovo outs Ice Cream Sarnie telly

CES 2012Dual-core Google goggle-box

Archos G9 101 8GB Android tablet

ReviewThe cheapest 10in Honeycomb fondleslab?

How's Cameron's favourite Shoreditch startup doing? Oh. scrobbled deeper into debt

Lenovo primed with keyboard-connectable tablet

CES 2012Inspired by Asus?

1TB USB stick shoved into Swiss Army knife

CES 2012Cutting edge solid state blade, but where's the tiny useless nail file?

Acer unveils 'world's thinnest' Ultrabook

CES 2012First Windows laptop with Thunderbolt

Parrot takes flight with next-gen quadricopter

CES 2012RC chopper cherry-picks footage

Marvell updates hybrid NAND/disk controller

Second piece of NAND chippery

Facebook VERY SLOWLY rolls out Timeline

As privacy outfit bangs on FTC door again

File stroker AutoVirt ascends into the clouds - in a bad way

Document virtualiser is no more

Elgato readies Thunderbolt-fed external SSD

CES 2012Fast, but expensive

Angry iPhone users bring antitrust class action against Apple

New suit argues AT&T tie-in and App Store are anticompetitive

AR app brings aid to tailgaters

CES 2012Scans road ahead, warns if cars too close

Chrome beta promises super-fast URL loads

Beat it... if you can

Did Vatican commit Cardinal sin over Wikipedia bios?

Murder, adultery, asses... nothing here about plagiarism though

Lovefilm knocks a pound off streaming sub

Netflix countering tactic

Smart meter SSL screw-up exposes punters' TV habits

Also showed researchers WHETHER OR NOT THEY WERE HOME

Google accused of meddling with S Korean probe

Search giant refutes anti-competition officials' claims of missing files

Nexenta trashes Win8 Storage Spaces

Good for baby pics, but ain't enterprise-class, says rival

Ion refreshes arcade cabinet for iOS

CES 2012Swings both ways

HMV faces the music after crap Christmas

But CEO insists gadget store facelift is working

Nokia gets another OS

Norwegian acquisition for touch screen phones

Nuclear Mars tank prepares for 8-thruster dance

MSL's engines fire up in choreographed sequence in push for Mars

Ford unwraps '2013 Mondeo'

Detroit Motor ShowFusion line-up includes Energi e-car

Is Amazon cooking up cloudy big data service?

More than Elastic MapReduce

Canon focuses on compact snapper spruce-up

CES 2012PowerShot X1 hits the G spot?

Mr SANRAD, bring me a flash dream, sings OCZ

NAND virtualiser bought by storage biz for $15m

LG calls up 720p IPS screen smartphone for Verizon

CES 2012Nitro by any other name

HP sneaks out printer firebomb firmware security fix

Says no one has blown up any LaserJets

802.11n Wi-Fi uploaded to SD card spec

CES 2012Wireless pic transfers for your camera

Ubuntu Linux shop reveals 'TV for human beings'

CES 2012Penguin programming-on-the go

Phone maker punts AA-powered blower

CES 201215 years battery life, apparently

Apple patent stashes passwords in chargers

Forgot your login? Your power adapter will spill the beans

Ex-Intel engineer now AMD strategy chief

Girding loins for battle with Chipzilla

Netgear debuts first next-gen powerline network kit

CES 2012IEEE 1901 adaptor launched

Sony outs Xperia Ion

CES 2012Yes, 'Ericsson' now banished from maker's moniker

Asus updates netbook line with Intel, AMD chippery

CES 2012Small, cheap computers show Flare

Intel demos transparent-lid hybrid PC

CES 2012Tablet-cum-notebook with a 'very strange name'

Apple, RIM deny claims of data backdoor for Indian government

UpdatedSymantec hackers claim intelligence memo shows secret deal

Brocade sale rumours bursting out

All over the street

Huawei uncloaks sleek, slim, sexy smartphones

CES 2012'World's slimmest' handset - iPhone killer?

OLPC shows off XO 3 tablet running Android or Linux

CES 2012Confirms spring shipments of XO 1.75 laptop

Mellanox VMA 6.0 juices high freaky trading

Making Linux sit up and make money

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