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5th > January > 2012 Archive

Quanta sues AMD over dodgy chips

Suit without merit AMD suggests

Ferguson Hill FH009 home theatre system

ReviewTransparent horn speakers for your telly

Vomit virus drives punters to NHS Choices over Christmas

NHS Choices attracted 56% more users, many on their mobes

KIBOSH 'non lethal' sticky-bomb hits a car, fills it with gas

US Special Ops: We didn't kill them, the crash did

Sites knocked offline by OpenDNS freeze on Google

JavaScript-hosting server branded 'phishing' den

Sleep Cycle

iOS App of the WeekHere is the snooze

LG preps '14in screen in 13in chassis' Ultrabook

CES outing for glasses-free 3D laptop too

Microsoft de-cloaks Windows 8 push-button lifesaver

Refresh or reset options for fraked PCs

Google tablet to tackle Kindle Fire not iPad

Ad giant's seven-incher to cost $199?

US lawmakers claim Huawei sold censor tech to Iran

Six members of Congress want State Department investigation

HP unveils touchscreenless all-in-one desktop PC

Omni 27 can be wall mounted

Fujifilm springs into action with fresh FinePix range

Snappy snappy joy joy

Boffins glue self-righting ROBO-VELOCIRAPTOR tail to car

Leaping lizards inspire super stable search bots

Amazon Kindle Fire browser hacked for your Android pleasure

Everyone gets to be smooth as Silk

Punters flocked to all-in-one desktops in 2011

Sales soar by 40%

Man convicted of murder gets retrial after virus eats transcripts

Refresh, restart

Ultrabook, tablet shipments to surge

Netbook, notebook to bear the cost

2012: The year when smartphones become smart?

Nice suit, shame there's no brain behind it

WHSmith Kobo Vox e-reader

ReviewCan’t wait for the Kindle Fire?

Xbox 720 to double-up as a DVR

Record spin

'Mobiles bake men's balls' bog ad is cobblers - new ruling

Watchdog tuts at anti-phone posters

Logitech outs tiny mouse, laser pointer

Cue the Cube

Fast food firm fields Sith sandwich

Darths Vader and Maul to get themed burgers

Siri bones up on Mandarin for iPhone 4S China launch

Apple and Nokia jockey in Chinese mobe market

SEC: 'Man tried to sell $500bn investments on LinkedIn'

Investors on alert after unregistered broker charged

Gamers grumble over Steam outage

Play postponed

Govt tells science to budge up for arts at new hi-tech uni

UK minister does what that nice Mr Google suggested

Dammit Ramnit! Worm slurps 45,000 Facebook passwords

Bank-raid malware is latest nasty to infect social networks

Ad slingers - obeying EU snoop code is NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Industry rules at odds with cookie laws, say watchdogs

Apple coughs $5m for multitouch patents

Fights for years then pays out pocket change

Cray's Q4 whacked by AMD's Opteron delays

Déjà vu all over again

Sony Ericsson hints at major CES product launch

It's got a camera, we can say that

Nokia: There will be NO smartphone division selloff to Microsoft

Buyout rumours just won't die

B&N mulls spinning off Nook biz

E-reader could also head across the pond to Blighty

iOS 5's iMessage chops carrier SMS routing traffic

User's data implies power shift to Apple

Gartner chops 2012 IT spending forecast

2011 better than expected

Official: File-sharing is a religion... in Sweden

Cop a load of Kopimism

Vint Cerf: 'The internet is not a human right'

'Get real,' says internet daddy

Kodak heading to Chapter 11

AnalysisFilm dinosaur slain by digital demon

Etrade suffers DDOS festive treat

Gremlins shut down trading

Boffins demo time-warp cloaking device

New tool for hackers

UNSW researcher creates four-atom silicon wires

Quantum-scale lifeline for Moore's Law and Ohm's Law

Hearst bets on digital

Target: a million online subs

Broadcom uncloaks zippy '5G WiFi' chippery

3x wireless speed boost in products this year

Cisco enlists NCR in Middle East, Africa server push

The UCS caravan travels to the promised land

Parasites spark swarm of zombie bees

California infestation grave, declare buzz boffins

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