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6th > January > 2012 Archive

Amazon cloud double fluffs in 2011

There's a rumble in the data jungle

Apple said to threaten legal action over Steve Jobs doll

Chinese action-figure maker committing a 'criminal offense'?

The next Steve Jobs is: Kanye West

Hip-hop star launches design institute stuffed with dope ... minds

Fusion-io demos billion IOPS server config

Previews software with serious grunt

Samsung SSD 830

ReviewSata 3 scorcher

GCHQ wants to enlarge 'experienced' specialists' packages

Spooks offer 'retention payments' to keep online security experts

ICO to 'focus' on health sector when enforcing info rights

A breach too far?

E-gambling tax will spark web bet shop exodus - report

Good odds on firms fleeing Blighty to murky waters

GM offers Volt drivers battery upgrade

Safety concerns spark power cell patch plan

Weeting cops cuff 17th phone-hacking suspect

Essex woman nabbed

LG tunes in to Google TV

Android-equipped tellies out in 2012

NetApp will jack up disk prices next month

Deadly Thai flood ripple effect continues

Sony intros high-end camera storage card

XQD to displace CompactFlash?

Satnav mishap misery cure promised at confab

Govt will bang heads together to push latest maps to drivers

Lenovo pitches two-CPU ThinkPad

'Hybrid' laptop has Intel and Qualcomm chippage

Philips gets appy with Android PMP refresh

Connected touch

US 'space warplane' may be spying on Chinese spacelab

Is X-37B's secret mission watching Heavenly Palace?

Asian canaries revive 'one year, two iPads' launch rumour

iPad 3 in March, iPad 4 in October. Apparently

iPad typos are Apple's fault, not yours - new claim

VidTouchscreen key-presses go AWOL in slowmo replay

Motorola goes mini with bijou blowers

Defy style

Star Wars: The Old Republic

ReviewIn a galaxy far, far away...

Microsoft revives flight sim by giving it away free

One of Redmond’s longest-running lines gets reboot

Lovefilm signs BBC streaming deal

Extends ITV pact too

World's first mixed-embryo rhesus monkeys born in US

Normal, healthy chimeric primates created during stem cell research

Moog goes boom with itty-bitty bass synth

Analogue sound generation

'You have to worry about the management of Twitter'

QuotwFrom Wendi Deng fake to Phobos-Grunt's fiery fate

New AOL IM considered harmful by privacy warriors

EFF baulks at centralised chat logging by default

CES outing for 'world's thinnest' tablet, Ultrabook, says Toshiba

IFA-announced gadgets to make US debut next week

Amazon says soz for foisting mag sub onto Kindle-touchers

Fury as punters 'billed' for rag they hadn't asked for

Xbox 720 and PS4 on show at E3 2012

Next-gen announcements expected

HSBC pinpoints branches with sub-atomic accuracy

Bank's 'find your nearest tentacle' accurate to 17 decimal places

Mafia hit suspect cuffed after BlackBerry chatter intercept

Cops keep schtum on sniffing RIM data

London 2012 team pulls swamped ticket resale site

No finish line in sight for unhappy punters

Sony website defacer pwned by second hacker

It's a dog-eat-dog world

Microsoft's RemoteFX is fab - but will it play Crysis?

Sysadmin blogWe all need something to do between emails and build runs

Samsung rakes in record profits as HTC sales dive

Booming phone sales helped Koreans ward off PC chip chill

BEAST SSL fix in supersized Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's 2012 kick-off features 7 security bulletins

CouchDB daddy unplugs from Apache hive

Updated'It's not personal, it's business'

Cops cuff rectal shoplifter

Bum rap


Fondleslab fails to fracture

Microsoft's master stroke: Pay store staff per WinPhone sold

Open... and ShutRedmond fights back with its favourite weapon: money

Enterprise and govt chief Bell exits Dell

Felice gets consolidated top sales job

Free iPhone 4S deal tempts Chinese fanbois

UpdatedTwo or three-year contract, zero dollars down

Symantec downplays source-code trophy theft

Indian hackers posted 5-year-old Norton code

US economy hands IT a mixed bag in December

Add jobs here, cut them there

Sir Howard's days as Sony prez said to be numbered

Younger blood may lead the struggling company

Google Maps takes scenic route

Take the long way home…

Duff Russian Mars probe spotted flying in reverse

Video shows why contact with Phobos-Grunt failed

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